Thursday, July 26, 2018

I got a Pateron, also, what the fuck am I doing?

So I finally broke down and got a pateron, mostly just to gauge intrest in this game possibly, and to see if I can snag a beer after 10 years of work.

If you wanna donate, head on to

To do so. If you don't? That's cool too. The PDF books are still firee, will still be free, so none of that "I'm charging now" garbage.

Print edition soon?

Also! So I've listend to the players thus far and from what I'm hearing the game, rules wise, is damn near perfect. That's good!
But, what I'm also hearing is that there are a lot of meta issues with the game so We're going through and correcting those now.

Chief change is the weight issue: It's too many damn numbers to be bothered with. Therefore I'm doing a number crunch, turning everything from oz to decimal pounds(Because I still refuse to go to metric),  simplifying both the calculation of carrying capacity, and how items affect it.

There's a bunch more minor meta things, like making things easier to read/use, primarily looking at making the gun charts a bit easier to use. So look forward to that.

And as always, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME!