Saturday, September 23, 2017


HEY! It's release day!

You thought I was done? NOPE STILL WRITING!

Changelog is below!

As always, you can download from here, or the website,

Also, we have a discord!

The link is here!:


6.09 to 6.10
Changed the EXP calculations, in both increased the EXP and changed it so that when you hit a level, your EXP returns to zero, and you have to earn UP TO the next level.
More fleshed out how one rolls a character and put more pertest information in the first chapter
Changed sunder so that it's just a normal melee attack
Further Clarified Two Weapon Fighting
Added actual rules for concealment
Moved around Combat so that it's somewhat easier to read.
Added the explosion rules to combat.
Changed 5.8 Chinese to 5d4, making the recoil -5
Clarified tactical deraw and quick draw attack
Removed Trained only from Craft(Structural, Mechanical and Electrical), and disable device
added MK-18 Mod 1 Mjolinr
Increased the burst radius of a lot of thrown grenades by 5'

Increased burst radius of some fired grenades by 5'


6.06 to 6.07
Changed Desert elves so they recieve more feats
Changed Forest Elves so their reduction is now -10 Mental limit instoead of -15
Change the 2nd feat forest elves receive
Added more notions about Shift terrain in Transmutation
Changed Dwarves Feat setup
Changed Range for Spellcasting(Specifically Magic and Incantations) so that it is now a range INCREMENT, and not just standard range.
Chanaged Transmuting weapons so that you are considered proficient with the weapon you transmute inately.
Added more Magical artifacts
    Including JM's "hats"

Added magic to the Character sheets, so it's a full character sheet now.
Clarified Container enchant so it works with "uses" and/or "Timed" enchantments
Added the action to destroy paper.


Increased the grenade burst radius


Increased the grenade burst radius

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project isn't dead

Not dead! Still writing!

Just wanted to give an update. I'm almost done with the base framework of kandai, and Craft is chugging along with the monsters of Kandai.

It's looking good so far, I'm probably goign to move into writing the races and their history next, then the factions, and go back and add a bunch of minor things to the planets and territories again.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Release Pains

Alright ladies and gents.

So It has been brought to my attention a couple of formatting errors and things that I missed(As usual), so what I have done is recreated and rereleased the books. There are no actual ERRORS with the game, just a few things missing. The rules have not changed at all and there is nothing to add, but I didn't see a point going through another release to fix a few formatting errors.

The fillable sheet also had some residual errors in the code, so I've gone and fixed that one too

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today is a release day! I've been sitting on these for awhile so I think they're ready to go! Check the download!

Also! The character sheets now are form fillable and useable! So check those out too!

Modern Magika

6.05 to 6.06
Somehow I fucked up the numbering. Fixed that.
Changed Spellcasting so that you can overwrite your old spells, like a harddrive.
Clarified the distance one can be away from their spells and still cast them
Changed Conjuration in the following ways:

Teleporting someone hostile is a ranged touch
You can't make portals where someone is occupied

One exit of the portal must be within 5 ft of the caster(Can increase, with SP)

Advanced Arms

Removed the AI from the Skiff(It was a mistake)
Fixed errors in Spaceships
Removed the requirement to point weapon mounts, they now function as the default, where you orient the weapons when they are installed
Changed Sublight engines so that they scale with size.
Changed Firearm formatting to the new style of formatting
Aded the notion that shields will be down for at least one round
Changed "Hiring requirements" to "Job Change requirements" to make it more clear
Changed Removed Tactical Plasma rifle reload and patched it into the current reloader feats

Removed all of the tactical plasma feats and instead tied them into Shotgun, Rifle, and handgun reloader feats in Core

