Friday, April 12, 2013

Update time!

Alright, so during a playtest and such, we came into a few issues with the system, mostly minor, some not. Big Thanks to Druin, Hospes, and Sparrow for helping me find these things. Changelogs are below for each system.

Core Rulebook Changelog

4e 1.10 to 1.11
Corrected more minor errors
Changed Dilletant starting and biweekly WP from 24d4 and 12d4 to 14d4 and 7d4
Changed Celebrity starting and biwekely WP from 16d4 and 8d4 to 12d4 and 6d4
Added a feat nerf for Dilletante, so that they get one less starting feat
Removed the requirement requiring a single rank in drive to drive a car
Fixed notion in the feats for the armor profiencies of armor penalties applying to attack rolls as well
Changed multiplication rules

Modern Magika Changelog

Changed Enchantment melee upgrade from 1 wp per SP to 2 wp per SP
Fixed notion of "light duty vest" to "Riot Vest"
Added the cartrige spell inks and the cartrige cost
Changed the Conjuration healing base enchantment Dice value and from 3 sp to 2 sp and dice number from 4 sp +2 sp to 3 sp +1
Added reflex save to burst and cone attacks for Evocation
Changed Daisho master feat to grant a bonus +3 for both swords
Changed Daisho user to grant a +2 Bonus for the bastard sword
Added the craft structural chart for the new melee weapons
Changed Enchantign so that only one subschool of evocation may be used, and added chemical irritants, and flamethrowers to the unenchantable list
Changed Shield Warrior so that Two weapon fighging feats aren't needed, and reduced the bonus from 4 to 3
Changed Permanency so that it increases the base cost of every other spell used by 6

Armory Changelog

Changed "Unarmed" notions in the new ammunitions to "unarmored"
Added .44 magnum SJHP, Wadcutter, and Semi Wadcutter ammo

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