Saturday, January 23, 2016

Little Minor update

Not going to have a long post.

I changed how ammunition acquiring works, and I added a few guns to SD1 and SD6.

But you really should download everything! Most books got minor edits.


To the man that requested Mechs: Check your email.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A question to the users!

Alright, So I'm currently in the process of unfucking a lot of things I either ignored, didn't care about, or put off until "later"

What I want to know from the users of this game, is what do you want? what would you like to see? What do you think is broken and could use a second look at?

Feel free to send me an email through the blog, or email me directly at

I await your complaints, and suggestions!

Oh and to the guy who mentioned .41 Magnum: You've convinced me. I'm gonna put it in the next version of Armory

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Alright! I promised it so it's here!

The new update!

Since this one is so close to chrismas, I'll go and actually explain what I did and why in the changelogs.

5e 1.03 to 1.04
Removed the Gamble Skill
Removed Lucky Feat

Gamble and The connected Lucky feat was used so little that literally noone in my playtest group noticed or cared about it. I also felt that it was somewhat specific and out of place for a game like Ops and Tactics. Thus, removal.

Added More information to Knowledge Skills
Gave the ablity for knwoedge skills to create opportunities

The Knowledge skills can also be used to "Create Opportunities" by knowing things. This one was a request. Basically you can see if you know where all the good guns are, or where the underworld congregates with knowledge.

Changed lever Shooter and Pump Gunner so that Potshot attacks are availabe to pump and lever guns

This one is simple. It said one thing in one book and another in another. Consistency!

Changed how Error range works completely, so that the GM rolls error range per combat and the gun jams depending on the attack roll

Error range was actively scaring off my players from choosing weapons with an error range. So it's now on a per-combat basis instead of per shot, making the actual jam chance lower completely. It also operates on attack roll if you do fail the error range check at the beginning of combat.

So it's much better all around.

Removed the Automatic Attacks Variant Rule completely

This thing sucked. And it couldn't mesh with the rest of the rules. There were multiple issues and problems with it, and it really doesn't fit.

Remove ER from the following types of ammo

Reduce Incendary to 5%
Reduce Solid to 25%
Reduce Less lethal to 20%
Strung Buck

A lot of these rounds actually wouldn't make a quality weapon fire, as they're full load rounds. Also the bullet design is pretty much the same for most.

Added Perception as an archetypal skill to the Fast and the Strong

A balance issue. It would be expected that the combat archetypes be able to actually pay attention.

Changed C4/Semtex to plastic explosives

For flavor! Also a request.

Removed Handle Animal from the Strong Archetype SKill list

It made no sense. I think this was a hold over from D20 Modern.

Removed Structural, Visual Art, and writing Crafting from the Smart skill list

This is also a balance issue, the other archetypes would be far better at doing these things than the smart.

Added Drive to the STrong and the Tough Archetypes

See Above.

Gave the Wise an additional point at 2nd level Ref save

Balance issue.

Gave all archetypes but the Smart a +1 Boost in BAB

Balance issue. Separating the Archetypes a tad bit more. The smart's not supposed to be a combat master.

Increased Smoothe talker Special Ability from 5 to 6

Balance issue.

Removed Black Powder feats from Core Rulebook

Black powder makes far more sense in the sense of modern magika, so it, like the firearms, got moved there.

Removed the Homebrew Rules section and the variant rules

All of the variant rules are in the GM compendium, so there's no need to repeat them more than once.

1.09 to 1.10
Changed .40 caseless to 2d12+6
Changed .28 caseless to 1d12+3

Balance issue. Caseless firearms were WAAAAAAAAAY too powerful for what they were. They were better in almost every regard. Had to balance them.

Changed Spacecraft Operation to differentiate by Size of spacecraft

It makes far more sense to delegate the SIZE of a spaceship than an arbitrary "Nothing bigger than fighter"

Added Weight to caseless magazines

I forgot this.

Added Tankers for transporting goods across space

I forgot this too! Space tankers away!

Added plastool

This was a suggestion by a playtester and friend, Boots, to have a tool that used plasma to do a bunch of various things.

Added Interceptors

Interceptors are basically the analog to regular fighter aircraft. Not great at long distance, very little cargo space(Mostly for gun ammo) and cheaper to make. Tie figithers? Tie fighters
Added Attackers

Space Bombers/Rocketships/Missleships. More of a pronounced attack type than Gunships.