Core Rulebook

6.08 to 6.09
Corrected issues with the colt Lighting and thunderer(They're DA guns, not SA guns)
Changed 44 Henry to 2d6+1, making it's recoil -2
Changed the 44-40 to 1d10+5, making it's recoil -5
Changed 6.8 SPC to 5d4+3 , making it's recoil -6 and moved it to intermediate rifle
Gave the Greatsword a 10 ft reach
Changed Integral stock to PDW/Handgun ONLY
Changed HE launched to concussive only
Increased cover bonuses.
Changed formatting to make firearms easier to read.
Made numerous modifcations to the concealiblity of firearms to provide a more diverse set of concealable spans that were current
Added Minishells to shotguns
Changed the shotgun Quote
Changed the notion of "integrated" to "permanent" to avoid confusion. permanent objects on firearms can't be removed.
Consolidated the Rifle and shotgun feats so that they are all one kind of feat and removed some of the "Tactical" reload notions that was being pointed at
Changed all notions of "Fixed barrel" to "Break Barrel"
Increased Sling steady feat to +2
Increased all Saving throw feats to +4
Combat Throw increased to +3
Changed magnum shells so it reduces 1 per 3
Removed the Ablity for a wax slug to take the benefits of a slug barrel
Added the Advanced Combat sight in the 3.1-6x range.
Added the Gripod, a vertical foregrip/bipod hybrid
Clarified Text for Contolled shot Feat
Clarified SNiper rifle, DMR and AMR expert feats saying that they only get the reduction when using a rifle with a magnified optic.
Doubled the ammount of primers you get per box
Corrected the painkiller issue so that you can't give it to people with CHP, but no XHP
Increased the ammount a spray bandage bottle heals to 1d3
Increased Wrist wrap bonus to damage to +3
Added the Sig P320 Family, as they won the XM17 Contest
Added the Model 27 Registered Magnum
Added PM-63 RAK
Added PM-84 Glaubery
Added the Schmidt Rubin Model 1911 Rifle and carbine
Added Sig 510
Added CZ 528
Added Browning A bolt bolt action shotgun
Lost count of the guns. Removed the gun counter.
Changed "Hiring requirements" to "Job Change requirements" to make it more clear
Made the following Changes to attacks:

Burst Fire: Increased 2r to CRP-2 and 3r to CRP-4
Autofire: Increased to CRP-7
Double Tap: Increased to CRP-3
Slamfire: Increased 2r to CRP-4 and 3r to CRP-5
Bumpfire: Increased to CRP-8

Changed The following Ranged Weapon Upgrades:

Ported Barrel: Now negates Recoil by 1 instead of granting a +1 Bonus
Match Barrel: Added Machine pistols to the list of possibles to receive the upgrade.
Compensator: Now Negatates recoil by 2 instead of granting a +2 bonus
Muzzle Brake: Now Negates recoil by 3 instead of granting a +3 Bonus
Bipod: Grants a +3 attack bonus when used.
Detailing: Grants a +5 Bonus to all presence checks, and even huge weapons get the bonus now.(Gold plated Anti-material rifle FTW)

Fixed stock: Now Negates Recoil by 2 instead of granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks
Synthetic stock: Now increases Recoil by 2 instead of granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks
Buffer stock: Now Negates Recoil by 5 instead of granting a +3 attack to multishot attacks
Detatchable Stock: Now Negates Recoil by 2 instead of granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks
Speedfeed stock: Now Negates Recoil by 2 instead of granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks
Integral STock: Now Negates Recoil by 1 instead of granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks

Vertical Foregrip: Now Negates Recoil by 1 instead of Granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks

Magazine Foregrip: Now Negates Recoil by 1 instead of Granting a +1 attack to multishot attacks

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This formatting thing is taking forever!

I promise you i'm not dead.

But! I am still working. The reformatting of the guns is taking longer than I expected, and I still need to go and fix some issues with the character sheet.

Otherwise, eveything's rolling as normal!

As always, feel free to email me at for any request, questions or comments!

Also I may start a pateron soon, just to see if there's any interest in me continuing to work on this thing.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Character sheets


So I fininally fished the VERY FIRST PART of the character sheets. This should be enough to play games without magic.

Yes, I'm working on the magic parts. And They will be done "Whenever". Sometime before the end of the year.

But yes, I'm not dead, the character sheets are up on the blog. I'm also posting them to the website.

These are primarily meant to be used for printing, BUT I am working on making them form fillable, so Hold onto your butts for that part.

Also, they are added to the big zipped folder. So you can grab that too.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The project isn't dead. I promise.

Sorry for the long radio silence. I've been working(Real job) and it's not giving me much time to work on the game. But There's aslo been a major change.

So I'm changing the format of how the firearms appear in the book, taking the "Standard equipment" and merging them with the rest of the chart so it's a one stop shop. Not my idea, given to me by a contributor.

Second thing: Character sheets are nearing completion, but the core rulebook's stuff comes first. There are a LOT of guns to reformat. It's..frustrating.

Also, I'm using this to actually make modifcations on stats for some guns because when I created the gunlist I didn't know/own any guns. I'm not a veteran of guns, so Shit's being changed.

Email me for any questions!