Friday, June 26, 2020

I survived the Corona and all I gave you was this update!

Not dead! Still running a game! Had to update cause I got a new rifle and as always it's inspired me to fix some things!

Changelog is below! Books are obvious! Email is the same at!

Core Rulebook

6.37 to 6.38
Added the G36C(Depreciated BlackGhost's Homebrew)
Changed extended barrel so that shotguns can no longer take extended barrel upgrades
Changed suppressive fire to 9 CP
added a 1x-1.49x scope so that there is a "Default" sight level for adjustable sights
Changed Infrared laser Sight to first 2 range increments.
Changed standard laser sight to the first range increment.
Changed grip sight to the first range increment
Reduced the cost of the standard telescopic sights
Changed "Quick draw attack" feat to 2 attacks per turn
Added "Multi throw" Feat
Changed Combat Sheath so that it's more clear they're simple weapons and made them "One size smaller" than the weapons that occupy them
Added "Enthraller" Feat (Thank you ZeroCold!)
Added "Orator" feat
Buffed menacing feat
Added the "Advanced reloadding kit" that cuts the time down it takes to make ammo and gives a +3, at the cost of more money and more weight
Reformatted how character creation is formatted. it is exactly the same, mechanically.
Added a "Rolling a character" example.

Formatting corrections

Modern Magika

6.27 to 6.28
Removed Poison, Disease, and Nausea from conjuration healing spellschool
(Author's note: This was done because Conjuration was just...straight up outpacing mundane healing. It was bad. Really bad.)
Changed Wax tablet so it increase the time to scribe by 5 Times
(Author's note: This was done because it had come to my attention that there was an "Infinite heal" cheat and it was pointless to keep health magic on you. )
Changed some things with transmutation and enchantment

Added two cantrips to abjuration