Sunday, October 9, 2016

Holy shit 2 months with no update!

I'm not dead! I promise! I've just been very busy.

But good news! I'm nearing the (actual) completion of all of the Ops and Tactics books!

We're on our final round of edits, with some changes. I didn't want to do like I've been doing for the last...6 years? And just release and fix and release and fix and release and fix because that's getting old and I'll be perfectly honest.

I'm tired of this project. I want it to be finished, becasue I want to get started working on the campaign setting: Kandai

(Which uses Ops and Tactics, so rejoice!)

I've also cobbled together and finished the "rules lite" version of Ops and Tactics, dubbed the Simplified Quick Action Tactics System.

It's basically ops and tactics that has a bunch of stuff cut down that make it easier to learn the combat system, but it is incompatible with anything else Ops and Tactics Related

More good news! I'm actually looking at seriously putting toegher a kickstarter since the books are nearing their completion. I'll do a final sweep with my editors/contributors, and we'll make a release, a real one.

OH! And a major contributor, Craft, finished and completed the Field Identification Guide, with some edits by our anonymous editor.

So yes, look for good things around november? Yes. November.

Until then, feel free to hit me up on an email at!

And always, thanks for playing and reading!

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