Saturday, April 9, 2011

Done and Finished.

Alright, I've finished the last version, it's up and ready to go, right on the download list for you all. Changelog is below

Final 1.61 to Ops and Tactics 1st Edition
Changed wording on the ablity score increases
Added Bell Curve Variant Rule
Added Sanity variant rule
Added my real name to the Created by, line
Clarified bleeding rules
Added Two new shotgun shells, Flamethrower, and Flare
Added XM25 grenade launcher, the QBZ grenade launcher, and the HM416.
Clarified crafting with Guns

Final 1.6 to 1.61
Minor Errors in the Occupational GM chart

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  1. Hey man, WHM from the thread.

    Couldn't find the e-mail on your page, all I saw was an AIM.

    Posting this to give you a heads up, feel free to delete it.

    Go ahead and drop me a line- i just set up a new e-mail for the proposed game.