Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just like always, I spot an error right after I finish

So, Minor little error I made with 1.03, and it has been fixed with 1.04, which is over for download

Many appoligies, and have a good read!

1.03, in preparation for Armory!

I just finished a little update with 4e, so I can post Armory(When it's done) without any serious conflicting rules, or problems. The only real change is the ammount of Feats, and the JSP/JHP

Changelog below!

4e 1.02 to 1.03
Changed JHP to have no penalty aginst armored targets
Reduced Feat tree from 2 per level to 1 per level
Removed the large list of military equipment in the GM area
Removed Ordanaries
Modified the Gamble Check for Poker
Changed Supressive fire to automatically do damage, and cause some morale damage
Changed L85's Error range to be more like it's real life counterpart, and changed it to the L85A1
Added Unnerved and rattled to the status effects