Friday, February 25, 2011

New Ideas, cleaning House

First order of business with 1.3 was to take the jumbled, 73 page list of firearms, and split them into usable categories. With that out of the way, anyone who doesn't posses the gun knowledge of a /k/ expert, can pick firearms according to their type, and usage.

After that was done, I was going to elt it sit for a few days, see if any other ideas pop up..

that's all for now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An introduction and a bit of backstory

Hello, and welcome to the development blog of Ops and Tactics strategy Tabletop RPG. 

Ops and Tactics is a working title, but will most likely be the end title as well, or at the very least, be used to make the end title.

As of today I'm the only one fully dedicated to this project as writer and game designer. As of writing this right now, the game stands at about 75% completion, the current version at Beta 1.2. Nothing is completely solidified, however, and changes do occur as I get new ideas.

I began writing this system because of the lack of depth, particularly with equipment and weapons, that other RPG's had, as well as a realistic representation of firearms, and people as a whole. This system originally spawned from a single house rule for D20 Modern, that would change firearm damage, splitting the damage up by caliber, rather than by "Size" of gun. I originally started working on the system in October of 2009, and release the first Alpha Version on January of 2011. 

The draw of Ops and Tactics is the detail in which a player can customize their character. Everything from their occupation, to their equipment, can have an effect on gameplay. There is a massive amount of customizable options when it comes to characters. Ops and Tactics is also built on a more realistic scale, where weapons are dangerous, and players have to use more than their fist, or guns, to solve problems. 

For those that are not detailed oriented, I am also working on a simplified version of Ops and Tactics, that takes the core essentials of the game system, and makes them playable in a pick-up-and-go format.