Friday, August 19, 2011

1.32, minor changes that are major.

Well, I didn't like the ranges for quite a few of the guns, so I changed them, worked them around, and fixed a few more minor errors.

So here's 1.32!

2e 1.31 to 2e 1.32
Changed Paintball markers to read correct Range incriments
Changed Far shot so that it reads for bows, Firearms, or Crossbows
Made More notion of non-lethal hitpoint increase in the front
Added Mary to dedication list
Changed UMP's Range incriments
Change Beretta Cx4 range incriments
Changed Full Sized Handgun ranges(Most of them)
Changed some Hunting and target ranges
Changed Carbine rifles ranges
Changed the ranges in general to make them abit more diversified, and made choice of firearm/caliber abit more important.

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