Friday, September 2, 2011


Running a game with my current playtesters, found out firsthand that the gamle skill sucks massive ammounts of cock, so I changed it.

Also added some more guns(As usual)

Changelog below!

2e 1.32 to 2e 1.33
Added Marlin Camp carbines
Added Ruger Carbines
Added Ruger P90 and Ruger P91, .45 and .40 Handguns
Changed range of Ruger P89
Added Beretta Px4 .45, that takes 8040 magazines
Added Ghost ring Optics upgrade
Changed Gamble Skill
Changed X26 taser to Licensed
Added Cobra 37mm launcher
Added bumpfire stock, which allows easier bump firing
Changed overpressure ammuniton bonus from 3 to 6
Added a note about how stocks change size
New! Included Auto upgrades
Added Springfield ARmory to M1A

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