Sunday, December 18, 2011


Been a month with no update, so I'm giving you one.

I /was/ done, until I got a great idea while taking a leisurely stroll, so I'm back to square four, adding those rules and such in.

Also, I won't be releasing the core rulebook by it'self, rather releasing it with the supplementary book, Ops and Tactics: Armory, which is basically "The guns book", as I removed a good chunk of the firearms from the core rulebook to not make it huge.

Other than that, it plays smoothely, and I'll probally end my work on this, and begin on the magical suppliment, Ops and Tactics: Urban Legends and Modern Magica.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Working and updating 3e

Working and tweaking 3e's things, making it abit more visually pleasing, as well as adding a few things that I forgot, like buying medicine supplies(Outside of kits), posions, and even reloading bullets and shells.

I've also cut the book down, and I've started work on the Armory book, which will be a much more comprehensive addition to firearms, their uses, who uses them, and all that good stuff.

The project is far from dead, just haven't had time to update the old blog.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Third edition is done!

Third edition is done and out! Below is the changelog!

O&T D20 1.00 to Ops and Tactics Third Edition 1.00
Fixed Sweepfire notation
Deleted empty pages
Changed Marksman shot to a +10
Added a few guns
Consolidated Forgery into Craft(Visual Art)
Added Tranqulizer Gun
Added matches
Made it a little easier to improve one's self
Changed Damage system from pure Hit points to a Wounds and Vitality system
Removed Meticlous Feat
Modified Prizefigher Special ability
Removed Ablity increase per 3 levels
Removed Navigate Skill
Removed Guide Feat
Changed how Double magazine clips work
Changed Double magazine clip stealth penalty
Added DeerSlayer Shotgun
Removed Bull Rush feat
Added a bunch of ROssi Rifles
Added Slingshot
Added Tigtened drawstring for bow ugrade
Added Master Sniper Shot Feat
Added Lever Shooter Feat
Added Pump Gunner Feat
Added Mozambique Drill master Feat
Added Heavy Handed Handgun Feat
Added Rifle clubber Feat
Added Skilled Magazine user Feat
Added Skilled Speedloader User Feat
Added Skilled Stripper clip user feat
Added Sling Steady feat
Added No-miss shot attack
Added Mortars
Changed Vehicle Combat so that it has two phases, a movement phase and an attack phase
Added Handgun Expert Feat
Added SMG expert Feat
Added Assualt Expert Feat
Added Shotgun Expert Feat
Added Distance Rifle Feat
Added Machine Gun Expert Feat
Added Handgun Specialist Feat
Added SMG Specialist Feat
Added Distance Rifle specialist Feat
Added Shotgun Specialist Feat
Added Machine Gun Specialist Feat
Added Explosive Weapons Specialist Feat
Added Assualt Specialist Feat
Added 12.7x108mm caliber
Added DHsK Heavy machine Gun
Made the System "Print Ready"
Added A few more vehicles

Thursday, October 6, 2011

3rd Edition

Just a little check in for those that read this damn thing.

So I'm well into 3rd Edition's works, and I've I decided on some major things.

1. 3rd Edition is a FULL Readthrough and change
2. I'm opening my mind again to ideas, and I've already changed some major things
3. 3rd Edition will be the edition I'll be using for the Ops and Tactics Video Game.
4. There will be more guns. Don't act suprised.
5. I'm not going to include "Advanced Classes" or "Presitege Classes" Or anything like that.

A note on Prestige and Advanced Classes

The reason I'm not going to be including Presitege or advanced classes, is because their job can be taken(And done quite better, in my humble opinion), by feats. In most D20 based games, the advanced classes serve as a way to majorly break the rules, as opposed to feats, which allow you to minorly break the rules.

This can be easily remedied by just having scaling feats.

The second job of Prestige classes is to give a character more HP. I changed how HP is worked and distributed, so that's pointless for Ops and Tactics Third.

And another job of Prestiege classes is to show that a character is "Beoynd" the basic classes.

Again, not the real focus of Ops and Tactics, so another reason to throw them out. I feel they limit characters, so I tossed it out.

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but I'll release Ops and Tactics Third 1.00 As soon as I'm done.

I promise.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving from the paper to the program

After quite a bit of thought and play through, I've decided to use the Ops and Tactics ruleset to program and make a little game. They'll be more coming, but for now, mark my words.

