Monday, March 10, 2014

HIATUS and major changes

Okay, so I know I posted about wanting to write Sword and Board, but I've hit way too many snags trying to churn this book out, as such, I am taking a break on it(A rare thing I know, sorry guys!) until I have the stones for it. Until then, I will be taking the new melee fighting system that I had invisioned for it, and porting it back to core, as well as finishing the 3 supply drop ideas I had(Yes, three. This is what happens when I can't write what I want to write), so there's that to look forward to!

Also! I'm going to do some major changes to alot of the firearms in ops and tactics. After a major playthrough involving a lot of firearms, I've come to a realization, that a lot of them are too smooshed together and the effectiveness is gone from a lot of guns because of range.

Look for changes!

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