Friday, August 9, 2013


Okay! So I have finally finished updating all of the books with the new, more readable font, as well as some changes that have been made due to game-play issues, as well as release Volume 7 of the Supply drops, that deals with Psions.

Psions as a whole are a bit of the opposite of Mages. They use mental limit for their abilities, and while their abliltes are not as strong as magic, they do have unlimited use of them.

Psions also generally weild a psiblade, a rather nasty weapon when it's used properly. But don't just read this summary, go download it and read it for yourself!

Changelogs are below

Core Rulebook 4e 1.13 to 1.14
Changed Doge to give a +3 bonus instead of a +1

It was never used enough to justify it being a +1. Put simply, there were better feats for it and it was kind of a newbie trap. it is no longer as such.

Change Vehicle Dodge to give a +4 bonus instead of a +1

See Above

Corrected error in Synthetic stock

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Corrected Autofire expert to read correctly, Autofire Mastery

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Removed the 5% ER from JHP ammo

This one came from a quick talk with a shooter friend of mine. There is no real reason for any modern firearm to have an issue feeding hollowpoints, and even if it does, there are rounds such as pow-r-ball that simulate FMJ perfectly, and allow for good feeding.

Corrected the Minor mistake in blind sense
Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Fixed multiple notions of speed

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay
Added General Purpose Macine gunnner and Explosive Weapon Proficency feats, and removed notion of 
exotic firearms proficency for GPGMs, Rocket launchers, and grenade launchers

This one was due to a realization that if you wanted to use a grenade launcher, you had to go through Autofire proficiency to access the Exotic weapons Proficiency(Which makes no freaking sense). The two feats are now much more accessible

Changed Main font to Palatino Linotype


Removed Table of Contents

It was never used. It was only there because one guy way back in Beta was printing my work, and it was more of a hassle to keep up. So it got deleted.

Minor error fixes.
Changed Main font to Palatino Linotype
Increased Hi point Error range
These thigns do go bang, but they suck. I'm speaking from expirence.
Increased Raven Arms MP-25 Error range
See Above
Changed the S&W Sigma to the SD9
Meet the new budget handgun, only slightly different than the old budget handgun.
Added the Waffen Wekrs AK 74
It's a Semi Auto AK 74. I didn't realize these were made, for so cheap, until a week ago. As such, it's added!

So, go download all the new versions. Everything has been updated. and Enjoy! I'm off to take a break before I start on the novel, since noone's emailed me about Motor Pool yet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Regards to the Poll

So! The fans I have have voted.

You guys want Motor Pool. This is normally the part where I talk about how awesome motorpool will be to write, but I've got to come clean. I have no idea how to start this book. I don't know all that much about cars, and even less about military hardware and equipment.

So, I'm going to need your help. I need you all to email me what you want to see in Motorpool. Features, Vehicles, the works. Anything you want, so I can have a starting point.

The email is

Here's the kicker: If I don't receive a single Email, I'm not writing it.

So start up Outlook and Thunderbird, and write what you want!