Monday, July 20, 2020

The perverbial "I ain't dead" Post!

Lotta stuff going on with me, but I'm still writing!

As always, I have some new hotness for you all, so here we go!

As a note! All FIGS and SALTS have been updated so grab em all!

As always, stay healthy, and stay safe. If you can't stay safe, stay dangerous.

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook
6.39 to 6.40
Added a point in the GM section about giving BV for roleplay
Changed all notions of "Not affected by Error Range due to ammunition." To "Not affected by Error Range from ammunition."
Changed Tranqulizer rifle to large
Moved the mounts for helmets so that you can mount things to Helmets for 3 WP.
Notated that the Taurus Millenium 111(Currently known as the G3C) can take Sig P226 9mm magazines
Notated that the Taurus Millenium 140 can take Sig P226 40 magazines

Modern Magika
6.29 to 6.30
Added a magical camera and magical microphone for divination's spellschool
Added a Trace cantrip for up to 8 hours to divination

Advanced Arms
6.19 to 6.20
Added the following line to Synthetics: Synthetics that are reduced to -1 CHP or below do not suffer from the Dying condtion, and do not need to be stabilized. Any time a synthetic would be Dying, they are Disabled instead.

Friday, June 26, 2020

I survived the Corona and all I gave you was this update!

Not dead! Still running a game! Had to update cause I got a new rifle and as always it's inspired me to fix some things!

Changelog is below! Books are obvious! Email is the same at!

Core Rulebook

6.37 to 6.38
Added the G36C(Depreciated BlackGhost's Homebrew)
Changed extended barrel so that shotguns can no longer take extended barrel upgrades
Changed suppressive fire to 9 CP
added a 1x-1.49x scope so that there is a "Default" sight level for adjustable sights
Changed Infrared laser Sight to first 2 range increments.
Changed standard laser sight to the first range increment.
Changed grip sight to the first range increment
Reduced the cost of the standard telescopic sights
Changed "Quick draw attack" feat to 2 attacks per turn
Added "Multi throw" Feat
Changed Combat Sheath so that it's more clear they're simple weapons and made them "One size smaller" than the weapons that occupy them
Added "Enthraller" Feat (Thank you ZeroCold!)
Added "Orator" feat
Buffed menacing feat
Added the "Advanced reloadding kit" that cuts the time down it takes to make ammo and gives a +3, at the cost of more money and more weight
Reformatted how character creation is formatted. it is exactly the same, mechanically.
Added a "Rolling a character" example.

Formatting corrections

Modern Magika

6.27 to 6.28
Removed Poison, Disease, and Nausea from conjuration healing spellschool
(Author's note: This was done because Conjuration was just...straight up outpacing mundane healing. It was bad. Really bad.)
Changed Wax tablet so it increase the time to scribe by 5 Times
(Author's note: This was done because it had come to my attention that there was an "Infinite heal" cheat and it was pointless to keep health magic on you. )
Changed some things with transmutation and enchantment

Added two cantrips to abjuration

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Corona release!

This one's gonna be quick, here we go!

Core Rulebook

6.36 to 6.37
Changed Poisons so that they last a day before their effects start to recover
Change antidotes crafting so that you generate 5 antidotes from crafting
Change antidotes so that it allows you to heal 1 additional AB damage per day, per dose when you recover ability damage from poisons
Changed "Treat Poison" to remove the secondary effect
Added "Battle Belt", which is a belt with molle loops
Changed Stumble so that it actually stops the attack
Changed SHield Focus so that it grants critical threat increase and the equipment bonus
Changed SHield Specialist to Shield focus and let it increase the DR of a shield by 1 step

Added shield strike feat.

Modern Magika

6.27 to 6.28
Removed Poison, Disease, and Nausea from conjuration healing spellschool
Changed Wax tablet so it increase the time to scribe by 5 Times

Changed some things with transmutation and enchantment

Advanced arms was not changed

FIG 1 and 2 was also updated!

Come and get it!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Hot fixes!

This one's gonna be really quick. Just a hotfix to AA and Core Rulebook.

I didn't have some of the ranges in parenthesis so I clarified that in AA.

Core got some range changes.

Core Rulebook

6.35 to 6.36
Gave a lot of the permanent optic sight weapons an optics mount so they don't clash with installing an optics mount on a weapon 
Changed the G36K's Range to 105'
Changed Aug Carbine's range to 100'
Changed the G36's Range to 120'
Changed the XM8's range to 120'
Changed the Aug's range to 120'
Changed the USR's range to 120'
Changed the AUG HBAR's range to 130'

Another ghost edit and a few fixes to a few things

So! Knocking this out while I have the chance to.

First things first!

Ghost edit to Modern Magika, just fixed some issues that someone pointed out here.

Secondly! MRE got updated again, It's actually finished this time after I corrected all the things that I was rushing with

Craft updated FIG 1 and 2 to be in line with the current magic rules for Ops. They are in the download

I also fixed Player Resource guide to reflect the current rules.

That's all for now! Grab the downloads!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A fix to Modern magika and a ghost edit to Core Rulebook (Also I forgot to fix something with MRE so here it is)

There were some persistent issues with modern magika and I just now got around to testing the fixes and pushing them forward, so here we are!

Changelog is below

Modern magika

6.26 to 6.27
Changed Evocation in the following ways
All Evocation SP cost for increasing dice and damage dice size changed to 2 SP per increase
Hard cap on dice to 10dice
Changed Necromancy in the following ways
All Necromancy SP cost for increasing damage dice size changed to 3 SP per increase
All Necromancy SP cost for increasing damage dice number changed to 3 SP + 2 SP per increase
Hard cap on the dice to 8 dice
Changed Scroll release CP cost to 10

Core Rulebook

(Ghost Edit) Changed the defense of an object to 10+Agi score+ Item size

The revised books are available for download!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Release! Here we go!

First off, lets talk about the new books!


MRE is the MRE generation book that was ripped from the spiderbot program, and put into book form! It's another little one of those books that I like to write to keep myself sane.


The final(For the moment) book of the SALT series that basically fills out the last few guns that I wanted to add into the SALTs. As I'm basically out of guns I'd want to see in the book, so we're pretty much out of guns for the time being.

Spiderbot, the Program

The program is working once again, thanks to a wonderful programmer, Aurelius. I'm going to take his fixes and run with them. Expect a release soon.

Changelogs are below!

Core Rulebook

6.34 to 6.35
Gave Rifle CLubber a -1 CP cost
Cleared up Typos
Changed the notion that only certain kind of firearms can use vertical foregrips
Changed the kel-tec SU-16A to a syntetic stock with a breakdown frame.
Clarified that the stock mag pouch can hold mags that hold 40 cased rounds or less, or 6 shelled rounds or less
Noted that magazine clips can't use magazines that hold more than 50 cased rounds or 10 shelled rounds
Changed the SU-16C to hold two 10 round AR mags
Changed the SU-16D to have an optics mount, a tactical rail, and removed the bipod and baayonet lug
Changed tourniquet to 1d3 minutes for extremity damage, and 5d12 minutes for slowing down bleed
Added "Quick SPlint"
Added the notion that .300 ACC Blk rounds fit on a 5.56 Stripper clip
Added MG rig(Homebrew, From Blackghost)
Added Plastic helmet(Construction helmet)
Allowed SMGs to have bayonet lugs
Added a 12 Gauge insert for 10 gauge
Added note that X-ray emitters alwasy overpenetrate, in the variant rules
Changed antidote so 1 antidote works for all liquid and solid poisons
Corrected issue with gunsmithing and blacksmithing services.
Changed Semi jacketed soft points so that they only get the bonus damage against people not armored against ballistics. Made this change for the reloadable ammunition as well. Also changed Soft points to give a single
Changed #4 buckshot from -4 penalty to -1 penalty
Added a +1 damage bonus to #4 magnum buckshot
Added the ability for Craft Writing to create reference books to bolster knowledge skills
Added Reference book items.
Changed the Movement defense bonus to +1 per 5', and reduced the max cap to +10-

Chanaged Grapnel to Licensed

Advanced Arms

6.18 to 6.19
Changed Microwire chainsaws so they can't accept upgrades on their contacts
Increased Rebreather's time to 4 hours
Reduced Emergency Air mask's time to 3 hours

Added ballistic stinger upgrade

Modern Magika

6.25 to 6.26
Corrected bandage toss premade spell
Made a note that ranged attacks in spells use the "Ranged attack roll" and "Thrown explosive" rules for hitting and missing
Clarified what some of the very important terms are for a lot of the magics.
Clarifed Extremity damage healing from magic.

As always, it's available for download!
Also! The discord link, for the public discord is here: