Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GM Compendium and Player Resource

I finished the GM resource book, which basically replaces Rules and ammo(Which had a stupid name anyway) that has all of the fun stuff in it that Rules and ammo had, as well as a primer on how, when and why to use Ops and Tactics.

Because of this, Rules and ammo will no longer be available for download, since everything in it is now in this book.

So go download it!

As a note. If you're new to Ops and Tactics, this is probably the first book you should read to get yourself familiarized with the game and learn how its different from D20 Modern.

It's also a great cheat sheet.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Remember that Procedural guns thing?

Yeah, so I got some intrest for it, so I decided to finish it. Thankfully, I had done quite a bit of work on it before I gave up/quit/retired, so finishing it was not too much work. It is released! On both the blog and the website.

Basically, It provides a way for someone to randomly generate a gun, by rolling a bunch of D100s, as well as ammunition for that gun.

So someone write a bot scrip for it!