Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1.1 Update

Added the following few things I forgot.

2nd Edition to 2nd edition 1.1
Added Frangible shotgun shells
Added Rock salt Shotgun shell
Added Roman Slug Shotgun shell
Added Marker shotgun shell(Glitter, in a shotgun shell)
Added Custom Fitting Upgrade
Added Concealment Case

Small Appoligies

I found a large stack of notes I wrote and forgot about, and I will be adding more to the Current 2e. As such, the link will be removed, and I will be disregarding that version.

Sorry all!

Second Edition's out!

When writing Curio and Relic, and doing the research, I saw all of the ways and breakdowns of a good "Past" system, and the problems with attempting to write one.

So I didn't write that.

What I did do is keep all the guns I had been working on with Curio and Relic, and the rules that went with them. And like always, no fluff, so it's quite possible to just make a curio and relic game, with a little work and know how.

And the Any Other weapon update is included in 2e.

Changelog below!

Added Birdshot rules
Added Non-lethal rules
Changed 1886 load from 5 to 4
Changed Remington 870 Tactical to Remington Express tactial
Changed Taser to Taser C2
Added X26 Taser
Added Incendary Ammunition
Changed Some Frangible ammo
Added Match barrel Upgrade
Added Slug Barrel Upgrade
Added Choked Barrel Upgrade
Added SHortened barrel upgrade
Added Paintball Markers and Ammo
Added Taser Ammunition
Added Bear Fogger
Added Injection Knife
Added Riot Shield
Added Entry Shield
Added FLechette Shell Ammo
Added Fanning Rules
Added Supressive Fire Rules
Added Slam Shot
Added Slamfire Upgrade
Added Autofire Upgrade(Better upgrade, allows you to fire in semi and auto)
Added Burst Fire Upgrade
Added Favored Type Feat
Added Favored Caliber Feat
Changed Defensive martial arts to Evasive martial arts
Added Unarmed Combat Specalist Feat
Added Slamfire Feat
Added Fanning Feat
Added Grenade
Added Reflexive Martial Arts Feat
Added Improved Reflexive martial Arts feat
Added Axe martial arts feat
Added Axe Specalist Feat
Added Axe Mastery feat
Shifted around Archiac weapons, adding more and splitting the categories\
Added Sabers
Added Cutlass
Added Staff martial arts feat
Added Staff Specalist Feat
Added Staff Mastery feat
Added Spear martial arts feat
Added Spear Specalist Feat
Added Spear Mastery feat
Added Fencing martial arts feat
Added Fencing Specalist Feat
Added Fencing Mastery feat
Added Sword martial arts feat
Added Sword Specalist Feat
Added Sword Mastery feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Martial arts Feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Specalist Feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Mastery feat
Added Provisions for changing occupations
Changed Called shot pealties
Added Double Bowman Feat
1st Edition to 1st Edition Version 1.1
Fixed spelling errors, minor errors in text
Changed Weapon Foucus to a +3
Chaged Unarmed strikes so that they're touch attacks
Added provisions for Open Bolt guns
Added Louseville Specialist Feat
Added Knife martial arts feat
Added Top Off Feat
Added Ability Modifiers formula.
Added Black Powder Firearms Proficency Feat.
Added Curio and Relic Level Firearms
Added More Modern Firearms(Too many to list)
Added CS Shell
Changed how grenades work(You can't dodge them, but you do get a round to move the fuck out the way)
Changed thrown weapon deviaton
Added Helmets
Added Toyota Hylux
Changed level Cap from 8 to 10
Changed Defensive Martial arts feat to give DR
Added Improved Defensive Martal Arts Feat
Changed Charismatic Hero's special ability