There will be a Ops and Tactics video game.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Changing the name(Again)

Due to the confusing nature of the current name, I'm switching the name back to numerical versions, so the current version is Third edition.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I got really bored, and did a little list.

After deliberating with a good friend of mine, he mentioned to me that Ops and Tactics bares a very similar look to D20 Modern, at first glance. In thought, he was right, which promted me to actually go through D20 Modern, and list off everything that was different about Ops and Tactics. And that list is below! While sloppy and long, it is a very accurate.

Differences Between Ops and Tactics and D20 Modern

Combat Round is not split into 4 actions, but rather Combat Points
Action Points are removed
Ability Stats Strength and Dexterity have different functions, and function differently
Reputation is Removed
Classes do not get a base increase to Defense
Melee and Ranged attack bonus are affected by Marksman ship(For dexterity), and Focus(For Strength) instead of the base Strength and Dexterity Score
The Wealth Bonus and the Wealth Bonus system has been removed in favor of the Wealth Point system
The Max level is 10, instead of 20.
Hit Points are determined at a static increase, than using a dice.
Special abilities have been added for each class, that they only receive at 1st level
All Base Attack bonuses, And saving throws have been changed
The Extreme Effort and Ignore Hardness Talent have been removed, and the Close Quarters Combat talent tree has been added.
The Defensive Talent Tree has been modified and the Increase speed talent has been removed and replaced with the quickened speed
The Resistance Talent Tree  has been removed and the unbreakable talent tree has been modified
The research talent tree has been removed, and the Savant Tree has been added.
Dedicated hero has been changed to Wise hero
The Empathetic talent tree has been removed
The fast Talk tree has been Removed
Added the Ability to change occupations.
Added the Unemployed occupation
Changed the wealth bonus for the wealth score, and gave a way to receive a salary
All skills and feats given for selecting occupations have been modified, to fit the skills
Removed Allegiances
Changed the base number of skill ranks from 3+ level to 4+ level
Consolidated Balance, Escape artist into Acrobatics
Consolidated Climb, Swim, Jump into athletics
Consolidated Move Silently, Hide into Stealth
Consolidated Intimidate, Diplomacy, Disguise, Sense Motive, Bluff, Slight of hand into Presence and Speech craft
Added Gunsmithing to Craft(Mechanical)
Changed Computer Use to Technology Use
Consolidated Listen and spot into Perception
Changed Gamble and how it works as a skill
Consolidated Read/Write Language and Speak language into Linguistics
Consolidated Repair into the various Craft Skills
Removed Tumble, Investigate, Decipher Script,Search, Research,Concentration, Knowledge(Current Events), Gather information, and Profession
Changed all feats that give bonuses to Skills to a separate feat per skill.
Changed Blind fight to Blind Sense
Changed Defensive martial arts to Evasive martial arts
Changed Defensive martial arts feat in how it works
Changed Advanced Firearms Proficiency to Autofire Proficiency
Changed burst fire to burst fire proficiency
Changed double tap to double tap proficiency
Changed Quick Reload to Tactical Reload
Changed Quick draw to Tactical Draw
Split up Two Weapon Fighting to Two weapon Melee fighting and Two weapon Ranged fighting
Split Up Improved two weapon fighting to improved two weapon melee fighting and two weapon ranged fighting
Changed the bonus Weapon Focus feat gives
Added The Following Feats:
Archery Specialist
Axe Martial Arts
Axe Specialist
Axe Mastery
Double Bowman
Fencing Martial Arts
Fencing Specialist
Fencing Mastery
Heavy Melee Weapon Martial Arts
Heavy Melee Weapon Specialist
Heavy Melee Weapon Mastery
Spear Martial Arts
Spear Specialist
Spear Mastery
Staff Martial Arts
Staff Specialist
Staff Mastery
Sword Martial Arts
Sword Specialist
Sword Mastery
Armor Optimization
Armor Mastery
Black Powder Firearm Proficiency
Black powder Specialist
Unarmed Combat Specialist
Improvised Weapon Proficiency
Brutal Throw
Power Throw
Combat Awareness
Combat Expertise
Marksman Shot
Favored Caliber
Favored Type
Danger Sense
Knife Martial Arts
Louisville Specialist
Quick shot
Handgun specialist
SMG Specialist
Assault Specialist
Shotgun Specialist
Distance Rifle specialist
Machine gun specialist
Explosive Weapon Specialist
Fanning Proficiency
Slam fire Proficiency
Reflexive martial Arts
Improved Reflexive martial arts
Top Off
Two Weapon Defense
Removed the following feats:
Improved Feint
Street fighting
Whirlwind attack
Advanced Combat Martial arts
Combat Reflexes
Agile Riposte
Frightful Presence
Heroic Surge
Improved Damage Threshold
Skip Shot
Advanced Two weapon fighting
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Changed how equipment is purchased, by removing the Wealth Score, and introducing Wealth Points, and as a result, changed how Restricted items work.
Removed ability to requisition equipment, and put that in the hand of the GM
Changed the damages of weapons as a whole, specifically the firearms so that they cause damage based on the caliber the firearm uses, instead of the firearm itself.
Added the choice to purchase different capacity magazines, and listed what each firearm is purchased with
Changed all firearms so that a licensed rating is required to own a firearm and conceal it without problems.
Added the ability to customize both ranged and melee weapons beyond master crafting.
Added Multiple types of ammunition for both cased and shell rounds.
Added over 800 Unique firearms spanning every type, from holdout handguns to Rocket launchers, as well as archaic firearms(Pre Cold War), and black powder firearms
Added a secondary type of Chemical Irritant(Bear fogger) and Taser(Military and Police X26 taser).
Added Recurve Bow, Compound bow, Paintball markers(With it's own variations of ammunition), and throwing axes
Added different types of arrows and crossbow bolts.
Added different types of Grenade Launcher Grenades
Added Different types of Thrown grenades
Added pipe bombs, Molotov Cocktails, and Fire Jars
Added Raw Explosive material, such as ANFO, Semtex, Thermite, and Nitroglycerin
Added Different types of Detonators to explode explosive material
Added Satchel Charge, Breaching Charge, Anti-tank mine, Bouncing Betty
Changed that Grenades take a round from being thrown to explode
Removed the requirement to take Simple weapon proficiency to use any simple weapons
Differentiated the difference between a survival knife, switchblade knife, and escape knife
Removed specific examples of Melee weapons in favor of broad categories(Example: Removed Billy club and extendable baton in favor of light club)
Added punch dagger, tool and sledge hammers, and changed the affects of shields
Added the ability to rifle butt and pistol whip
Changed Archaic weapons as a whole, introducing categories which grants proficiency with all weapons in that category, as well as removed specific examples for more broad definitions.
Added tons of Archaic weapons.
Changed some archaic weapons into Exotic weapons
Changed damages for most Melee weapons.
Reduced Improvised weapons damage, and effect, so that an improvised weapon is just a normal weapon not made to take the stress of using it in a weapon role, has a 25% chance to break, and only suffers a -2 to attack
Added Duffel bag, and changed the capacity of some bags
Added Work gloves and utility belts.
Added the MOLLE system.
Added various kits, in various sizes.
Added Smart-phone and standard phones
Added Concealed carry, Holdout, Tactical, Shoulder, undercover, and quick draw Holster
Added Gun-belt
Added Concealed carry, Holdout, Tactical, Shoulder, undercover sheaths
Added LBE Gear
Added Quiver
Added Concealment case
Added Double magazine clip
Added Stripper clips
Added Shell belt
Added Shell bag
Added Cartridge Belt
Added Shell bandolier
Added Refill tube for Paintball markers
Added Powder Horn and Bullet bag
Added Cleaning Kit
Added Flare Gun
Added Camp Axe
Added MREs, and Trail Rations
Added all major forms of Alcoholic beverages.
Removed Printer, Scanner, Digital auto receiver, Modem, Black Box, Caller Id defeater, cellar interceptor, Lineman's Buttset, Tap Detector, Telephone tap, and line tracer
Removed Evidence kit.
Removed Spike strips
Removed Mesh vest
Removed Portable stove
Added Cigarettes and Cigars
Removed all Archaic armor.
Added Light football pads, Flak Vest Undercover Vest, Plastitron, Molle vest, Motorcycle Armor, heavy Football pats, Red man suit, Crash rescue suit.
Added the ability to upgrade armor with personal fitting and trauma plates.
Changed Armor so that it does not give a bonus to Defense when wearing it without being proficient
Changed armor so that when wearing it, it grants DR to the specific type of damage listed
Changed armor so that it degrades when hit, and will become useless after it takes too many hits
Added the ability for armor to be repaired
Changed the Defense increases and Armor penalties when wearing it with and without penalties.
Added Helmets
Added the Ability to upgrade a vehicle.
Added Assault Crime
Added Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Schweizer 300, Yamahaw yz250F, Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Toyota Hilux, BMP3, Police Cruiser, M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
Changed Combat as a whole, removing the Standard, Move, Free action infrastructure and supplementing the combat with combat points, which a player gets at starting level, and increases per level, that allow them to perform actions without any other restriction besides Combat point Cost.
Added the ability to increase one's Defense for that turn by moving 10 feet per +1 to defense after initial 30 feet.
Added Non-lethal hit points, which when depleted, knock the character unconscious.
Added bleeding, which saps a character’s health if they take a certain type and amount of damage.
Added Extremity damage, which affects limbs if hit.
Added Double fire, Bump Fire, Sprayfire, Sweepfire, Fanning, Slamfire, and suppressive fire attacks
Changed Double tap and Burst fire attacks, making them options, and the feats removing the penalties for them.
Changed penalties for fighting with both melee and ranged weapons
Added Mexican Carry.
Removed All forms of Advanced Classes
Removed FX abilities and any forms of magic as a whole.
Added Notes on what Occupations would have access to
Added Some creatures that would fit a standard modern setting.
Added Plenty of Alternate rules
Added a Homebrew space

So the bookmarks were abit off..

Alright, I had to fix something with the bookmarks, they're all good now

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The problem is fixed, and it's back up.

Forgot one thing.

I forgot to add /one/ thing in the new version, and as such, I'm taking the link down, and reposing the correct version.

Sorry for the inconvience!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Version, with a new twist on combat

After much deliberation on the game as a whole, originally sparked after playing a old game called Jagged Aliance 2 with the 1.13 patch, I've decided to make a large change to the game.

The changes I made do shake the very foundation of D20 as a whole, and give the game a more modular and tactical feel. The first change was to remove the archaic "Attack, Move, and Free action" template built up by D20.

Of course, there are still actions where you attack, actions where you move, and you can still talk and all that, but instead of simply receiving one each round, I've elected to remove all that, and work with a system I call Combat Points.

Combat Points are points that a character can spend doing actions, that have point values. A character can select any action they wish, as long as they have enough points for it. It allows the ability to fire multiple times in a round, if someone doesn't wish to move, /or/ move and use all of their combat points in a round, and anywhere in between.

The second change was to take a variant rule I came up with on a whim, flush it out, and make it an official rule. That rule is Ability Focuses.

One of the problems I've seen is that the Dexterity skill, as a whole, is one of the most important, period. A character with low dexterity has their ranged attack rolls affected(For guns), their Defense(for not getting hit by guns), and their reflex(For dodging stuff).

My answer was to take the Strength, and Dexterity skills(Two skills focused in fighting), and split them up. so that one part of the skill affects the accuracy with weapons, the other, everything else, such as the Reflex, the Defense, and the skill points. That way, a character who is a crack shot does not also have the best defense, /and/ the highest reflex save.

I also decided to add alcoholic beverages and Smoking choices(And consequences for doing too many), as well as a few Food choices.

I also added a few more guns, but that's hardly news.


2e 1.34 to Ops and Tactics D20 1.0
New Elements Ability focuses for Str and Dex
Introduced Combat Points
Removed Run
added Combat focus feat, and a bunch other feats that tie into the Combat Score
Added Sprayfire attack
Removed all Fantasy monsters
Added MRE
Added Alcholic drinks
Added Cigars and ciagarettes
Added Quickdraw holster
Gave some of the armors abit of slashing damage, for grenades.
Added Charter Arms Weapons
Added Throwing Axe
Added the Inebriation Status

Friday, September 2, 2011


Running a game with my current playtesters, found out firsthand that the gamle skill sucks massive ammounts of cock, so I changed it.

Also added some more guns(As usual)

Changelog below!

2e 1.32 to 2e 1.33
Added Marlin Camp carbines
Added Ruger Carbines
Added Ruger P90 and Ruger P91, .45 and .40 Handguns
Changed range of Ruger P89
Added Beretta Px4 .45, that takes 8040 magazines
Added Ghost ring Optics upgrade
Changed Gamble Skill
Changed X26 taser to Licensed
Added Cobra 37mm launcher
Added bumpfire stock, which allows easier bump firing
Changed overpressure ammuniton bonus from 3 to 6
Added a note about how stocks change size
New! Included Auto upgrades
Added Springfield ARmory to M1A

Friday, August 19, 2011

1.32, minor changes that are major.

Well, I didn't like the ranges for quite a few of the guns, so I changed them, worked them around, and fixed a few more minor errors.

So here's 1.32!

2e 1.31 to 2e 1.32
Changed Paintball markers to read correct Range incriments
Changed Far shot so that it reads for bows, Firearms, or Crossbows
Made More notion of non-lethal hitpoint increase in the front
Added Mary to dedication list
Changed UMP's Range incriments
Change Beretta Cx4 range incriments
Changed Full Sized Handgun ranges(Most of them)
Changed some Hunting and target ranges
Changed Carbine rifles ranges
Changed the ranges in general to make them abit more diversified, and made choice of firearm/caliber abit more important.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1.3 and 1.31, so fast, it's already obsolete!

The changelog for 1.3 and 1.31 is below!

This also marks when I'm starting the programming project, for Ops and Tactics

2e 1.3 to 2e 1.31
Added Backpack to List
Changed Bleed damage so that when you take a point beoynd the first one, the damage stacks, and when to roll the damage
Added Moose to the dedication list 
Added Damage by ammo chart in front of the guns chart

2e 1.21 to 2e 1.3
More spelling and format errors fixed
Changed quick feat descriptions to match full feat list for mobility
Added Pistol whip and rifle butt attacks
ACTUALLY changed APS Stechins to Military and Police
Added Ablity Focuses variant rule 
Changed VP70 From Medium to Small
Changed Danger sense from once per Day to once per combat 
Changed Molle Utility pouch to hold 6 lbs
Changed Molle shell pouch to hold 25 shells
Changed Molle Cased round pouch to hold 50 rounds
Changed Beretta 92FS and 96FS from 40 ft to 30 feet
Changed Bren 10 to 40 feet.
Changed Extended barrel from 5 to 10 feet
Changed Heavy barrel so Machineguns can use it
Changed Duffel Bag from 6 to 10 lbs.
Changed Linguistics to give players the choice 
Added Double Magazine clip 
Added Infrared and Ultraviolet Illumination to tactical flashlight
Added Night Vision Goggles 
Changed HE grenade to do fire only damage
Added HEDP grenade that acts as both a HE grenaded and a Frag grenade
Added M16A3
Changed MG4 to Light Machine Gun
Changed ARmor's AP bonuses 
Added Undercover Vest
Changed the Fast's health from 10 to 8, and their hp per level to 4
Added Draco Pistol(Which is a Mini-AK)
Added Buttpad Upgrade
Removed duplicate entry for Korth Pistol
Changed Folding stock from 2 to 3 stealth bonus
Changed Muzzle Break from 2 to 3 attack bonus
Changed Non-lethal to Foam Slug
Changed Explosive shell to Concussion and fire 
Changed Doublefiring a Grenade launcher and gun to a -3
Added Civilian Helicopter
Changed fixed stock from 2 to 1 attack bonus
Added Buffer stock

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corrections, and ideas, from /tg/

The idea book has been flushed and cleared, the items and ideas I was given have been introduced.
For now? I'm done. Off to start coding the programmer helper program.

Changelog is below!

2e 1.1 to 2e 1.2
Changed Battery life on phones
Increased price on Chemistry Kit
Minor change in the Climbing Kit
Changed the benefits kits give
Changed all references of "Heavy Machine gun" to "General Purpose Machine Gun"
Added Optics mount to M240
Changed Flail to exotic, and placed Mace, where Flail was
Changed Minor wording in Non-lethal hit point to clarify
Added Dufflebag carry weight
Changed slug barrel so damage doesn't disperse with range incriment
Added Note for Law Enforcement so the 25WP doesn't cover Upgrades
Added ballistic Knife
Added Defensive Grenade
Added Mateba Autorevolver
Changed Reloading rules so Reloading is 6 shots per full round
Added refill tube for paintball gun
Added 3 second variant rule
Added French Army
Reduced Injection knife cold damage to 8d4
Added BMP-3
Added RPG-22
Removed SUrge of strength tallent tree for STrong, and added CQC tallent tree

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1.1 Update

Added the following few things I forgot.

2nd Edition to 2nd edition 1.1
Added Frangible shotgun shells
Added Rock salt Shotgun shell
Added Roman Slug Shotgun shell
Added Marker shotgun shell(Glitter, in a shotgun shell)
Added Custom Fitting Upgrade
Added Concealment Case

Small Appoligies

I found a large stack of notes I wrote and forgot about, and I will be adding more to the Current 2e. As such, the link will be removed, and I will be disregarding that version.

Sorry all!

Second Edition's out!

When writing Curio and Relic, and doing the research, I saw all of the ways and breakdowns of a good "Past" system, and the problems with attempting to write one.

So I didn't write that.

What I did do is keep all the guns I had been working on with Curio and Relic, and the rules that went with them. And like always, no fluff, so it's quite possible to just make a curio and relic game, with a little work and know how.

And the Any Other weapon update is included in 2e.

Changelog below!

Added Birdshot rules
Added Non-lethal rules
Changed 1886 load from 5 to 4
Changed Remington 870 Tactical to Remington Express tactial
Changed Taser to Taser C2
Added X26 Taser
Added Incendary Ammunition
Changed Some Frangible ammo
Added Match barrel Upgrade
Added Slug Barrel Upgrade
Added Choked Barrel Upgrade
Added SHortened barrel upgrade
Added Paintball Markers and Ammo
Added Taser Ammunition
Added Bear Fogger
Added Injection Knife
Added Riot Shield
Added Entry Shield
Added FLechette Shell Ammo
Added Fanning Rules
Added Supressive Fire Rules
Added Slam Shot
Added Slamfire Upgrade
Added Autofire Upgrade(Better upgrade, allows you to fire in semi and auto)
Added Burst Fire Upgrade
Added Favored Type Feat
Added Favored Caliber Feat
Changed Defensive martial arts to Evasive martial arts
Added Unarmed Combat Specalist Feat
Added Slamfire Feat
Added Fanning Feat
Added Grenade
Added Reflexive Martial Arts Feat
Added Improved Reflexive martial Arts feat
Added Axe martial arts feat
Added Axe Specalist Feat
Added Axe Mastery feat
Shifted around Archiac weapons, adding more and splitting the categories\
Added Sabers
Added Cutlass
Added Staff martial arts feat
Added Staff Specalist Feat
Added Staff Mastery feat
Added Spear martial arts feat
Added Spear Specalist Feat
Added Spear Mastery feat
Added Fencing martial arts feat
Added Fencing Specalist Feat
Added Fencing Mastery feat
Added Sword martial arts feat
Added Sword Specalist Feat
Added Sword Mastery feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Martial arts Feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Specalist Feat
Added Heavy Melee Weapon Mastery feat
Added Provisions for changing occupations
Changed Called shot pealties
Added Double Bowman Feat
1st Edition to 1st Edition Version 1.1
Fixed spelling errors, minor errors in text
Changed Weapon Foucus to a +3
Chaged Unarmed strikes so that they're touch attacks
Added provisions for Open Bolt guns
Added Louseville Specialist Feat
Added Knife martial arts feat
Added Top Off Feat
Added Ability Modifiers formula.
Added Black Powder Firearms Proficency Feat.
Added Curio and Relic Level Firearms
Added More Modern Firearms(Too many to list)
Added CS Shell
Changed how grenades work(You can't dodge them, but you do get a round to move the fuck out the way)
Changed thrown weapon deviaton
Added Helmets
Added Toyota Hylux
Changed level Cap from 8 to 10
Changed Defensive Martial arts feat to give DR
Added Improved Defensive Martal Arts Feat
Changed Charismatic Hero's special ability

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Added some minor things

1st Edition 1.1 Is out! Saw some minor errors with text, a few things I overlooked, and the most important change, weapon Focus.

It's a +3, instead of a +1, making it actually useful.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The FaQ Post.

So I felt this was necessary, from all of the posting on /tg/.

How does it compare to GURPS?

It's not as detailed as GURPS and it's many splatbooks(Specifically High Tech), on the fact that the detail just kind of gets in the way, nor is it built toward ANY campaign, strictly modern(Cold War to 2020)

How does it Compare to D20 Modern?

I've yet to come across anyone who said that D20 Modern was better than what I wrote

How does it Compare to WoD?

I don't know. I've never read or played WoD. Read it and judge for yourself?

Why did you make so many guns?

Variety. Variety is the spice of life. That, and I enjoy detail, and I know people who would also enjoy the type of detail I put in that. I wanted to create a game that didn't just slap on "Light pistol" for every handgun, and make caliber choice, and size, actually mean something in the gane.

Why are there Classes/Levels? I hate Class-Systems!

Balancing issues, and it's a D20 System game. That is a core mechanic to the system. And I like them, personally.

Why are there no Alignments?

Because modern people are too restrictive to be put into a 9 spaced box. This could be said about Fantastical people too...

Why not just have a system where guns are classified by "Size"(Eg: Light pistol, Heavy Pistol), and customize them by special additions? Where a Glock would be A light pistol with rugged and Composite?

Beacause that's dumb, and actually /takes away/ from the detail. A Glock may be a "Light Pistol" but it is first and foremost, a Glock. It has a Rail on the frame, it is composite and steel, it is (Usually) Black, with no active safety. Thats what this system promotes. Not just Customizability, but the actual /feel/ of customizing. Not the fact where you're just slapping different names on the same gun, all because they're "Similar".

Why isn't (insert Favorite gun here) in the game?

Probally for one of a few reasons, but usually, multiple..

1. It's a Clone of a gun that already is, and the only thing that varies is quality, if even that.
2. It shoots an oddball or old, rarely used caliber
3. There's already a gun that might as well be a clone listed.
4. I don't like that gun, so I'm keeping it out.(Note: This applies for one gun, and one gun only, the Vector CP1. I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the fact that there was a MAJOR recall on the ENTIRE GUN, because LIGHT BUMPING would set it off, and I don't like the fact that it looks like a fucking ray gun.)
5. I missed it.
6. I didn't know how to stat it.(.303, looking at you)
7. It didn't meet the Original Requirements(Manufactured/use past the Cold war, or enjoys at least a halfway decent use /after/ said Cold War)
8. I didn't know it existed.
9. I didn't know it was widely used.
10. I did it just to spite you. Yes. You.
11. I was saving it for the newer version, where that gun was used more widespread.

I don't like that there are so many guns, I just get confused. Why couldn't you make less guns?

The gun you are looking for is the Glock 19. Enjoy the game.

Where is the Fluff?

I didn't put any fluff in this game specifically because i didn't want to limit myself, or my players, on what kind of worlds they could make or participate in.

Short answer? It's in your Imagination.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So, I missed some things and I'm starting anew

Well, I've looked over, and over, and I've come to realize that I've missed a few things in the rules, so I'm going to be adding them as the day goes on.

Look for a new version, to come out eventually, and hopefully this version will be the final version.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Done and Finished.

Alright, I've finished the last version, it's up and ready to go, right on the download list for you all. Changelog is below

Final 1.61 to Ops and Tactics 1st Edition
Changed wording on the ablity score increases
Added Bell Curve Variant Rule
Added Sanity variant rule
Added my real name to the Created by, line
Clarified bleeding rules
Added Two new shotgun shells, Flamethrower, and Flare
Added XM25 grenade launcher, the QBZ grenade launcher, and the HM416.
Clarified crafting with Guns

Final 1.6 to 1.61
Minor Errors in the Occupational GM chart

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minor Addition

Following a semi-heated discussion, someone threw me a great idea. A home brew section, so that people can write their own rules in the back, as need be.

It's up, and ready to go.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rave Revies on /tg/

I just wanted to thank /tg/ for all of their support, and the final download is here for you all.


