Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finish the Supply Drops and a beginning a rewrite

So I finally finished a collaboration with Boots, and both supply drops are finished, but I'm going to hold off on doing them until I correct something I did before and I didn't like it after further review.

I'm going to rewrite Supply Drop 7(That's the psionics book for those who don't know them by heart), so that it's more modular and feels more like actual psions, rather than an excuse to play jedi with their psiblades. 

I'm also updating armory(Formatting issues), Modern magika(Feat changes), and Core(Feat changes) at the same time, so look for them all to get a big update soon!

Then I may get started on SD 10, which will contain some futuristic/theoretical things like plasma rifles, power armor, and things of that nature.

That's a big may, though.

That's all for now!

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