Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Updates! however minor.

I updated the character sheet a bit(Thank you Boots!), giving more templates and such.

Also I've pretty much given up on the PDF printable character sheet for now, since every edit usually requires a rewrite. What I'll do is when everything is done, and settled and finished, I'll fix it then.

Also! What's in the works?

I'm finishing up SD16, which contains a new archetype, a variant rule archetype, and a racial character builder to allow GMs and players to make their own races for their own games and (for the most part) can work aside the races that exist now, if you so choose.

I'm also work on a major fix to vehicle combat and vehicles in general(Thank you again boots), as well as taking a hard fucking look at the creatures and such, and actually working on them and making sure that the stuff that's actually written down actually fits with the rest of the game, since I've all but run out of rules I actually wanted to work on.

Oh! And when I'm done with all that, I'm going to be making a giant fucking universe, since I've been itching to do that since Advanced Arms came out. I think people will enjoy it.

As always, email me to get me to finish that procedural gun SD, cause otherwise it's not going to be done, since apparently noone(Myself included) even wants the damn thing, and I have to have SOMETHIGN I left out, otherwise it won't be a real system!

Have fun and enjoy!

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