Beta 1.4 to Final 1.5
Corrected most typos and spelling errors.
Changed increase from 1 week to 2 weeks, and noted that it's assuemd that the characters keep up the upgrades with practice.
Changed Bleeding from 1d4 to 1d3, and minimum damage from 4 to 3, and added for every 3 points over the inital three, the bleeding is a +1
Changed Hunting and Tatical Shotguns to Sporting and Combat shotguns.
Moved Saiga 12 and Saiga 20 to Combat Shotguns
Changed Fal magazine from 30 to 20
Added Alex to the Dedication list

Beta 1.3 to 1.4
Changed Wise hero's special ability
Changed the DC's for Treat Injury
Added Perception to Military Skill List
Changed DC's for most skills
Fixed Minor error in the armor chart
Added types of arrowheads to arrows
Changed bleeding from every 5 rounds to every round.
Changed explosives so damage and burst radius scales at a even rate
Changed some ranged weapon upgrades so that they work on bows and crossbows too
Changed Damage and range on Crossbows
Changed Double fire so masterkey system and Underbarrel Grenade launcer can be used
Changed the damage for bows, and Crossbow
Added Buckshot Grenade
Removed Longbow
Added Recurve Bow
Changed Birdshot and Slug bonuses and minuses
Added Explosive Shell
Added allowing any weapon with a box magazine, or any weapon with a lever or pump action to have +1 ammunition
Added notion for reloading a firearm as a full round actiion
Added Ability to increase ability scores through practice
Removed Denoychaur from monsters
Removed Mutiple Fiend examples
Changed Linguistics so that you read and write a language first, then speak it.
Changed the Creature formatting

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1.3 Is OUT!

New link, on the download.

What's new for 1.3

Changed Burst Fire and double tap to allowed to be done with feat, and the feats reduce the penalty
Gave descriptions about the firearm categories.
Changed Sting grenades damage from 2d6 to 4d6
Changed M4 and M4a1 from 80 feet to 70 feet
Change G36k from 80 feet to 70 feet
Added S&W Third seres 1006, a 10mm Full sized pistol
Added 40G, a Stand alone grenade launcher
Removed prerequisite from exotic melee proficency
Added a -4 to using a scope while attacking in their first range incriment
Reduced Match grade ammunition from a +3 to a +2 to attack
Shifted 10MM auto into it's own category
Shifted 5.56mm into a higher damage caliber
Shifted .300 Win mag ino a higher damage caliber.
Shifted 9x18mm into a higher damage caliber
Addded UM40, a .40 S&W Submachine gun, and the UMP9, a 9mm Submachinegun
Added MP5a4
Added 100 round drum for Mp5
Changed Speak action from 12 words to 15
Changed bleeding from 1d4 every 10 minutes to 1d4 every 5 rounds.
Added Sledgehammer, and Tool hammer.
Changed Machete so it's a short sword.
Changed Law enforcement and Investigative so that they can only recieve Backup and Full sized handguns
Changed Character SHeet to include a equipment page.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Ideas, cleaning House

First order of business with 1.3 was to take the jumbled, 73 page list of firearms, and split them into usable categories. With that out of the way, anyone who doesn't posses the gun knowledge of a /k/ expert, can pick firearms according to their type, and usage.

After that was done, I was going to elt it sit for a few days, see if any other ideas pop up..

that's all for now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An introduction and a bit of backstory

Hello, and welcome to the development blog of Ops and Tactics strategy Tabletop RPG. 

Ops and Tactics is a working title, but will most likely be the end title as well, or at the very least, be used to make the end title.

As of today I'm the only one fully dedicated to this project as writer and game designer. As of writing this right now, the game stands at about 75% completion, the current version at Beta 1.2. Nothing is completely solidified, however, and changes do occur as I get new ideas.

I began writing this system because of the lack of depth, particularly with equipment and weapons, that other RPG's had, as well as a realistic representation of firearms, and people as a whole. This system originally spawned from a single house rule for D20 Modern, that would change firearm damage, splitting the damage up by caliber, rather than by "Size" of gun. I originally started working on the system in October of 2009, and release the first Alpha Version on January of 2011. 

The draw of Ops and Tactics is the detail in which a player can customize their character. Everything from their occupation, to their equipment, can have an effect on gameplay. There is a massive amount of customizable options when it comes to characters. Ops and Tactics is also built on a more realistic scale, where weapons are dangerous, and players have to use more than their fist, or guns, to solve problems. 

For those that are not detailed oriented, I am also working on a simplified version of Ops and Tactics, that takes the core essentials of the game system, and makes them playable in a pick-up-and-go format.