Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Update for the holiday season, and a update on what's going on!

New Update has been posted, and the changelog is below!

Modern magika
6.16 to 6.17
Changed some of the TNs to transmutation's terrain manipulation to increase the TN cost instead of a static.
Added more things one can do with the illusions they summon

Core Rulebook
6.20 to 6.21
Corrected some wording in Armor
Corrected weight for generic guns
Added in the IWI GL 40, a Tavor/Galil Ace Grenade launcher
Added in Tavor 7 and Tavor X85
Added in the S&W SW22 Victory
Added a new rule that allows players to wager CP and attack penalties for bonuses to their initiative.

This change was done for the sake of an issue with initiative being the end-all be all of the start of combat. So, it's a way to balance it out!

Added every caliber of the Thompson contender that they make. Which is most calibers in the game, and allowed for the Thompson contender to purchase new barrels for 10 WP
Added the MAGAL, a Galil in .30 carbine that takes m1 carbine magazines
Gave the LCP a 7 round magazine possiblity
Added the notion that speedloaders require you to dump all of the rounds in a gun to use
Added the ability foir the tactical holder to hold 6 cased rounds, for single loading goodness

Updates on what's going on!

So I've started to write some more rules, for sport shooting! That's right, you should be able to do USPSA/3 Gun using the Ops ruleset!

It's mostly a minigame, but a big one, and I hope it catches on!

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