Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A fix to Modern magika and a ghost edit to Core Rulebook (Also I forgot to fix something with MRE so here it is)

There were some persistent issues with modern magika and I just now got around to testing the fixes and pushing them forward, so here we are!

Changelog is below

Modern magika

6.26 to 6.27
Changed Evocation in the following ways
All Evocation SP cost for increasing dice and damage dice size changed to 2 SP per increase
Hard cap on dice to 10dice
Changed Necromancy in the following ways
All Necromancy SP cost for increasing damage dice size changed to 3 SP per increase
All Necromancy SP cost for increasing damage dice number changed to 3 SP + 2 SP per increase
Hard cap on the dice to 8 dice
Changed Scroll release CP cost to 10

Core Rulebook

(Ghost Edit) Changed the defense of an object to 10+Agi score+ Item size

The revised books are available for download!


  1. "from the mage, and has a blast radius of 15’ (21 squares)."
    -Modern Magika, pg 18, Spell Creation Example

    I'm pretty sure that should be 3 squares, not 21

    1. Ebon also isn't separated from Dark Repulser
      "in conjunction with Elucidator, to perform attacks with movement.
      Dark Repulsor is considered a longsword.
      Ebon is a black colored shortsword with a simple crossguard,
      and a steel ebony colored combat sheath. When Ebon is wielded"
      Is how it is ph 94 (100 of 127)

    2. The Mossberg 590A1 (20" barrel) accepts the M7, M9, and OKC-3S bayonets, but there are no versions of it that have a bayonet lug in the equipment list that I saw.

    3. >Cone at 15 feet
      It's actually 7-8 squares, depending on if it's diagonal or Orthogonal. Check page 95 of core rulebook.

      Whew, formatting error. Fixed. Thanks

      >Mossberg M590A1

      The M590A1 does indeed have a bayonet Lug. Make sure you're looking specifically for the M590A1.

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