Saturday, June 15, 2019

These fixes will be the death of me.

I had to update the books.


Because of super minor errors the testers noticed.

Changelog is below!

Core rulebook

6.25 to 6.26
Corrected the movement notation in movement, that talks about moving more than 20'
Changed kneeling defense to +2
Changed powder and primers weight to 2 lbs
Clarified some things with damage and damage dice and increasing or decreasing
Noted that the Taclite T2 bolt action

Changed the Tactical sheath to huge or larger
Changed the multiplication rule so that instead of adding multipliers, you multiply them together.

yes, that's it. I told you they were minor.

FIG 2 also had to be updated because of some wrong range numbers with one of the NPCs. Just a minor fix.

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