Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A legitimate update to what the hell i've been doing.

Greetings Fellow Ops players!

I wanted to give you guys (All three of you) that read this blog just on what the hell i've been doing with little to no updates.

Currently, I'm working on all the books but I'm pretty much about done with any major edits, fixes, and other corrections. I'm wrapping up a variant rule by Gary, and I'm going to work on reviving the old Resident Evil (2) module I mothballed seven years ago, making it updated for the current version.

There will be a lot of new goodies coming in with this release, but not in their usual "I added a bunch of guns" form.

For a taste test, I'll post the current changelog for the Core rulebook below.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me. We also have a discord, email me and I'll send it to you to join so you too can directly complain at me about what I'm doing wrong! :D

Changelog is below!

Core Rulebook:
6.23 to 6.24
Corrected Errors with formatting
Changed the Repair armor Craft structural benefit to 1d4+2 AP per check
Lowered the requirement to receive defense from moving from 30 to 20 feet.
Fixed all of the 5.7 to -3
Corrected GLock 18's Stealth rating to match glock 17
Added the P-96M and P-96S Handguns(Russian Request)
Added "Standard" tactical flashlight, which cost 2 WP less
Changed the SMG and MG quotes
Added Rifle Tranq gun
Added Yeasaul revolver
Moved the HK USP compacts to full size with a bonus to stealth
added the HK P30 (Missed This one)
Added the HK VP9 (And this one. Hmn)
Added the RPK15
Added AEK0906 in 9x18mm Makarov
Added the "Thor"
Fixed all of the HK magazine compatibilities  for handguns(Thank you Timeshares)
Changed Extended barrel so that extending the barrel turns a SMG into a Carbine rifle
Removed the notion that shortening a SMG using a SBR upgrade turns it into a carbine
Removed all HK "Carbine" MP5s/USPs.
Changed "Down to the nub" to "Compact Cut"
Changed "Nebraska cut" to "Pistol Cut"
Updated gunsmithing to allow for single and double shot rifles, in the assault/target, carbine, and AMR varieties
Removed the Waffen Werks AK 74
Added the Valmet Model 412
Condensed the Rem Model 7600
Added the 6P62(Russian Request)
Removed the notion in concealment that at 50% concealment you have to "Guess" the player/target's location
Added the Groza
Added the XM8
Added and more expanded on what buying and owning a house gets you
Added notes for giving and purchasing vehicles and houses at charactergen
Changed the ammunition "upgrades" to modifications that can be purchased with the ammo
"Subsonic" has been changed to "Low pressure" and it now provides a -1 damage and reduces recoil by 1 per damage dice@
"High pressure"(A poor simulation of +P ammo), grants a +1 damage and +1 recoil and has been added
Overpressure is now "Over Pressure" and provides a +2 damage and +2 recoil per damage dice. It also blows up when the gun jams at all, not just on a 3, unless otherwise noted.
Changed the Carrying Capacity so that it now works in the following way
Less than Carrying Capacity is not encumbered
Between 1x and 2x Carrying capacity is medium encumbered
between 2x and 3x carry capacity is heavy encumbered
More than 3x is Over encumbered
Changed the Menacing feat to say "Add their CON mod" to intimidate
Changed AA12's stock to permanent buffer stock
Changed a lot of weapons that weigh more than 25 lbs to Huge sized
Added Halbeard to the spear feats
Added the S&W 940 DAO revolver
Added the weights back to kits that were missing weights
Gave Riot armor 3/Bl, Unarmed
Changed Brass knuckles damage from Bludgoning to Unarmed
Changed Wrist wraps damage from Bludgoning to Unarmed
Removed Disposable cameras
Lowered price of Commercial cameras
Lowered price of Professional cameras
Added basic and high end Phones and Tablets
Added a rewrite of the Technology Use Skill, that was written by Boots and Conscript Gary
Added "Breakdown" upgrade that allows people to re-eigneer a firearm that can be broken down into two pieces
Changed limb protectors to also include the hands/feet of the selected limb.
Changed Autofire mastery feat so that instead of giving a bonus it actually reduces the base CRP
Added the TN for the animal to actually perform said trick
Changed how AP works. instead of it just automatically removing the -1 Damage dice, that is removed and replaced with Piercing dice only if the target is armored. Shooting an unarmored target with AP basically makes it work like FMJ.
Added Snack Food. It was a requirement.
Shifted the weight around of a lot of foods to be matching.
Changed the following feats: Autofire Prof, Slamfire Prof, Fanning Prof, Double tap Prof, Burst fire Prof, Slamfire expert, and Fanning expert to reduce the recoil of the attack in some way, by either changing the actual recoil of the attack, or reducing it, instead of a flat attack bonus
Increase toughness's CHP bonus to +2
Capped the defense bonus to movement to +15 defense
Added Soft points to Light rifle
Changed the carrying cap of some trucks
increase semi wadcutter's ER to 20%
Increased SJSP and SJHP 's ER to 15%
Increased SUrplus's ER to 30%
Added the upgrade "Fortified frame" that allows a user to fortify a firearm to take Overpressure ammunition., at the cost of making the fireramr 10% heavier
Added the ability to reload ammo to any load
Increased Crossbow damage
Changed Rifle expert to once per turn for the benefits
Changed Pistol expert's burst fire ablity to once per turn.
Changed Revolver expert's ablity to reload more than once
Changed Motorcycle suit to to protect against feet and hands
Removed Doublefire Proficency feat
Changed Bows so that only the recurve gives bonuses to damage based on str, and has a hard cap of +6 extra damage.
Changed Tightened drawstring's bonus to only work for recurve bows and crossbows, and reduced the power from 2.0 to 1.5
Changed Molle magazines to allow to hold shotgun mags with 10 rouneds or less
Changed Shoulder holster to allow the holding of shotgun magazines
Changed Tactical holder to allow to hold a shotgun magazine
Changed magazine caddy to allow the holding of shotgun magazines.
Remove the extra rail requirement to take frame slots
Notated that the Magazine foregrip needs to actually be gripped by the user to take benefit
Change Pintle to reduce the recoil by 6 instead of granting a +6 Bonus

Thursday, February 7, 2019

I'm still working!

Sorry! I always neglect this blog, I need to stop that

I'm working on the next update/release. Iv'e also given myself and Craft until July 1st of this year to be ABSOLOUTELY DONE With the books so we can start wiritng storyline and real fun shit

Stuff's getting done. Expect a fresh hot release some time in March? But definitely in June.