Monday, September 24, 2018

Cop game Update!

Found some errors when running my Cop game, so I'm updating the book!

Core Rulebook

6.15 to 6.16
Added MP-443 Gratch
Corrected the grip sight's bonuses
Changed How Grapple works in the following Way
AoOs don't stop grapples
Successful Grapple checks don't deal damage.
Removed the rule that you fail if it's two sizes larger
Can't attack with weapons while in grapple
Character is considered flatfooted while in grapple
Draw a small or smaller weapon or opject while in grapple(This is to facilitate handcuffing)
Use a small object(For handcuffing, drugging, etc)
Removed the "Light weapon" system
Gave all Ithaca's slamfire
Corrected Mossberg 500 Tactical cruiser's size
Added More Adler A110s Designated the long barreled ones as "Hunters" and the Short ones as Shortys
Changed "Rifle butt" to "buttstroke"

Advanced Arms
Formatting Fixes
Changed Augmentations for hidden firearms rules
Gave all the armors that protect agisnt plasma and electric the ablity to ignore stun effects that have elctric damage
Changed "Rifle butt" to "buttstroke"

Modern Magika

6.13 to 6.14
Added a new sight to Incantations
Allowed incantaitons to do hand signals
Added spell book, a book that can be used to write spells down and make your own custom spell book
Changed the cost of weak spell inks
Changed the cost of Potent spell inksChanged the price of standard spell ink carteriges
Changed the TNs of some of the cantrips for evocation
Change Mithril so that it removes the notion of "light weapons"

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