Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finally. I'm done with this damn game.

Alright. I'm serious this time.

I'm taking the lyx files, zipping them up, storing them away, and I am not going to open them any more, unless it is a serious emergency fix, OR I am updating them for print, making them prettier and all that

As for now, I present to you Ops and Tactics, 6th Edition. The last edition. And hopefully, the last version I'm going to be working on

So now, I can work on my campaign setting, Kandai. Watch this space for updates on that!

Changelog below!

Modern Magika

6th Edition
Changed Dragonbreed so that each selected effect gives a specific effect that it does
Removed the tail attack for dragonbreed
Gave Bayou orc Brawl for free
Gave Plains orcs Combat marial arts for free
Made Desert Elves taller
Gave Hill Dwarves More CP when using extra effort
Gave Cave Dwarves a +5 to all Poisons and Diseases
Doubled Cave Dwarves Carrying Capacity

Changed Nullsteel so that it is 1.5 instead of 4

Advanced Arms
RC1 to 6th Edition
Consolidated Personal lasarm and Plasarm feats into personal plasmas prificnecy
Consolidated all of the different fire types for plasmas and lasers into a single feat.
Changed Chargeshot so that it's 1+1 heat instead of 1+2
Changed Sundrop to Moonbeam, for legal reasons
Added Shields and Grav Propulsion for Vehicles, in AA

Changed the cargo holds for a lot of the Space ships

Core Rulebook
RC1 to 6th Edition
Added Adjustable Iron sights
Changed armor so that the Defense only applies to areas that one attacks
Lowered the Cost of Potshot to 4 CP
Removed the penalties when cutting down a shotgun
Fixed Margins for the Stealth 1
Fixed PSP-25 so it has a magazine now
Fixed margins for Expensive modern backup handguns
Changed the Ww2 Anti-m Rifles so that they get a fixed stock as base
Changed the GP-30 so that it can attach to any rifle that takes AK magazines, including the AK101
Changed The location of Equipment and Combat
Changed Bleed damage so it now affects EHP damage, and for people not wearing armor
Changed Poisons so that a success is a half, and adde dmultiple secondary effects(Wear a gas mask)
Changed the stylings of Ammuntion so it's now based on what type, instead of what crafting caliber
Swapped the cost and weight for crossbows
Changed the cargo holds for a lot of the Space ships
Changed the Ruger Redhawk to the RugerBlackhawk
Added a few Ruger Redhawks
Changed Two wepaon fighting so that the combat point cost is increased by 1.5, roudned up
Changed all mentions of "Mexican Carry", to "Wasitband Carry"
Added the notion that you can enlarge or shrink the size of the grip for a weapon using custom grip
Added Failure Drill master(the Old Mozambiquedrill master), since it was apparently removed
Added some 16 and 20 gauge shotguns

Changed The Combat Point cost for Trip, and disarm


Also, I incuded the Simplified Quick Action Tactics system, which is basically "Ops and Tactics Lite" for people who felt there was too much bloat in the core system.


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