Monday, April 22, 2019

I just realized it's been two months!

So! I forgot I hadn't posted here in two months!

I appoligize! I didn't think anyone actually read this fucking blog but here we are.

Alright, first and foremost I'm still waiting until June 1st so I can work out all the kinks with everything.

The RE2 Project got mothballed again due to us wanting to focus on GAINS, the setting, but that's coming after the June 1st Release because I want to give myself and my testers ample time to weed out all the issues. And it's already worked thus far so it's all good!

Status on Books!

Core Rulebook: Complete, but we're still doing some last bit fine tuning here and there. All will be revealed in the changelong

Modern Magika: Done. Completely. There's not much I could do or add to it going forward.

Advanced Arms: Nearly done. There are few things I've been mulling over in my head about adding/changing, but for the most part this book is in a very playable State

Simplified Quick Action Tactics System(SQuATS): Finished, but untested. The book is simpler than the core rulebook but everything functions and works.

Practical Extended Shooting Sports System(PRESSS): Completely finished and ready for testing/use. This is the IDPA/USPSA/3 Gun system that was written on a lark.

Surprise Minigame/microsystem(????): Nearly complete, can't wait to surprise you guys with this one.  

Field Identification Guide, Vol 1: Complete and ready to go.

Field Identification Guide, Vol 2:  Craft is finishing this one up and it should be ready and complete by June 1st. Both FIG 1 and 2 have updated text making combat far easier to use.

Module 1:  Done, and tested once, but it functions.

As always, feel free to hit me up with an email for questions and such!


  1. I've been messing around with Ops & Tactics for a bit. So I check this blog on a daily basis for updates. Nonetheless, that's a lot of goodies, can't wait!

    PS: On a different, unrelated note. Have you heard of Apocalyptia 2.0? It's free like O&T but it uses D6s, which means it's a lot more simpler. Kinda reminds me of your game, though aside the theme, there's not a single similar mechanic. :P

    1. I haven't, but I'm actually working on Squats which is a simplified version of Ops and Tactics, that also just uses d6.

    2. By D6, I meant 1D6 for everything mechanic related. The only time you'll use more than a single D6 is for random tables, which it has a lot of. It's pretty cool, especially with the economic, survival and base building sub-system.

      Just to clarify, you meant "Simplfied Quick Action Tactics System" ("Simplfied" A cover typo) right? Is it getting an overhaul or an update? I plan on using it to introduce new players to O&T.

    3. It's getting an overhaul and a bit of a mission change. It's built from Ops and Tactics, but it's like..baaarely there. It still uses the same combat system but the firearms and upgrades and all that stuff has been massively scaled down. It's still basically a light combat game without really any roleplay direction.

  2. Apologies for posting two times in a row, but I took a quick look at the 6th edition character sheet and found some things that kinda triggered my symmetrically inclined brain. So I thought I could give some feedback and constructive criticism. Mind you, most, if not all of these are nitpicks. The character sheet itself is perfectly serviceable, there's no glaring error(s) as far as I can see.

    1. The "Focused Skill" boxes on "Skills", "Magic Skills" and "Psionic Skills" are misaligned.
    2. The first page has a lot of space wasted. I suggest enlarging some elements like the "Ability Scores" and "Defense" to make it more compact.
    3. The "Carrying Cap" boxes atop the "Feats" section should have the same width as the lines below the "Feats".
    4. The "Description" box is a bit too small for my liking, though that might just be me.
    5. Below the "Common CP Cost" has quite a few missing values and inconsistent writing style. First, a suggestion. I recommend making the type of actions bold to further differentiate them from the actual actions below it. Second, some actions have missing CP costs. For example: "Fire Crossbow, Speargun" (Which I think should be "Fire Crossbow/Speargun" instead) has no CP costs whatsoever, it should be 5. Same for the remaining 3 actions on the "Magic" section, they should be 6,7 and 8 respectively. Third, the action type "Bow pull attack cost" should be "Bow Pull Attacks". Capitalize every first letter and remove the word "Cost" to make it consistent with others (Eg: "Standard Melee Attacks"), the same goes for the "Release a spell/scroll". Change it to "Release a Spell/Scroll:". Last nitpicks, and the most minute and insignifcant ones: The action "Drop Prone" has a space missing as the zero is too close to the colon and the CP cost number value sizes below "Common Actions" in "Psionics" are not identical (The 0 is too big).

    That's pretty much all I can whine about the character sheet. Again, there's no inherent problems with it, I thought it just could be improved upon with these slight changes. Take these criticisms with a grain of salt as it's by someone being unnecessarily pedantic.

    1. EDIT: The "Common Actions" in "Psionics" also have no consistent capitalization. Again, I suggest capitalizing every word for that section (Except for prepositions of course).

    2. I'm not an artist. That was put together quickly so I could have something to use.

      Serviceable is basically what I was aiming for.

    3. The character sheet is more than "Serviceable" as I've used it on a simple test adventure before. It's just a bit annoying to flip back and forth on the core rule book to find the missing CP costs. Though granted I could just write it on the sheet itself. :P

    4. The GM compendium Guide is comming, that will have every CP cost. So don't worry!

  3. Just going to report that "Step 2" of section "4.0 Leveling Characters" is completely absent, or at least replaced by "Step 3".

    PS: Any clue/teaser on what "Module 1" is?

    1. PS: I've searched the deepest bowels of the internet and I still can't find any information about the "Sslythen". The monster manual has literally zero information about it.

    2. Becasue they're playable characters I made up.

    3. Yup, just got more details on Sslythens in Modern Magika. I don't know why I didn't look there first, I thought they were from D&D or something. Also, I don't know how to pronounce it.