Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Release time!

Here we go!

here's the latestest release of Ops and Tactics!

I did a few changes so I'll start off with what's new:

1. SALT pack: Which is a renaming of the "Supply drops". Just a small few things I felt like adding. I expect it to be critiqued so I may ghost edit it if I find some things incorrect

2. Character sheets: Westley revised the PDF sheet that was written by JD, giving it calculations and is now form fillable. It's in the zip file

3. I've removed a lot of the individual downloads because most people were getting confused and were either missing things, so instead the only download available is the zip file. Seperate from this are the previous version(5th and 4th Edition), and SQUATS, which you can download for yourself


Core Rulebook
6.29 to 6.30
Gave the Agram-2000 a pistol grip
Fixed the Armsport 2700's lack of double barrel
Removed one Mas-49
Clarified what kind of bayonet is on the SKS-45
Removed the perils of using poison rules
Added Temp ranges
Swapped the dom/recessive descriptions in the race making
Changed parka, overcoat, and coats so that they more directly help sitting in the cold
Changed some of the motorcyle names to be more consistent
Added "Concussive" damage to extremity damage
Changed surface vehicle operation slightly

Changed price of Colt delta elite and colt government 1911

Modern Magika

6.19 to 6.20
Corrected some Errors with the example spells
Changed Dragonbreed in the following ways
Increased their DR to 3
Reduced the breath weapon use from 1 hour to 5 minutes
Changed fire breath duration effect to 1d3+1 or until extinguished
Changed cold breath duration effect to 1d3+1
Changed the reflex save to save for half damage to TN8 + Ranged attack
Changed Hill Dwarves in the following ways
Gave them the feat Favored type (Slashing) for free at 1st level
They can not be inebriated
Changed Cave Dwarves in the following ways
They can not be inebriated

Advanced Arms
6.14 to 6.15
Changed Polarans in the following ways
Gave polarnas a fast healing ability based on their climate or if they're wearing their chill collar
Gave dom/pure polarans the second wind feat for free at 1st level

Gave pure polarans the Forgiving damage feat for free at 1st level

Other than that, that's all we've got for now! Enjoy it and feel free to hit me up either here or at!