Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Character sheets

New PDF character sheets made by FlyingDingo  are available! They're not form fillable yet but they're very useable for printing and normal use! Grab em!

Also, Blackghost changed around the print based character sheets.

They're both in the zip file and they're both available for download!

Go grab them!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

These fixes will be the death of me.

I had to update the books.


Because of super minor errors the testers noticed.

Changelog is below!

Core rulebook

6.25 to 6.26
Corrected the movement notation in movement, that talks about moving more than 20'
Changed kneeling defense to +2
Changed powder and primers weight to 2 lbs
Clarified some things with damage and damage dice and increasing or decreasing
Noted that the Taclite T2 bolt action

Changed the Tactical sheath to huge or larger
Changed the multiplication rule so that instead of adding multipliers, you multiply them together.

yes, that's it. I told you they were minor.

FIG 2 also had to be updated because of some wrong range numbers with one of the NPCs. Just a minor fix.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Visual Update

ALRIGHT! I'm actually delcaring myself done with this!

The last step in me working with this game was to clean up some editing and Actually work on some good covers.

Which I have done!

Every 6e book has been updated with various fixes. There's only a real changelog for core, but here's all three.

The books look MUCH better now and I'm pleased to announce the completion of the main line Ops and Tactics books. this doesn't mean I won't update, fix, or otherwise clean up some wording, but as for the actual game rules and such, theyr'e done. Finished. Finito. I know i've said this a lot, but I actually am done. I got everything I wanted in the game. I got all of the rules done, everything's balanced, and everything functions beautiful. There's no need further for me to meddle with it.

Changelogs are below.

Core Rulebook

6.24 to 6.25
ARTISTIC UPDATE! Changed the first and last page to fit the theme of "Manual"
Also changed some formatting to "Book"
Made the following changes to MOLLE
The magazine pouches eliminate the need to reach into a pack to pull out magas/speedloaders
Molle can come in Camo colors
Molle Reduces weight by half
Changed the molle vest to allow it to come in different colors!
Changed hearing protection to protect against stuns as well, but only against loud noise stuns
Removed the notion that only basic hearing protection can be worn under helmets
Changed Punch daggers/push blades to touch attack instead of normal attack
Added the FN MK48(Viewer request!)

Clarified breakbarrel shotgun feats

Advanced Arms
6.13 to 6.14

ARTISTIC UPDATE! Changed the first and last page to fit the theme of "Manual"

Modern Magika
6.18 to 6.19

ARTISTIC UPDATE! Changed the first and last page to fit the theme of "Manual"

Because this is a new update that affects every single book


Thank you for being on this journey with me, and next, GAINS!

Monday, June 10, 2019

One more update.

Watch this space.

I'm doing something a little special.

It's not done yet, but i've got one more release for you all then I'm calling it hands off!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Release day!

Alright, after a fucking long long development, I present to you the latest iteration of Ops and Tactics!

I'll start off with the new stuff

PRESSS,  FISHES and the Module!

PRESSS is the sport shooting module, for players to have some fun with a little sport shooting minigame, simulating things like USPSA and IPSC for Ops and Tactics

Fishes is a little fishing minigame. For fishing!

The module is a little module that I wrote and mothballed for a little while, and I decided to release it.

The changelogs are below!

Core Rulebook

6.23 to 6.24
Corrected Errors with formatting
Changed the Repair armor Craft structural benefit to 1d4+2 AP per check
Lowered the requirement to receive defense from moving from 30 to 20 feet.
Fixed all of the 5.7 to -3
Corrected GLock 18's Stealth rating to match glock 17
Added the P-96M and P-96S Handguns(Russian Request)
Added "Standard" tactical flashlight, which cost 2 WP less
Changed the SMG and MG quotes
Added Rifle Tranq gun
Added Yeasaul revolver
Moved the HK USP compacts to full size with a bonus to stealth
added the HK P30 (Missed This one)
Added the HK VP9 (And this one. Hmn)
Added the RPK15
Added AEK0906 in 9x18mm Makarov
Added the "Thor"
Fixed all of the HK magazine compatibilities  for handguns(Thank you Timeshares)
Changed Extended barrel so that extending the barrel turns a SMG into a Carbine rifle
Removed the notion that shortening a SMG using a SBR upgrade turns it into a carbine
Removed all HK "Carbine" MP5s/USPs.
Changed "Down to the nub" to "Compact Cut"
Changed "Nebraska cut" to "Pistol Cut"
Updated gunsmithing to allow for single and double shot rifles, in the assault/target, carbine, and AMR varieties
Removed the Waffen Werks AK 74
Added the Valmet Model 412
Condensed the Rem Model 7600
Added the 6P62(Russian Request)
Removed the notion in concealment that at 50% concealment you have to "Guess" the player/target's location
Added the Groza
Added the XM8
Added and more expanded on what buying and owning a house gets you
Added notes for giving and purchasing vehicles and houses at charactergen
Changed the ammunition "upgrades" to modifications that can be purchased with the ammo
"Subsonic" has been changed to "Low pressure" and it now provides a -1 damage and reduces recoil by 1 per damage dice@
"High pressure"(A poor simulation of +P ammo), grants a +1 damage and +1 recoil and has been added
Overpressure is now "Over Pressure" and provides a +2 damage and +2 recoil per damage dice. It also blows up when the gun jams at all, not just on a 3, unless otherwise noted.
Changed the Carrying Capacity so that it now works in the following way
Less than Carrying Capacity is not encumbered
Between 1x and 2x Carrying capacity is medium encumbered
between 2x and 3x carry capacity is heavy encumbered
More than 3x is Over encumbered
Changed the Menacing feat to say "Add their CON mod" to intimidate
Changed AA12's stock to permanent buffer stock
Changed a lot of weapons that weigh more than 25 lbs to Huge sized
Added Halbeard to the spear feats
Added the S&W 940 DAO revolver
Added the weights back to kits that were missing weights
Gave Riot armor 3/Bl, Unarmed
Changed Brass knuckles damage from Bludgoning to Unarmed
Changed Wrist wraps damage from Bludgoning to Unarmed
Removed Disposable cameras
Lowered price of Commercial cameras
Lowered price of Professional cameras
Added basic and high end Phones and Tablets
Added a rewrite of the Technology Use Skill, that was written by Boots and Conscript Gary
Added "Breakdown" upgrade that allows people to re-eigneer a firearm that can be broken down into two pieces
Changed limb protectors to also include the hands/feet of the selected limb.
Changed Autofire mastery feat so that instead of giving a bonus it actually reduces the base CRP
Added the TN for the animal to actually perform said trick
Changed how AP works. instead of it just automatically removing the -1 Damage dice, that is removed and replaced with Piercing dice only if the target is armored. Shooting an unarmored target with AP basically makes it work like FMJ.
Added Snack Food. It was a requirement.
Shifted the weight around of a lot of foods to be matching.
Changed the following feats: Autofire Prof, Slamfire Prof, Fanning Prof, Double tap Prof, Burst fire Prof, Slamfire expert, and Fanning expert to reduce the recoil of the attack in some way, by either changing the actual recoil of the attack, or reducing it, instead of a flat attack bonus
Increase toughness's CHP bonus to +2
Capped the defense bonus to movement to +15 defense
Added Soft points to Light rifle
Changed the carrying cap of some trucks
increase semi wadcutter's ER to 20%
Increased SJSP and SJHP 's ER to 15%
Increased SUrplus's ER to 30%
Added the upgrade "Fortified frame" that allows a user to fortify a firearm to take Overpressure ammunition., at the cost of making the fireramr 10% heavier
Added the ability to reload ammo to any load
Increased Crossbow damage
Changed Rifle expert to once per turn for the benefits
Changed Pistol expert's burst fire ablity to once per turn.
Changed Revolver expert's ablity to reload more than once
Changed Motorcycle suit to to protect against feet and hands
Removed Doublefire Proficency feat
Changed Bows so that only the recurve gives bonuses to damage based on str, and has a hard cap of +6 extra damage.
Changed Tightened drawstring's bonus to only work for recurve bows and crossbows, and reduced the power from 2.0 to 1.5
Changed Molle magazines to allow to hold shotgun mags with 10 rouneds or less
Changed Shoulder holster to allow the holding of shotgun magazines
Changed Tactical holder to allow to hold a shotgun magazine
Changed magazine caddy to allow the holding of shotgun magazines.
Remove the extra rail requirement to take frame slots
Notated that the Magazine foregrip needs to actually be gripped by the user to take benefit
Change Pintle to reduce the recoil by 6 instead of granting a +6 Bonus
Removed the Emulation Feat
Increase Point blank shot's bonus to +2
Gave Combat expertise a PRerequisite of +2 BAB
Change Simple Weapon specialist to select a single simple melee weapon, and instead making you choose a specific simple weapon you then build feats from
Changed Field knife to 2d3
Changed Forceful strike to say "Medium or larger"
Changed Favored type to a +3 Damage
Added DMRs to the Recoil Management feat tree
Removed point blank shot prereq from slamfire, double tap, and faning proficency feat trees
Further expounded on the various visions in "Darkness and vision"
Clarified the aluminum cases values so that it' also makes mention of a medium sized case
Added the Survival Knowledge skill, that focuses on rural culture, hunting, farming, and other survival type knowledge
Changed Pistol loweres to carbine rifles for the purpose of feats, since you can chop the barrel down to turn it into a SMG through other means.
Notated that the type of upper will change the type of gun it is for some uppers
Changed how Knowledge Synergies work
Gave Knowledge survival to The Rural, Security, and Military Occupations
All Clubs only take a -2 attack penalty when being used as a non-lethal weapon
Added cost of ballistic knife blades
Changed Bodkin Arrows to give two piercing dice normally
Changed Broadheads to give 1 slashing damage dice
Added American Derringer DA 38 and Standard Derringer handguns
Changed Flamethrower and flamer to match up with the standard "catching fire" rules
WP grenades deal addtional 4d6 in the following round instead of 1d6
Added the notion that the Molotov coctail and fire jar all risk catching fire upon steping into the burst radius
Added Bizon 2
Increased Bizon and bizon 2's mag cost to 3 WP per mag
Added notes that certain occupations get certain kinds of job related licensing for free
Added TNs to the detonators
Changed the "Concealed" upgrade to work for any weapon of medium size or smaller
Changed "Short barrel rifle" to include any assault/battle/Target rifle to a carbine, not just self loading ones

Added Manual Detonator, that's a detonator that can be used to set off explosives manually
Changed Explosive shell to Concussive only, and removed fire damage
Notated that shotguns using explosive rounds can also attack 5' squares
Changed "Retractable" upgrade to any Any Diminutive or larger weapon with the notion that they must be unfolded to use.
Added the Beretta A400 and the Beretta A300
Changed Internal upgrades to be a +20 for all upgrades that aren't precision upgrade and clockwork action
Added stripper clip guide to the Enfields due to possible confusion
Changed KSG25 to 12 rounds per tube
Changed Shotgun Expert to now cover bolt, pump, lever, semi- or fully automatic shotguns for most actions.
Changed SHotgun rig to "hunting rig" that can hold shogun shells or loose cased rounds
Added Large wasist pack and notated that all items are in a waist pack are considred to be stored in LBE gear
Cleared up some ambigious rules on sprayfire
Removed the marker shell
Added "Armor piercing Shell" a shotgun shell that functions like an Armor piercing bullet
Changed 7.63x25mm Mauser/7.62x25mm Tokarev stripper clips to 10 rounds(Thanks Roland)
Added martini Enfield (Roland Request!)
Added Enfield MKIII(The WW1 One)
Added mas-49(Roland Request!)
Added the MG 08/15(Roland Request!)
Added the Glock 20 33 rounder magaines
Changed some of the values for gunsmithing to make more sense, for range
Changed Coach gun sawn off to "Coach Cut"
Changed Single action so that all single action firearms, even those with cylinders, get the +1
Added Alchemy to the synergy list for earth and life sciences
Added The S&W 610 Revolver in both the 4 and 6 inch models
Added Inch indicators for all S&W revolvers(?)
Hearing protection protects against all saving throws, not just will, that cause deafening
Added the ablity to "slow down" someone who is in range with spears in spear specialist and Spear mastery
Added Fishing Kits and Snare kits, the fishing kits can be used with FISHES game
Made a slight change to Revolver expert to say that any firearm with a cylinder can be reloaded, TO capacity, for free
Potshots, fanning, slamfire, burst fire and double taps can no longer use called shot
Changed Lanyard to negate the mention that you need to drop to kneeling or prone to pick things up, and that it can't be taken more than 5' from the person/thing it's attached to if it's taken
Changed Disarm so that melee and ranged weapons are fairly similar in their function
Changed the Disclaimer and credits
Changed AKS-74u to 65' range
Added the added the subcompact sig P320 in .357 Sig(I think I forgot this one?)
Added the P250 Series of handguns, which is a DAO version of the P320(It came first, though, and is cheaper)
Added a kel-tec sub2000 that takes CZ75 mags and P320/P250 mags in both 9mm and .40
Added the 20 round magazine for the .45 Caliber Hi point(Thanks Redball!)
Changed the Colt 1917 to the M1917(Since S&W also made these)
Changed James read "Knuckle duster" to James reid "My friend" and allowed it to be used as brass knuckles
Added the .32 and .41 Rimfire James Reid "My friend" revolvers
Changed the Advanced combat sight to a 2 CP cost to aim
Changed the h&r single shot shotgun to the H&R topper trap gun
Changed Assault rifle's possible categories to 2nd - 9th for gunsmithing
Changed the Zastava M85 to take 5.56 AK mags
Changed the M1 and M1A1 thomson's ROF to M
Changed Heavy Attack to a 1 additional damage die instead of a +2 damage
Changed "Tactical Holder" to "tactical caddy"
Changed MG specialist to increase the Reflex saving throw of Autofire to TN20
Changed MG expert to allow a charcter to immediately suppressive fire instead of having to autofire beforehand
Reworded wounding radius so that only explosives that cause prone knocking will cause it furthermore
Gave the M590A1 a bayonet lug
Removed the Caltrop running penalty

Notated that you can't use stealth while attacking

Advanced Arms
6.12 to 6.13
Removed the XHP penalty for synths
Gave the extended caseless pistol a stealth negative
Gave Armored shell Synths a +3 XHP per level
Reduced Agile shell augmentation cost to 50%
Completely redid the Trade goods containers(Thanks Gary)
Added the Unit ammounts for liquid trade goods
Added NV values for trade goods
Clarified that synths are only immune to the healing subschool
Changed how repair pods, repairing spaceships, and repair supplies work
Added the "Devil" language for synths(OpenBSD)
Added a notion that you can indeed translate non synth languages into synth and vice versa, but it often fails in translation(To comedic effect)
Removed some of the Agumentation modules and placed them in core and Modern Magika
Added a change to Expert power form feat that only disallows use if the feat is a psi/plas blade requirement feat
Change SYnths so that they are only stunned by EMP, not completely disabled
Added two Licensed level Plasma rifles(Russian Request)
Reserve packs for plasarms can be taken a max of 4 times, and once for plasblades
Upped the price of reserve packs, for plasblades, to 20 WP
Swapped around the dominant and recessive traits. This is 100% cosmetic, but was necessary since, as per the rules, the recessive trait controlled the size.
Changed the emitters so they can be used to also remove the upgrades as well. Also noted that if you remove them the restrction rating can be lowered.
Gave the bots a "Clamp" Upgrade
Added information about plasma helmets and their use of coolant packs
Changed shaped and color emitter to not reuqure emitter slots
Removed the Countermeasure's ablity to force an additonal turn of wait before relock
Changed spinal lancing so that the higher end spinal lancing disallows the use of other arm or leg augmentations
Changed QUik Charge armor coolant packs to 1/4th reduction instead of half
Gave *Bots the ablity to "Fetch"
Swapped the Standard hilt and Curved Hilt Critical ranges
Lowered the Plasarm/lasarmm/elarm WP cost to half the total TN
Changed how tattoo spells and drawn spells work. Instead of it being a SP number, it is a limited amount of spells total, and how thely are lost are based on number instead of SP.
Changed MA5T to have the full auto mode
Changed Gel ammo to only work within the 1st range increment, and that the arms/legs also provide less lethal damage
Gave acid grenades and acid rounds a lingering effect
Gave cold ammuntion a CP reduction effect
Added the "Plasma parts kit" which is the same thing as a firearm's parts kit
Multiple typoes of aternate fire can no longer used called shots
Added the brawler's cut armor
Added lockout sensor upgrade

