Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fixing some issues with the Core rulebook

So! I had to fix some issues with the core rulebook that were kinda glaring and I forgot.

It's too big for a ghost edit, so I decided to increment.

This only affects core rulebook.

6.18 to 6.19
Changed HEDP to Slashing/Concussive
Changed Slow ROF so that it can't burst fire but can double tap
Corrected errors
Clarified Dead shot's wording
Changed Power attack to 2 damage per 1 BAB
Changed adrenaline rush to once per hour
Added PSA AR 15 uppers in 9mm, .40, 45, and 10mm glock mags
Added Olympic arms 30 carbine upper
Added Alexander ARms .17 HMR upper
Double bowman feat no longer requires +2 CP to use, and grants +2 damage dice

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