Monday, December 23, 2019

Light push before chrismas

Enjoy the holidays!

Core rulebook
6.31 to 6.32
Changed The Machine gun feat tree so that GPMG feat isn't required for Close combat MG or MG reloader
Added some of the reloadable ammo types to overpen rules
Changed "Pulling objects out of bags, pockets, or pouches" to allow for a character to pick out 2d4 objects, or 1 object exactly

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

No respect for release schedules!

Had to push some updates again!

Core rulebook got some spelling fixes

The rest are below

Advanced Arms

6.16 to 6.17

Reduced the Servo weight armor upgrade to 5.0 lb

Modern Magika
6.21 to 6.22
Gave alchemist occupation transmutation as an occupational skill

Clarified Kobold and Goblin strenght calculations to also include their small stature

Also, added another gun to SALT 2, the Taurus TX22.

Oh! And the FIGs were updated for errors as well.

Also, due to some changes in dropbox that are going to start affecting me pretty soon, I may switch to another hosting provide. I'm looking at google drive but I'll take anything free that doesn't suck. Let me know!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

More updates and fixes

These are really minor spelling issues, so it's not worth a real update

I fixed some spelling issues in Core, Modern Magika, and I had to change a few things around with the life card and the ideal conceal in SALT 2, so all of those are updated

Craft also updated FIGs 1 and 2 as there were some errors with the longsword and a particular armor vest.

So it's all been pushed. Grab it now!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Ghost Edit to Modern Magika

Just a little change

(Ghost edit) Changed Transmutation's Poison effect for neurotoxin, and removed the fact that it grows with ranks.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Download to the right! Changelogs are below, and boy is it a big list

In addition to the giant list of new things, there's a new SALT pack out with some more guns for your shooting pleasure!

Will report soon on what's next to grab!

Core Rulebook

6.30 to 6.31
Clarified the Error range checking
Fixed electrical grounding
Fixed an issue with hemostats and "lasting longer"
Fixed a typo with poisons
Added 9x23 STeyr stripper clips
Added 25 rounder Uzi magazines(For SALT 2)
Credited Conscript Gary for Gridless combat
Added a new variant rule: Serious hit and glancing hit
Changed around combat so that it reads slightly better
Changed Distance rifle specialist feat to remove the -4 penalty with optics
Changed sling steady feat to only work with single shot attacks
Changed Weapon focus to weapon expertise, changed the bonus to a +2, and gave it a -1 CP reduction. Also, remove the ablity for GMs to decide if "similar" weapons are allowed. ALso, notated that the attack bonus or CP reduction doesn't stack with any other feats that give a CP reduction or attack bonus.
Clarified Favorer type
Changed Explosives listing to include wounding radius
Changed .454 Casull to 3d6+5
Modified some descriptions for melee weapons
Lowered the Stoner 63A commando's range to 80'
Reduced the error range slamfire moddification gives you to 5% error range
Changed how purchasing mastercraft objects works, granting a bit more access to +1 and +2 masatercraft objects, as well as gave GMs more room to do fun things with mastercraft objects
Changed wounding radius to 5' per 5'
Added tranqulizer darts for purchase
Changed Removeable choke barrel so that it instead gives a -15 penalty to attack instead of damaging the shotgun(??? Why did I do that?), and removed the note that only certain kinds of cylinders can fire anything other than buck or bird shot. Also, gave all cylinders but the cylinder and improved cylinder choke a -2 with all other types of ammo. Gave the Improved cylinder choke a -1 with all other kinds of ammo
Removed Weapon Finesse Feat
Changed evasive martial arts feat to a dodge bonus instead of an AGl bonus
Changed Forgiving damage feat to a dodge bonus instead of an AGl bonus
Increased elusive target to -4 penalty
Changed Cutlass to 3d3
Gave Rapier a 10' reach
Changed Whip chain to medium size and increased damage to 2d6
Changed weighted chain to 3d8
Increased Garrote's bonus to +10
Increase the Sai and Jitte's bonus to +6
Removed the autofire profiency from Exotic firerams proficency feat
Added the stab vest plate
Cleaned up AGI/AGL language to be correct
Changed "Choked barrel" to give a +3 to birdshot, a +1 to buckshot, and a -2 to all other types of ammo
Cleaned up the wording for the instructor feat and upped the benefit to 1/2 of the skill
Changed Buttpadd to -1 CRP
Changed speedfeed stock to allow it to hold 6 SHells
Changed compact cut to alos inclue lever and bolt action shotguns with internal magazines
Gave a 2 CP cost for unfolding the burgess folding shotgun
Changed around a lot of the colt single action revolvesr, split some up into "Industrial backup guns" and gave some a +1/+2 to stealth based on size
Swapped around all of the artilery modesl with Calvary models and vice versa, when necissary
Changed how hunger and thirst work, introducing two new status effects
Reduced HK11e's range to 80 feet, to match the HK21
Removed the linked ammo notification for HK11 and HK 13
Added the Remington 1899 and 1894 Side by side 10 gauge shotguns to inddustrial shotguns
Reduced the CP cost to trip down to 5 CP.
Changed armor in the following ways:
Limb Protectors can be installed on the same or LOWER level of armor. Got this mixed up.
Heavy limb protectors now grant 40 AP and increase the weight by 20%
Medium limb protectors now grant 20 AP and increase the weight by 15%
Light Limb protectors  now grant 5 AP and increase the weight by 5%
Increased the Special Response vest Equipment bonus to +5 and increased it's AP to 108
Increased the Forced Entry unit Equipment bonus to +5 and increased it's AP to 147
Increased the corrections vest AP to 90 and changed it to tacital armor
Decreased the Concealable vest and concealable fight vest's CP to move to -1
Increased the Light Duty vest's AP to 60 and reduced it's weight by 2 lbs.
Increased the Flak Vest's AP to 21
Gave the steel combat helmet 2\slashing DR
Changed Armor mastery feat to round down, not up.
Increased cost of Benelli Supernova to 25 WP
Added a caveat with Perception so that the distance modifier only kicks in after 100 feet
Gave longswords the ablity to cause piercing or slashing damage
Changed parrying dagger to piercing damage
Added flares for the flaregun for purchase(1 WP for 12)
Added flamethrower fuel canister (1 for 1 WP)
Reduced the price for tracer rounds in the following levels:
Intermediate rimless, 100 per 1 WP
Heavy Rimless, 50 per 1 WP
Light Rimmed, 50 per 1 WP
Heavy Rimmed, 50 per 1 WP
Light rifle, 40 per 1 WP
Intermediate rifle, 40 per 1 WP
Added the Beretta 81 and the 82
Changed all the Berettas to the FS models
Changed the beretta 86 to the 85(Non-tip up barrel)
Changed Over Pressure's damage increase to +3
Changed fortified frame to also remove the error range that comes with OP rounds as well
Changed Favored caliber's attack bonus to +2 and reduced it's recoil reducing powers to 25%, but rounded up
Clarified Foam slug's damage
Added shotgun feats to Rifle clubber
Changed Treat injury so that CHP always heals first
Added 35 round magazines for the EVO-3(For SALT 2)
Changed Linguistics to work basedd off of modofiers, not ranks

