Thursday, March 5, 2020

Another Book Push just before my game!

once again, my great editors found a few more errors so I decided to just increment new versions for AA and MM and post another ghost edit for Core

Below are the changelogs, and I Should be leaving the books alone for a little while. But we'll see.

So, yeah.

As usual, below are the changelogs!


(Ghost Edit) Notated that a chainsaw can not accept contact upgrades

Advanced Arms

6.18 to 6.19
Changed Microwire chainsaws so they can't accept upgrades on their contacts
Increased Rebreather's time to 4 hours

Reduced Emergency Air mask's time to 3 hours

Modern Magika

6.25 to 6.26
Corrected bandage toss premade spell
Made a note that ranged attacks in spells use the "Ranged attack roll" and "Thrown explosive" rules for hitting and missing

Clarified what some of the very important terms are for a lot of the magics.

As usual, email me at, or post here! I try to answer these emails as fast as possible!

And feel free to grab them!

Monday, March 2, 2020

More ghost edits to fix more things

More ghost edits as the players keep finding small errors

Also, BOTH FIGs were changed as well, so if you have those it's probaby best to download the full stack again.

Most of the ghost edits were minor spelling/notation, but I did change how a variant rule works, the overpen annd missed shots, works, against AP and armor, and overpening cover.

AA also got updated but it's mostly minor notations and things of that notion. Not game breaking in the slightest.

They're updated, go grab em!