Thursday, July 30, 2015

Problem with the Site

So apparently the "Contact me" button hasn't been working on the site, so I added a contact thing here, on the blog.

So go nuts!


Alright! So I have finally finished updating everything!

And I decided to go to 5e due to some of the major changes that are going on.

I consolidated a lot of the supply drops into the books where you would be most likely to look for them, and I added some new things in Advanced arms!

I also changed the major dice from 1d20 to 3d6, as I've noticed my playtesters HEAVILY prefer it to 1d20, and due to what Ops and Tactics is, it was a much smarter move.

Changelogs below!

Core rulebook 4e 1.25 to 5e 1.00
Clarified the language in Battlemind
Changed Sprayfire so that the base penalty is -16, but the character rolls double dice damage if they hit.
Changed the light pull heavy pull from a +1 bonus to damage to a +1 damage die. Also gave heavy pull a +10 range and light pull a -5 range.
Added the Services Kit for vehicles
Changed the entire System to 3d6, from 1d20.
Removed the 3d6 Variant rule, as it is the Primary rule.
Removed the headers and footers with the numbers
Removed the separation from SHotgun and rifle pump and lever action rifle feats, placed it under the Point blank shot feat tree, and let it work for all styles of lever and pump firearms

Modern Magika 1.12
Fixed Errors with potions
Made shields not Suck, by changing how they give defenses and how they improve on thigns in fighting. Staggered the bonuses based on the shield.
Consolidated SD5,SD7,SD9,and SD12 into this book.
Changed all Notions of the D20 to the 3d6

Armory 1.13
Fixed errors
Removed the G36's mastercraft status
Changed the Coonan to Coonan Classic
Added Coonan Compact
Added a way to reduce the error range of a crafted firearm. 

Advanced Arms 1.06 to 1.07
Consolidated Some SDs into this main book.
Added Spaceships, spaceship combat and spaceship upgrades
Added 3 New Armors, Spacesuits.
Added AI Module to Visions
Changed all notions of d20 to 3d6

So as of today, all of that 4e shit is old. Go download the new pack, or each one individually. The website is being updated as well!

And as always, feel free to email me!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Consolidation and a New Supply Drop!

I know I keep saying I'm done but I keep finding new and intresting things that I want to put in the book, and changes and directions I want to go in!

The first thing I want to mention is the new supply drop i'm currently working on!


I'm working on a space supply drop that basically will cover space travel, space ships, ruidementary space combat, and space related items and rules for people to use.

Space combat will be simple as hell, so that it doesn't take focus from the original game,

The other thing I'm doing is consolidation. I am going to be taking a lot of the Supply Drops I have written over the years, and condensing them into the Books that they are most related to. They all won't be condensed so there will be supply drops, but the numbers may change.

So look out for that. A major change is comming!

All of this is in preparation for possible printing.

as always, feel free to email me with your complaints!