Thursday, September 13, 2018

Small update!

Small update that fixes some issues! Not really a lot of rule changes

6.14 to 6.15
Reduced Penlight's weight from 6 lbs to .6 lbs(!)
Changed some weights of narcotics to be weightless and changed the dosage ratings of MDMA, Cocaine, and Cannabis
Changed magazine pouces so that they can only hold 60 rounders or less
Removed all Mossberg JICs
Added Ithaca 37 Shockwave
Added the note in "Reload a weapon" that you need at least one functional hand free to reload a weapon.
Changed the Mini-30's magzines by removing the 100 round drum(Doesn't exist)
Added Ruger american ranch (7.62x39, mini-30 mags and .300 Blk, AR-15 Mags)

Advanced arms

Clairified that you only need one hand to repair a cybernetic limb
Changed book to look better for priting

Modern Magika

No change
Fixed some spelling/formatting errors

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