Friday, November 22, 2013

Fixing of errors as usual

After reviewing Supply Drop 9, I found some errors, and some performance tweaking that had to be done.

The new version has been updated with the new tweaks and the typos fixed.

OH! And more more thing I forgot to note in the new changelogs. Armor Piercing ammunition has bee shifted around on how it works. Instead of just giving a flat bonus, it removes one die of ballistic, and gives two dice of piercing instead.

Monday, November 18, 2013


The Day has come to upload everything!

As par usual, I'll start with what got changed.

Ops and Tactics Core Rulebook

4E 1.14 to 1.15
Changed rules notion to note that the defender wins all ties on attacks.

Forgot to change this so that this is the case. The defender is the one that's supposed to get the break, not the attacker.

Changed Armor plates to give them more armor and more durability

This got changed because the steel and ceramic plates were entirely too weak. Titanium's right where it's supposed to be.

Increased pipe bomb damage by one die

More boom!

Changed all the Skill Feats from +2 to +4

This one came from a discussion with the current group I'm in, where these feats were straight up not worth it. They're definitely worth it now.

Changed Clockwork Action from 35 to 17 WP
Changed Precision Upgrade from 55 to 25 WP

These things were entirely too expensive to be worth anything, so I droped the cost down to make them more viable.

Why buy the upgrade at 55, when you can buy 2-3 good handguns instead?

Ops and Tactics Armory

Minor Error Fixes

Minor Changes to the Gunsmithing rules

Nothing special, doesn't really change much here.

Ops and Tactics: Modern Magika

Added Zen Mind Feat

This feat allows you to increase your total ML. It is a definite must and I can't belive I forgot to put it in.

Increased Spell focus from +1 to +3

Spell Focus was entirely too weak to be taken(C'mon, a +1 for a feat for MAGIC?!), so it got upped!

Now it's time for new stuff, and the supply drops!

Okay! First off I completely changed psionics so it's more modular and building and not just "Hurr I use saber" where you just stack points and can't do anything until you hit that level. It's much more useable on it's own. At least I think so.

Supply Drop 8 puts in a bunch of drugs, narcotics, and fun and funky things that you can have fun with. This one was written by Boots mostly, not me. I just helped with the rules, and I accredit it to him.

Supply Drop 9 is Incanters, casters who use language to do crazy awesome thigns with shadows, like summon little shadowpuppets and things like that

One more thing. Also credited to Boots is the new text file character sheet that is VERY useful for online games and even non-online games(As it uses less ink than a regular character sheet). It was his idea, and all credit goes to him. I just cleaned it up.

As always, feel free to read, and be sure to send your sudgestions to the email! at

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finish the Supply Drops and a beginning a rewrite

So I finally finished a collaboration with Boots, and both supply drops are finished, but I'm going to hold off on doing them until I correct something I did before and I didn't like it after further review.

I'm going to rewrite Supply Drop 7(That's the psionics book for those who don't know them by heart), so that it's more modular and feels more like actual psions, rather than an excuse to play jedi with their psiblades. 

I'm also updating armory(Formatting issues), Modern magika(Feat changes), and Core(Feat changes) at the same time, so look for them all to get a big update soon!

Then I may get started on SD 10, which will contain some futuristic/theoretical things like plasma rifles, power armor, and things of that nature.

That's a big may, though.

That's all for now!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still writing!

Just a quick update on what's comming through the pipeline. I've been hit with the creative spirit again, and thus I'm going to be releasing two more supply drops. One that focuses on the narcotic elements in Oats, and the other that focues on Invokers, Charisma based Casters that use words to do a-many wonderful things.

Look for them soon!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Okay! So I have finally finished updating all of the books with the new, more readable font, as well as some changes that have been made due to game-play issues, as well as release Volume 7 of the Supply drops, that deals with Psions.

Psions as a whole are a bit of the opposite of Mages. They use mental limit for their abilities, and while their abliltes are not as strong as magic, they do have unlimited use of them.

Psions also generally weild a psiblade, a rather nasty weapon when it's used properly. But don't just read this summary, go download it and read it for yourself!

Changelogs are below

Core Rulebook 4e 1.13 to 1.14
Changed Doge to give a +3 bonus instead of a +1

It was never used enough to justify it being a +1. Put simply, there were better feats for it and it was kind of a newbie trap. it is no longer as such.

Change Vehicle Dodge to give a +4 bonus instead of a +1

See Above

Corrected error in Synthetic stock

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Corrected Autofire expert to read correctly, Autofire Mastery

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Removed the 5% ER from JHP ammo

This one came from a quick talk with a shooter friend of mine. There is no real reason for any modern firearm to have an issue feeding hollowpoints, and even if it does, there are rounds such as pow-r-ball that simulate FMJ perfectly, and allow for good feeding.

