Friday, December 28, 2018

Early Anniversary release

It's almost the 8th(?) anniversary of when I released this thing on /tg/, and I figured I'd like to put out an update to celebrate it. I want to thank everyone who's played and enjoyed this game for as long as it's been out there. Thanks for supporting me and helping me out with this stupid little project of mine!

It's not much, but there were some changes that were needed and I felt I had to do them! Changelog is below

Oh! I also fixed some errors in the GM and Player guide, so you can grab that one too!

Core Rulebook
6.21 to 6.22
Added Ruger preciscion Rimfire and Rimfire magnum rifles
Added Ruger american ranch in .223 that takes AR-15 mags
Reduced the WP cost to make Painkillers by 1
Reduced the amount of purchasable antivirals to 3 doses
Reduced the amount of purchsable antiseptics to 2 doses
Clarified the poison types so that it's more clear what kind of poisons they area
Removed the ablity to purchase poisons for +5 WP
Doubled the amount of Hemostat medicine you make through crafting
Added Missing calibers for reloading
Moved reloading information to ammunition
Reduced the cost of casings for reloading

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