Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Update due to me not noticing things!

Alright I figgured I'd put out a quick update fixing an issue that was noticed by some anons.

Changelog is below, and the only thing that was updated was the core rulebook and the Player Resource guide, as it was the only thing requiring updating

6.26 to 6.27
Changed .50 GI to 5d3+2 from 6d3+2
Changed dried noodles to 2 NV
Simplified the packaging scheme for food.
Changed some antiseptic names but left the rules intact


  1. Could you please give us another fallible character sheet?

    1. Well, that or an Excel spreadsheet character sheet.

    2. THere's one in the works. SOmeone acutally made one and I'm going to release it with the next string of (Minor) updates