Saturday, February 27, 2016


Here it is! The final tweaks and releases for Ops and Tactics!

The changelogs are below

Modern Magika

Changed all of the "No armor for Psion" feats to light or no armor.
Added Armor Points to all Conjuration Spells so that you're no longer unlimited armor
Added Elemental Damage to Strike Cant

Gave a way to make telekinetic damage lethal

Core Rulebook

5e 1.05 to 1.06
Changed the Charismatic's Tallents so that they fit more in the modern universe, and that they're a tiny bit more balanced
Changed The defnition of a few statuses to more aling with the real world
Changed the Fast's Evsaion from No damage to 1/4th Damage
Spelling, oversight, and forgotten-to-include rule changes.

Changed Shooting in the head to immediately cause Core Damage(I thought I already did this!)


Corrective edits
Gae the M16 and the M4 series of rifles Bayonet lugs
Included the information to reload various cartriges

Advanced Arms

1.11 to 1.12
Corrective edits.
Probably some other stuff I forgot to record down in my changelog.

Other books

SD 1, and 6, as well as SP 3 and 2 got changed to include the reloading information for the various calibers.

GM Compendium got updated as well, for some minor things.

So go download it!

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