Corrected the Minor mistake in blind sense
Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay

Fixed multiple notions of speed

Minor Error, didn't effect gameplay
Added General Purpose Macine gunnner and Explosive Weapon Proficency feats, and removed notion of 
exotic firearms proficency for GPGMs, Rocket launchers, and grenade launchers

This one was due to a realization that if you wanted to use a grenade launcher, you had to go through Autofire proficiency to access the Exotic weapons Proficiency(Which makes no freaking sense). The two feats are now much more accessible

Changed Main font to Palatino Linotype


Removed Table of Contents

It was never used. It was only there because one guy way back in Beta was printing my work, and it was more of a hassle to keep up. So it got deleted.

Minor error fixes.
Changed Main font to Palatino Linotype
Increased Hi point Error range
These thigns do go bang, but they suck. I'm speaking from expirence.
Increased Raven Arms MP-25 Error range
See Above
Changed the S&W Sigma to the SD9
Meet the new budget handgun, only slightly different than the old budget handgun.
Added the Waffen Wekrs AK 74
It's a Semi Auto AK 74. I didn't realize these were made, for so cheap, until a week ago. As such, it's added!

So, go download all the new versions. Everything has been updated. and Enjoy! I'm off to take a break before I start on the novel, since noone's emailed me about Motor Pool yet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Regards to the Poll

So! The fans I have have voted.

You guys want Motor Pool. This is normally the part where I talk about how awesome motorpool will be to write, but I've got to come clean. I have no idea how to start this book. I don't know all that much about cars, and even less about military hardware and equipment.

So, I'm going to need your help. I need you all to email me what you want to see in Motorpool. Features, Vehicles, the works. Anything you want, so I can have a starting point.

The email is

Here's the kicker: If I don't receive a single Email, I'm not writing it.

So start up Outlook and Thunderbird, and write what you want!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Supply Drop, and formatting changes!

I finished another secret project I've been working on for awhile. The supply drop for psionics. I'm also changing the major font of All ops and tactics books, so look out for that. I'll release the new supply drop with the new font, when I update them.

And then I'm considering myself done with the rules, and I'm going to start flushing out the world. Maybe with a big ass fluff book, maybe with a novel. Not sure yet.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Supply Drops!

After Hammering out abit, I decided to release two supply drops that I've been working on, Volume 5 and 6.

Volume 5 is all about magical, one of a kind artifacts, for the magical word, that bend magic in some kind of twisted way.

Volume 6 is about homemade weapons and an added, useful feat, for hobbyist.

Both shoould be fun to play out! ENJOY!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

50 GI ungimping

Very minor change, and some update news!

First, the updates. In Supply Drop Vol 1, I changed the 50 GI round from 5d3+1 to 6d3+2

It was too weak.

Also! I'm writing two supply drops at the same time! Both are gonna be a blast! I promise or your money back!

Monday, May 13, 2013


I haven't died yet! So! New updates for MM, Core, and Armory.

I'll do these one at a time, using the Changelogs

Core Rulebook

4e 1.12 to 1.13
>Added The Security Occupational notes, and input forgtton LBE gear

This is just forgotten information that I forgot to input when I included the security occupation, and I just straight up missed the LBE gear. It has been added.

>Reduced the cost of a Supressor from 10 to 7 per level

I did this because suppressors were prohibitively expensive, and the restricted license doesn't help too much either.

>Changed the Standard laser sight to give a +2 to all potshot attacks

This was done because these are what these lasers are for. They're for quick shooting, when you can't use your sights, and you need to point a laser at a target and give a quick shot. I can't believe I missed this.

Modern Magika

>Changed Shield Warrior Requirements to the correct Simple Weapon Specialist

Simple typo. Nothing big.

>Fixed the time chart to include the 6-7 notion

See above. An oversite.

>Removed the Add CP Transmuatiton Spell

This one came from a currently running playtest. It's straight up too powerful. Even being able to increase the CP by one point throws off the entire(And from what I found, rather delicate), Action balance.

>Removed The Add Defense score Abjuration Spell

This one got removed because of the same playtest, but a different reason: I couldn't hit the players. And then it hit me that the entire point of Ops and Tactics isn't about increasing your defense, it's about putting walls in front of your Core HP. it's about DR. That's why the Armor doesn't cale.

>Changed Enchantment so that you can only spend half the points you have for all the secondary schools

Again, playtest. This got changed because being able to use all your Points really eliminates the point of even using the secondary school outside of Enchantment.

>Changed Potent spell ink to Licensed and master spell ink to restricted

Playtest. This was required cause that shit is dangerous, yo.

>Cut time for Enchantment spells to last in half

This one was my own doing. I felt the enchantments were lasting waaaay too long.


Minor error fixes.

Well there you have it. Also, Motor Pool has taken a full stop, since I'm still trying to figgure out some good vehicle and squad combat. 

Harder than it sounds.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A trivial update.

After running a game, I noticed that it's probally a good idea to update Rules and Ammo Reference sheet could use an injecion of the firearm upgrades as well.

So I added it.

ALSO! Any discresepencies in Rules and Ammo refernce chart take presidence over the core rulebook. They're rules I just havnen't had a chance to release yet, but I will.

Download today!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Minor addition

Uploaded 1.12 of Core Rulebook after adding the "Security" occupation, and I fixed some minor issues with Supply Drop Vol 2, as well as added some things I missed in my notes.

