Thursday, April 19, 2018

I'm not sure if anyone even reads these.

So I and craft are working on the very last bit of the proofreading for ops and tactics, so we're nearly done with that.

Spiderbot is chugging along nicely, as well. I've got an alpha worked out!

So still working on this. I'm not dead. Project's not dead.


  1. I am my man, i've been using your game for a fallout campaing; i wanted to ask something tho... when the game says "In order for a character to improve an ability, they must practice it for one week per ability point improvement" in the "Improving Ability Scores" does this mean they have to train an ability for 168 hours? or just a few hours a week?

  2. It's meant to be a few hours a week. Noone would expect someone to occupy ALL of their time lifting, or practicing in a mirror. It's impossible.

    So a few times a week told to the GM should qualify them for an update, and it's your job as a GM to sway when it is enough.

  3. Still reading this blog, don't worry.