Thursday, October 6, 2011

3rd Edition

Just a little check in for those that read this damn thing.

So I'm well into 3rd Edition's works, and I've I decided on some major things.

1. 3rd Edition is a FULL Readthrough and change
2. I'm opening my mind again to ideas, and I've already changed some major things
3. 3rd Edition will be the edition I'll be using for the Ops and Tactics Video Game.
4. There will be more guns. Don't act suprised.
5. I'm not going to include "Advanced Classes" or "Presitege Classes" Or anything like that.

A note on Prestige and Advanced Classes

The reason I'm not going to be including Presitege or advanced classes, is because their job can be taken(And done quite better, in my humble opinion), by feats. In most D20 based games, the advanced classes serve as a way to majorly break the rules, as opposed to feats, which allow you to minorly break the rules.

This can be easily remedied by just having scaling feats.

The second job of Prestige classes is to give a character more HP. I changed how HP is worked and distributed, so that's pointless for Ops and Tactics Third.

And another job of Prestiege classes is to show that a character is "Beoynd" the basic classes.

Again, not the real focus of Ops and Tactics, so another reason to throw them out. I feel they limit characters, so I tossed it out.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but I'll release Ops and Tactics Third 1.00 As soon as I'm done.

I promise.

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