Monday, August 8, 2016

Holy shit it's fucking august with no update

Alright, so I've been holding off on posting anything new becasue I've been working with the team to make sure everything is still good, and that the books look good and all the errors are fixed and such.

Yes, I'm still writing

What am I writing?

The goddamn Monster Manual, with a hearty helping(Read: He did most of the work) from Craft and Colt, playtesters and monstermakers.

It's going to be called Field Identification Manual, and I'ts going to contain a bunch of ready made stuff for you to take and use.

Because apparently the quickest way to kill an RPG is to not have a monster Manual.

SO yeah.

I'm also writing a campaign setting but that's long from now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Added a thing

I made a minor update to Modern Magika

I added Shadow Subsitute to Invoking, so you can teleport away from danger, after taking damage!

and I had necromancers talk to the dead, for 3 days. It's a cantrip.

If you want that, download it, if you don't,it's cool too! It's minor!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Website's fixed

Fixed the website uploaded the books.

Have at ye!

I thought I was done with this.

Greetings, readers!

My playtesters found a bunch of errors and conviced me to add a few things to some books, so I did.

Most of it is spelling errors and such, in Core rulebook, as well as some clarification of objects. Nothing big

Modern magika, on the other hand, had a lot of new things updated to it. I'll blow through them.

1. Conjuration now includes a teleportation spell, that makes portals! So you can make portals and hop through them. It's pretty cool

Invocation now has a new school, called Hex, that allows you to heal yourself, or bestow some bad stuff on some enemies, or heal your friends. It's also pretty cool.

A bunch of errors were also found in Advanced Arms, and Iv'e corrected them.

All three books got updated, as well as the Character sheet. So go download it!

EDIT: The website is fucked. I can't log into it. I'm trying to fix it. Download from the blog only!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Website went down and I had to fix some shit.

Website went down again, probably due to too much bandwith

The books are here as always

There was also some trouble with the troublesome modern magika, so I had to fix it.

Thankfully, using LATEX it takes no time to fix and reupload stuff, so I've fixed and reuploaded it.

Download away!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


So there were a bunch of errors in all of the books, mostly with tables and alignments

So I uploaded them

The anonymous donor also updated the Procedural weapons, so Procedural weapons is here as well!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Final Ops and Tactics post!

This, will be the last major update of the rules.

This update is probably the most important, as I was given full LaTeX copies of Ops and Tactics, which I have used to make BEAUTIFUL FUCKING BOOKS!

There's also full bookmarks, and a fucking table of contents! So you can print this version if you want!

Where are the supply drops?

The supply drops, got blended into the books, thanks to said anonymous donation of that latex copies. The variant rules are in the back of the book.

Where is armory?

In core, surprisingly enough. He was able to blend that into Core rulebook and make the book shorter too!

Things that got changed!

1.20 to Final
Blended into core, via anonymous Donor's latex files

Modern Magika
Switched from odts to Latex files, thanks to an anonymous Donation of code.
Changed how Etherweapons work so that they're now loadable with spells instead of having to spend more points to load it. It now gives 10/15/20 spells now, based on the size.
Changed the races! Adding a bunch more races, splitting up the few, and making more that are a bit more diverse.


5e to Final
Switched from odts to Latex files, thanks to an anonymous Donation of code.
Changed Spears to give them 2 damage dice over 1
Change Pistol mag weight to 8 oz.
Changed Prizefighter to grant an additional +3 to the Core HP
Changed a lot of the ARmor's values and protections
Chagned Armor Mastery to Reduce the CP reduction by half, rounded up.
Changed Open bolts and closed bolts so closed bolt is the default and open bolts have the penaltys
Changed the Armors DR and AP totals
Left in ANon's Side by side barrels and such
Anon Blended in Armory and Core. Left in.
Added Suppressed Barrel
Added Six12
added more Unicas
Added the MPX
Added the CZ EVO

Advanced Arms

1.13 to Final
Updated Code from the Donated Anon's latex file
Changed Spaceships from 1-15 to 1-40 range
Added MRMs.
Adjusted Weapon Range for Spaceships
Added Spaceships to the latex file
Made Modifications to Kandari and

I'm going to leave the last books from 5e up as an archive, so that anyone who prefers them, can still use them.


Shoutouts to Craft and the other editors for helping with making sure this release actually looks pretty damn good.

The Playtester team!

Boots, Spindly, Gara, Druin, CG, and all those others who contributed as well!

Kickstarter soon!

Books are up, go download em!