Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Found another few minor errors, and a rather major change

So! Another update. I changed some minor things in the book, bumping it up to 1.02, and I moved .38 Special down a category. The reason I did this is because quite frainky, it's just not at the same level .40 S&W is. At all.

Also, I removed the ability to download all of the older versions of Ops and Tactics, because I found people handing out WAY old versions(Alpha and Beta Builds), and that's not what I want people to still see, when someone post about Ops and Tactics.

Improvement! It's important. But that's all for now, download at your whim.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Minor update to 4e

Fixed some spelling, grammar, and confusing rule errors in 4e, and some formatting mistakes.

Also! I changed how Burst Fire, Double tap, slamfire, and Fanning deal out damage. It's now based on how many dice you roll from the get go, thereby giving a significant amount more damage to higher caliber weapons, where as the old rules, they'd only get one more damage dice.

I also put up the logo, made by Hospes on the front, as well as on the new character sheets.

With this edit, I'm going to put the core rulebook on the shelf, and offically start working on the Armory Splatbook! So more guns are good guns!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

NEw Character sheets!

I found a font that is perfect for what I wanted the Character sheets to look like, and I made the necessary edits to it.

It looks good! go and take a look!

I removed the old link, and posted up a new one.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Told you I was still working on it.

So, I just finished 4e. Huzza. So tired. Changelog is below.

And it still needs abit more polish, and a looking over to clean up some of the spelling mistakes and all that..

3e 1.01 to 4e 1.00
Split up Ops and Tactics to the core rulebook, and the armory
Changed Strengh and Dexterity so that the skill modifyers aren't affected by the skill focuses
Added Scaling Damage
Changed Military's wealth point salary.
Removed Shot on the run
Removed Spring Attack
Added Medicines to purchase
Added Hemostatic medicine
Changed how Medicine is crafted
Added Potshot attack
Added Ankle Holster
Changed Holdout holster to "Pocket holster"
Added Belt holster
Added tummy holster
Added categories to clothes
Added EOD suit
Changed Bows, so that they work by strength, fixed the descriptions, and allowed different types of pulls
Added Spray on Bandage
Allowed medicines and such to be bought.
Added Roll Case
Added more sizes for Molle pouches
Changed Kits to "General Kits", and created "Specialty Kits"
Added the Remington 6.8mm SPC round
Added pistol grip upgrade
Changed folding stock so that it only grants a +1
Increased the Error ranges on many Ammunition types
Gave more categories for the telescopic sights.
Added crafting melee weapons in structural crafting
Added ability to perform own melee and ranged weapon upgrades
Changed Supressors so that they work on level
Added steel combat helmet
Changed Advanced combat sight, made it clearer
Added multiple bandolirers
Changed Grenade cost
Changed Wound Radius calculation and definiton
Added Descriptions to the armor plates, and added combat point cost reduction for the steel plates and ceramic plates
Changed the Steel plates DR and AP
Modified Handgun Expert to give an additional -10 combat point cost
Modified Assualt Specialist to give an additional -10 combat point cost
Modified SMG specialist to give an additional -10 combat point cost
Modified Shotgun Specialist to give an additiona -10 combat point cost
Modified Distance Rifle specialist to give an additona -10 combat point cost.
Added Slamfire Expert
Added Fanning Expert
Added crossbow categories, and the damages by strength
Added Cartrige and Shell Loops for MOLLE
Changed the CR for Characters
Changed the supressed ER increase
Added Straight Barrel
Added the "Combat Cut" for shotguns
Added .38 Super
Added Close Combat Rifleman, Close Combat Machinegunner, and Close Combat Shotgunner, feats that negate figting adjcent components.
Added Pistoleer Feat
Changed Classes so every level, a character gains two feat
Added a ton of Fireaarm related feats, giving more spread to firearm selections
Changed he starting feats from two to three
Feat Note: Changed and split up The Tactical Reload feat, to corespond with the specific weapon
Changed all SA/DA revolvers so they can fire in SA mode as well
Added Reaction actions
Removed Total defense
Changed the way occupations work, so that when you select a skill, it grows with your level.
Added oz, and chaged equipment weight to corespond to oz., instead of lbs.
Changed Maces to 1d12 and 2d12 damage
Added Molle Loops
Changed Single Action Upgrade to give a +1 to all fanning attacks
Removed Fake ID