Changed pulsefire to 2 dice and +1 per 10 kW, to make it more attractive at higher wattages

Modern Magika

6.17 to 6.18
Changed Enchantment  abjuration so it no longer uses enchantment timing
Changed Evocation's, Transmutation, and Abjuraton's line area effect to three times
Changed Burst Radius's effect range to effect range from range
Made notes that someone using a magically enhanced weapon can decide when and when not to use the enhancement
Added some example spells(Thanks CG!)
Due to popular request, Goblins have been tweaked and added back in as a playable race. Thanks to help from Druin and Conscript Gary(!)
Increased Dragonbreed's CHP to Con + 3
Reworded Dragonbreed and Sslythen's natural melee weapons to work with feats.
Gave Desert elves the ability to chose Black powder proficiency or personal firearm proficiency, at level 1
Change Desert elves Recoil penalty to -2, but made it apply to all recoil weapons, not just non-BP guns
Gave "Pure" high elves the feat "Runic stylus" for free at 1st level
Changed Practiced stylus to a recessive trait
Changed the base stylus damage to Character level * d3
Changed stylus cost to use to 6 CP
Changed Fluid Jet to require 15 PP
Removed Psiblade's ablity to ignore non-magical slashing damage
Added the magical calculator module from AA, since it can be used with computers now
Swapped around the dominant and recessive traits. This is 100% cosmetic, but was necessary since, as per the rules, the recessive trait controlled the size.
Added Gems
Added the Breadbarian's mace
Removed Snail Doo
Capped Psyrunning to a maximum of 20', and required that it only be done with no or light armor, and while not encumbered
Swapped the Standard hilt and Curved Hilt Critical ranges
Changed how tattoo spells and drawn spells work. Instead of it being a SP number, it is a limited amount of spells total.
Changed Combat Psion in the following ways:
Increased their Occu. Skills from 1 to 2
Gave them an occupational feat:Combat Martial Arts, Evasive Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, Brawl, or Dodge
Changed Utility Psion in the following ways:
Added Telepathy as a possible skill for selection
Increased their occu. skills from 1 to 2
Gave them an occupational feat: Skill Focus (Telekinesis, Telepathy, or Psychometabolism)
Increased their starting wealth to : (3d4+1)×10 (Average 85)
Increased their biweekly wealth to : 16d4 (Average 40)
Changed Medical Spell Practioner in the following Ways:
Increased their occu. SKills from 1 to 3
Added Craft(Pharma or Alchemy) to their list of possible occu skills
Removed "healer" from possible feats
Added Conjuration to possible skill focus feats
Added a notion to Shadow Weapon that consumables are not generated
Changed Fire cantrip to just threathen catching on fire instead of specifying it's 1d6
Changed plastic shield to provide one-quarter cover in one direction.

Expanded on waterproof inks
Increased Ink vials to 16 reloads or 160 spells
Increased the disposable pen time penalty to 2x
Changed the tattoo ink to a single spell from SP
Lowered the cost of cotton paper book to 1 WP
Changed the cost of Vellum, Bonewood, and parchment books to 90% of the cost of loose leaf
Changed all the amounts of Vellum, Bonewood, and parchment books to 50
Increased blast paper to a +10'
Reduced the cost of Shadowstones to 5 WP
Moved around some enhancements for abjuration locks and traps and barriers, but no actual change to the rules
Changed quickpaper to work on any spell regardless of SP cost
Changed target paper to give a +3
Changed beacon paper from anyone or anything to everyone and everything
Increased fire damage for ether
Changed fire damage and length for petrol fires for the globe launcher
Added "Foil Globes" a way to shoot potions at people without causing slashing damage
Added type of weapons for percussion revolvers
Changed all Black powder weapons to "none" for restrictions
Added modern muzzleloaders and their projectiles
Added Powder pellets for muzzleloaders
Adamantine weapons now double the AP lost
Increased the time for some Incantation heirloom sights
Added information on gunsmithing black powder guns

Changed the Swordmaker to Rika Shinozaki

the books are available, as well as a big zip file with them all! Go and grab them!

Edit: This is my 200'th post! Hooray! Thanks for all your support!