Special Request

I'm adding a little special request by one of my players, and uploading it for all those who think they may want to use it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Another minor change

There was a little minor issue with modern Magika, so I uploaded the correct version.

The issue was with Enchantment. It was entirely too easy to permanency things  thereby casting Enchantment as a "Behind the scenes" magic, that was done in off time, permanented  and used to over power any opposition with highly enchanted objects.

As such, it's been raised, and as such, has made Enchanted items much more..desirable and rare.

I also upped the mental limit as it was too small to be of any real use to a pure magic user.

It's been updated and changed, and expect more changes as my playtest goes on!

Update time!

Alright, so during a playtest and such, we came into a few issues with the system, mostly minor, some not. Big Thanks to Druin, Hospes, and Sparrow for helping me find these things. Changelogs are below for each system.

Core Rulebook Changelog

4e 1.10 to 1.11
Corrected more minor errors
Changed Dilletant starting and biweekly WP from 24d4 and 12d4 to 14d4 and 7d4
Changed Celebrity starting and biwekely WP from 16d4 and 8d4 to 12d4 and 6d4
Added a feat nerf for Dilletante, so that they get one less starting feat
Removed the requirement requiring a single rank in drive to drive a car
Fixed notion in the feats for the armor profiencies of armor penalties applying to attack rolls as well
Changed multiplication rules

Modern Magika Changelog

Changed Enchantment melee upgrade from 1 wp per SP to 2 wp per SP
Fixed notion of "light duty vest" to "Riot Vest"
Added the cartrige spell inks and the cartrige cost
Changed the Conjuration healing base enchantment Dice value and from 3 sp to 2 sp and dice number from 4 sp +2 sp to 3 sp +1
Added reflex save to burst and cone attacks for Evocation
Changed Daisho master feat to grant a bonus +3 for both swords
Changed Daisho user to grant a +2 Bonus for the bastard sword
Added the craft structural chart for the new melee weapons
Changed Enchantign so that only one subschool of evocation may be used, and added chemical irritants, and flamethrowers to the unenchantable list
Changed Shield Warrior so that Two weapon fighging feats aren't needed, and reduced the bonus from 4 to 3
Changed Permanency so that it increases the base cost of every other spell used by 6

Armory Changelog

Changed "Unarmed" notions in the new ammunitions to "unarmored"
Added .44 magnum SJHP, Wadcutter, and Semi Wadcutter ammo

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Special Request: Rules and Ammo

So, without realizing it, I wrote a fuckton of variant rules and new ammunition types and other fun toys for my players to play with, spread out of a bunch of books.

Rules and Ammo is nothing new, just a combnation of all of the variant rules, for a easy reference, as well as every cased, shelled, and grenade ammo available in the Ops and Tactics game. It's more a reference book than anything else.

Enjoy and download!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Link List issues

So blogger is having an issue, so I will post the new link below.

When it's fixed, I'll fix it

Minor update to the core rulebook

I missed a few changes, and forgot to put in the Quiver as a normal usable item, as well as fixing some minor conflictions and missed corrections.

Alas, it's up!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Supply Drop Number FOUR!

The fourth Supply Drop is available for download. This one deals with the meat of "Restricted" firearms, as well as gives more choices for Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns.

It also introduces another variant rule that talks about over-penetration and watching your crossfire with firearms

One of these days, I'm going to have a supply drop with nothing but all the Variant Rules I've composed...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What to do next?

With the completion of Modern Magika, I've run into a little problem: I don't know what to write next, if I should even write anything next. As of current, I have a few ideas for some one-off supply drops.

But this post isn't about that. This post is about helping me pick what to write next.

So gentlemen, what should I write next? If you have any suggestions, please send an email to

Who knows, I may pick what you sudgest!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Modern Magika is Done

Finished. Done. Posted.

Modern Magika is finished and done. It's available for download in the download section.

Modern Magica is just what it sounds like: Magic in the modern world, made to blend seamlessly with the Ops and Tactics Rulebook and universe.

Also, a unexpected addon! For those who hate the amount of guns of Ops and Tactics, there is a new supply drop for you all! Read and enjoy!

I never know what to say in these, so I'm ending it early. READ AND BE MERRY!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A long dead spike shall be interrupted!

Okay! So I am finally finished with the text of Modern Magika. Expect it soon by the end of next week.

Also! A little note for those who hate the fact that there are so many guns: I wrote a supply drop, just for you all.

I can't wait to see the feedback on the labor of my fingertips, and as always, you know how to get to me.

As always, there will be an update to the Core Rulebook to make transitioning to Modern Magika a tiny bit easier, so look for that as well.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Way overdue for an update

First off, I want to start off with my usual words: I'm Still working on it.

Between the Holidays, starting school, and my job, I've been neglecting this poor little blog.

But, first and foremost. I found my focus and I'm currently writing now. Modern Magika is starting to take shape, I've for the most part finished the base races, and there are possibilities for little updates to include more variants of races.

Secondly, The magic system is done and solidified.

Also! I'm solicitizing advice! If you have anything you want to see in Modern Magika, just send me an Email.!