Removed the notion that you need to have at least 8 CP after initiative wagering.

Modern Magika
6.20 to 6.21
Changed all notions of Weapon Focus to Weapon Expertise
Fixed some issues with wording for Magic
There was some confusion with the "per previous" vs "Per" where it would compound and grow exponentionally. I removed all aspect of per previous to make the increases linear
Increased Rope dagger range to 20 feet.
Added Acid to evokalloys and elemetals
Changed Black powder specialist to reduce error range by 5%
Added the Black Powder Expert Feat
Removed "ink" from paints and inks for the globe launcher payloads
Wood isn't a non-porous substance unless it's varnished. Changed
Changed Spellbook pouch to hold a full size spellbook and not just 50 pages
Changed the height of goblins and dwarves
Changed Evocation(Concussive)'s cantrip to allowing it to give a wounding radius
Added Island Elves. (Psion focused elves!)
Added Plateau Dwarves (Southwestern Native american dwarves!)
Gave Concussive dragon breath a 1d2+1 stunned effect
Changed armor in the following ways:
Increased Chain Leather jacket's  AP to 120 and changed it's CP loss to 0, and changed it to Impromptu, and gave it pockets
Gave the swordsman's vest 2\Ballistic
Changed ARmorplate's CP loss to 3
Increased Dragonskin's Equipment bonus to +6 and increased it's AP to 98
Removed Quilted Vest
Changed Padded Vest turned into Gambeson and given 3 Bludgonging DR, and increased the AP to 30
Increased silk vest to 3/Ba and increased the AP to 12, annd increased it's Cost to 15 WP
Gave Leather Vest 4 slashing and increased it's AP to 36
Increased Linothrax dr to 5 piercing and increased it's AP to 40
Increased Copper scaled linothorax to 6 piercing and increased it's AP to 56
Removed Bludgonging from chain shirt, increased it's Slashing DR to 6, and it's AP to 80
Changed armored coat to Brigandine
Increased chainmail's Slashing DR to 7 and reduced it's weight to 15 lbs
Changed Bronze Chestplate's Bludgonging DR to 1 and increased it's AP tpo 75
Change Breastplate's Slashing DR to 9, it's percing DR to 5, and it's bludgoning DR to 2, and increased it's AP to 90
Changed Scalemail's  Bludgoning to 5 DR and it's ballistic to 1, and increased it's AP to 80
Changed Splint Mail's Slashing DR to 7 and it's AP to 110
Increased Full Plate's Piercing DR to 8, it's Ballistic to 3, and it's AP to 240 and changed it's max agl to +0
Changed all the shields from dodge bonus to equipment bonus
Changed the plastic shield so that it doesn't block plasma or ballistic damage
Removed Decipher Specialist Feat
Allowed Telepathic link's range to be increased
Added a new language: Trade Bant Traditional and split up the old trade bant to "Trade bant Simplified"
Gave Ether a limited time of effect, 1d3 rounds

Advanced Arms
6.15 to 6.16
Changed explosives to include wounding radius
Added "Foamed metal" spray to quickly patch up synthetics
Changed Sonic Grenade to 60' blast radius
Changed armor in the following ways:
Changed the microfiber's DR to 8 and it's AP to 8
Changed the Charged tactical vest to 60 AP
Increased the HEM tactical vest to 60 and increased it's AP to 50
Increased the Juggernaut Armor's AP to 200(Typo, was supposed to be this), increased it's Plasma\Eletric DR to 16, and increased it's Ballistic\Slashing damage to 10, and gave it 10\piercing Droppod
Increased Mobile Tank armor's AP to 375 and increases it's Equipment bonus to +5
Increased Marine armor's AP to 180
Increased the MA5G and MB5G's grenade launcher's range to 60'
Gave longswords the ablity to cause piercing or slashing damage

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Updates to the current status

Game's still chugging along.

Change log is big as hell

Trying to get it out before december, waiting on Craft to finish his updates to FIG 1 and 2.

Other than that, games still moving along nicely.