Monday, August 20, 2012

Prints and Donations

After a lot of deliberation and work, i've decided to finally put in an order for a laser printer. I bought a Brothers 2240 laser printer for all of my traditional gaming needs. But the real question is why am I posting it here?

Well, because I'm going to start selling copies, thats why!

While it's still lacking art, the books are finished and the font has been changed from that boring times new roman to a font that more accurately represents what it's trying to convey. Price for a printed book will be 9 dollars, plus shipping.(For either book, Armory or the Core rulebook) Shipping is all hinged on where I'm delivering it to. If it's somewhere in the Metro Atlanta area, I may hand deliver it, otherwise, shipping will be posted if you inquire about a book. All books will be signed "to" someone, as well as serialized on the front, unless otherwise requested otherwise in the email. 

You can inquire about buying a book at

Also! I'll be setting up some type of donation thing to keep this project rolling. Donating is, by no means, required, but it is appreciated. (Or buy a book! )

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