Added Coupler, a way to couple ships freights to ships
The only way to drag stuff through space!
Added the Droppod Class
A drop pod is basically a way to get to a planet with some cargo, and launch back into space. They have no guns, have no way to fight, and work better as emergency ships than the deleted "Lifeboat" class

Added Repair Pods
Basically, a way to repair a ship in combat/out of combat! Targetable.

Changed Integral stocks so that they don't change the size of the firearm
changed Detachable stocks so they don't make a firearm larger than medium

Balance issue.

Removed Black Powder weapons from Armory
See the reasoning for Core

Changed Black Powder weapons
Moved Black powder weapons from Armory to Modern magika and renamed them "percussion cap firearms"

Percussion cap firearms have been added, as well as the feats that go with black powder weapons, to provide a very good options for mages who want to enchant a firearm that isn't a single shot.

They're expensive, however. All of these were moved from Armory, and I added a few more.

Added the notion "When teleporting a creature, you do not change direction or speed." to teleportation in psionics and Magic

Balance issue.

Other Books that were modified

Procedural Guns
GM Compendium

ALRIGHT! That's all I got. The Blog and the Website have been updated, so feel free to download everything and play with the new rules!

Merry happy holiday chrismas and all that jazz.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

A real post!

So, I'm working on a bunch of changes! Expect some new books soon! A lot was fixed! like Error range!

No longer will people be afraid of Error range!

There was also some rule shifting, some game balancing and the like.

And some flushing out of Advanced Arms, more ships and the like.

So yeah! Look for a new version soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm not dead, just working

Got a new job, and it's been kicking my ass.

I promise a release before Febuary! with more rules and more ships and stuff.

So yeah. Just a small update.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Emails, and an update!

So with that one post, I got a bunch more emails!

Thanks to all the guys who emailed me! Feel free to do so!

Also, Boots, one of my playtesters and major contributors gave me his notes on some tools that I can and probably will make for the game, with his name attached.

So more content soon, fellow players!

Also, if you have any suggestions for tools or things that I can possibly add, feel free!

A tool being a thing that's not primarily a weapon, that will have some kind of in game use that's cool, that I either haven't covered or missed a major variation on.

Monday, November 16, 2015

An explanation on Invoking

Alright, so I just got my FIRST email with a request, and because I can't sleep, I'm fulfilling it.

This one's for you, David.

Incantations and Mental Limit

Incantations and how it affects mental limit is admittedly a bit complicated, so I'm going to see if I can present an example as best I can here.

The Base cost of Incantations and memorizing Recipes is straight forward: (5 * Level) +5. The higher your level, the more you can memorize, but the more it cost.

The tricky part is actually using incantations. The text Reads as below:

 When an Invoker casts an incantation, Mental limit is used. On the following turn, the Invoker's used Mental Limit is decreased by 1/4th the total Mental Limit that is currently used, rounded down. (Multiply the total Mental Limit used by .75, rounded up), this is the currently used Mental Limit. Invokers unable to provide this Mental Limit cost can not use their recipe. 

Now, let's say an invoker cast an incantation that cost 10 Mental Limit, using 10 Mental Limit that turn. On the following round, their mental limit is reduced first(Before anything else can be done), where you Multiply 10 * .75 (Or 3/4, whatever you choose). This turns it into 7.5 rounded up, which brings it to 8.

To split the example, the first example will say that the invoker cast another incantation that cost 10, bringing their total to 18. The following round, their mental limit used would be 18 * .75, which turns into 13.5, rounded up to 14. So as long as they keep using incantations, it will continue to fill up. Invokers need time to let their mental limit recooperate.

The second example would say that the invoker didn't use any more invocations the rest of the combat. The third round would see a reduction into 8 * .75, reducing it to 6. The fourth round would reduce the Mental limit by 6 * .75 , bringing the total to 4.5, rounded up to 5. The fifth round reducing it to 4 Mental Round, the 6 round reducing it to 3. Any subsequent rounds would leave it at 3, due to the math.(This was done on purpose). Only after combat has stopped will the mental limit be fully cleared out.

I hope that this has been clarifying, if it hasn't? Feel free to send me an email!