Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1.3 Is OUT!

New link, on the download.

What's new for 1.3

Changed Burst Fire and double tap to allowed to be done with feat, and the feats reduce the penalty
Gave descriptions about the firearm categories.
Changed Sting grenades damage from 2d6 to 4d6
Changed M4 and M4a1 from 80 feet to 70 feet
Change G36k from 80 feet to 70 feet
Added S&W Third seres 1006, a 10mm Full sized pistol
Added 40G, a Stand alone grenade launcher
Removed prerequisite from exotic melee proficency
Added a -4 to using a scope while attacking in their first range incriment
Reduced Match grade ammunition from a +3 to a +2 to attack
Shifted 10MM auto into it's own category
Shifted 5.56mm into a higher damage caliber
Shifted .300 Win mag ino a higher damage caliber.
Shifted 9x18mm into a higher damage caliber
Addded UM40, a .40 S&W Submachine gun, and the UMP9, a 9mm Submachinegun
Added MP5a4
Added 100 round drum for Mp5
Changed Speak action from 12 words to 15
Changed bleeding from 1d4 every 10 minutes to 1d4 every 5 rounds.
Added Sledgehammer, and Tool hammer.
Changed Machete so it's a short sword.
Changed Law enforcement and Investigative so that they can only recieve Backup and Full sized handguns
Changed Character SHeet to include a equipment page.

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