Monday, August 20, 2018

A Stealth Edit out of nowhere!


Had to do some fixes! But here they are!

Core rulebook:

(Stealth Edit) Fixed the PWA PDW AR-57 CQB AR upper to be in decimal lbs.
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the skill feats to a single feat called "Skill Focus". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Changed all of the Saving throw feats to a single feat called "Focused saving throw". No game effects have been changed
(Stealth Edit) Added ball bearings.

Modern Magika
6.10 to 6.11
Gave Abjuration trap detection more options than just burst radius
made abjuration's traps more clear on what you can do
Clarified beaconpaper's "Line of sight"
Removed Spell Focus feat
Removed Potionmaker feat
Changed Enchantment so that you can have an item be activated on touch, or immediately
Changed Fire Cantrip from "Ball of light" to "Ball of fire"
Combined FIre cantrip
Gave Illusion a cantrip that allows them to create a ball of light that is 30' burst, and can be placed up to 50' away from the caster
Added a mangetism cantrip to eletric evocation.
Changed Enchantment from options to "uses" and "Time"
Changed Evocatioon's enchantment to allow the imparting of enchantments to ammuntion for ranged weapons, BUT if you fire ammuntion that is already enchanted, it only uses the ammunition's enchantment, and it counts as a use for the enchanted weapon
Gave enchantment a cantrip that allows somene to determine what the effect and charges a magic item or aetheritem has
Added the ablity for a mage to "Sign" an enchanted item
Doubled the bleed damage output for conjuration(1 SP per 2 bleed)
Allowed Tranmutation to shape the ingots in any polyhederon
Gave Illusion a new power "distort" taht allows it to give an object or a creature concealment
Gave illusion some prestidigitation effects

FID is also updated to link up with the updates

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