Wednesday, December 18, 2019

No respect for release schedules!

Had to push some updates again!

Core rulebook got some spelling fixes

The rest are below

Advanced Arms

6.16 to 6.17

Reduced the Servo weight armor upgrade to 5.0 lb

Modern Magika
6.21 to 6.22
Gave alchemist occupation transmutation as an occupational skill

Clarified Kobold and Goblin strenght calculations to also include their small stature

Also, added another gun to SALT 2, the Taurus TX22.

Oh! And the FIGs were updated for errors as well.

Also, due to some changes in dropbox that are going to start affecting me pretty soon, I may switch to another hosting provide. I'm looking at google drive but I'll take anything free that doesn't suck. Let me know!

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