Saturday, September 23, 2017


HEY! It's release day!

You thought I was done? NOPE STILL WRITING!

Changelog is below!

As always, you can download from here, or the website,

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6.09 to 6.10
Changed the EXP calculations, in both increased the EXP and changed it so that when you hit a level, your EXP returns to zero, and you have to earn UP TO the next level.
More fleshed out how one rolls a character and put more pertest information in the first chapter
Changed sunder so that it's just a normal melee attack
Further Clarified Two Weapon Fighting
Added actual rules for concealment
Moved around Combat so that it's somewhat easier to read.
Added the explosion rules to combat.
Changed 5.8 Chinese to 5d4, making the recoil -5
Clarified tactical deraw and quick draw attack
Removed Trained only from Craft(Structural, Mechanical and Electrical), and disable device
added MK-18 Mod 1 Mjolinr
Increased the burst radius of a lot of thrown grenades by 5'

Increased burst radius of some fired grenades by 5'


6.06 to 6.07
Changed Desert elves so they recieve more feats
Changed Forest Elves so their reduction is now -10 Mental limit instoead of -15
Change the 2nd feat forest elves receive
Added more notions about Shift terrain in Transmutation
Changed Dwarves Feat setup
Changed Range for Spellcasting(Specifically Magic and Incantations) so that it is now a range INCREMENT, and not just standard range.
Chanaged Transmuting weapons so that you are considered proficient with the weapon you transmute inately.
Added more Magical artifacts
    Including JM's "hats"

Added magic to the Character sheets, so it's a full character sheet now.
Clarified Container enchant so it works with "uses" and/or "Timed" enchantments
Added the action to destroy paper.


Increased the grenade burst radius


Increased the grenade burst radius

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project isn't dead

Not dead! Still writing!

Just wanted to give an update. I'm almost done with the base framework of kandai, and Craft is chugging along with the monsters of Kandai.

It's looking good so far, I'm probably goign to move into writing the races and their history next, then the factions, and go back and add a bunch of minor things to the planets and territories again.