Friday, February 20, 2015

Post 100

Post 100. I didn't even think I'd get this far. I sure as hell didn't think this little rewrite of D20 Modern would still occupy my mind, let alone become what it's turned into.

Before I get into certain thank yous, and shout-outs, I'll go and post what was updated.

Core Rulebook Changes

4e 1.21 to 1.22
Changed Aircraft Operations feats to remove the notion of regular helicopters
Changed Pilot to include general helicopters
Changed Cleave to not include "The same bonus as used"
Changed the entire Vehicle combat rules, and replaced vehicles with more generic archetypes.

Removed "SHort description" from feats

Modern Magika Changes

Added the Craft(Alchemy) skill that allows you to make potions

Added glass globes and the globe launcher to Modern magika.

Supply Drop 3 Changes(The one with the generic guns)
Added Generic machine pistols

Alright, now that I got that out the way there are a few people and organizations I'd like to thank for all the help with this once-shitty system

Boots: Thank you for all your help with rules, and theories and being able to bounce numbers off of you. It has definitely been appreciated and I seriously do not think that the system would have gotten better without your input and your contributions!

Spindly: Would not have been nearly as fluffy or given me ideas for generic things based off of your artistic designs and explanations. I am glad to have you as a contributor to this system!

Druin: Thank you for being our human calculator. Magic would probably still be broken without your brain.

The Playtesters: This includes Gordon, AniaMay, Ned, and the rest of the #opsandtactics crew(Sorry if I missed anyone). Could not nor would not have wanted to do this without you guys, thanks a million for being guena pigs

/tg/: Thank you for telling me how shitty it was in the beginning so I could fix the core issues

/k/: Thank you for the oddly specific gun knowledge I needed to complete armory and a host of other firearms related things.

Readers and Contrubters: Thank you for reading this system. I say often that I didn't really make this for anyone else, and it is true, but thank you for taking a chance on a D20 Modern heartbrake(Of all things) and either loving or hating it. Thank you for everyone who's ever emailed me, gave me constructive criticism on the system or some rules, or even picked it up. I may write this for myself, but I keep going cause people enjoy it. 

As for that, I think with the vehicles finally done, I can call the system more or less complete. There is still much to do with editing the system for real consumption, and possibly talking to someone to start a Print on demand, for those that want printing.

The PDF will always be free, forever.

Edit: I just realize that I posted this nearly 4 years to the day I started this accursed blog!

So hooray! Anniversaries!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

So there's a small issue with SD16.

There were some minor changes that needed to be done with SD16, and they were modified as par Boots's request.

So it's been reuploaded! Go get it!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


OKAY! SO there are three things that were updated.

First is SD5. I put in a bunch of other new magical items that I'd been procrastinating on doing, so that's new.

SD16 is a race builder tool, and a new archetype that Boots build and I compiled and edited and all that jazz, so thank him for that.

And I added the new variant rule in SD16 to Rules and Ammo. So there. Go download.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updates! however minor.

I updated the character sheet a bit(Thank you Boots!), giving more templates and such.

Also I've pretty much given up on the PDF printable character sheet for now, since every edit usually requires a rewrite. What I'll do is when everything is done, and settled and finished, I'll fix it then.

Also! What's in the works?

I'm finishing up SD16, which contains a new archetype, a variant rule archetype, and a racial character builder to allow GMs and players to make their own races for their own games and (for the most part) can work aside the races that exist now, if you so choose.

I'm also work on a major fix to vehicle combat and vehicles in general(Thank you again boots), as well as taking a hard fucking look at the creatures and such, and actually working on them and making sure that the stuff that's actually written down actually fits with the rest of the game, since I've all but run out of rules I actually wanted to work on.

Oh! And when I'm done with all that, I'm going to be making a giant fucking universe, since I've been itching to do that since Advanced Arms came out. I think people will enjoy it.

As always, email me to get me to finish that procedural gun SD, cause otherwise it's not going to be done, since apparently noone(Myself included) even wants the damn thing, and I have to have SOMETHIGN I left out, otherwise it won't be a real system!

Have fun and enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A very minor change.

There is an EXTREMELY minor change that I am changing to the core rulebook(And by extension, rules and ammo) and that refers to the cost of changing the finish on a gun. It's entirely too high.

I'm also changing the restriction of the colors and adding "Rainbow" as a possible finish.

IT's minor, but I'm updating the books. I'm not changing the rulebook's number, however, because it's just not a big enough change to warrant it.

So Go download the new versions of the same book, today :D

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A new supply drop! This one is tiny, however. It's about snipers. How to play one, how to GM one, and a few upgrades that are benefical to them.

Oh and there is a few new upgrades, that are in it, AND I added them in rules and ammo.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

An update to core on Chrismas!

Merry Chrismas motherfuckers. Here's the changelog!

4e 1.20 to 1.21
Moved Hobbyist from SD6 to the core rulebook, and increased the skill threshold to 2.
Gave Adventurer two occupational skills
Changed Exotic Melee Weapons to give two weapons, instead of one.
Fixed error in adventurer that said "Exotic weapon proficiency" instead of "Exotic Melee Weapon proficiency"
Gave blue collar two occupational skills
Gave Criminal Simple Weapon SPecialist feat
Gave Doctor two occupational skills
Gave EMS two occupational skills
Gave Entrepeneur two occupational skills
Gave Investigative two occupational skills
Gave Law Enforcement two occupational skills
Gave Technican two occupational skills
Gave White collar two occupational skills
Changed all the "Skill feats" To give the skill as an archetypal skill and a +2 if you don't have it as an archetypal feat, and a +4 if you do.
Removed the "talent trees" for all archetypes, and changed the talents
changed toughness to +4 ehp and +1 chp

Oh, and because I took it out of SD6, I updated SD6 too.

It's a celebration, bitches!