Friday, November 22, 2013

Fixing of errors as usual

After reviewing Supply Drop 9, I found some errors, and some performance tweaking that had to be done.

The new version has been updated with the new tweaks and the typos fixed.

OH! And more more thing I forgot to note in the new changelogs. Armor Piercing ammunition has bee shifted around on how it works. Instead of just giving a flat bonus, it removes one die of ballistic, and gives two dice of piercing instead.

Monday, November 18, 2013


The Day has come to upload everything!

As par usual, I'll start with what got changed.

Ops and Tactics Core Rulebook

4E 1.14 to 1.15
Changed rules notion to note that the defender wins all ties on attacks.

Forgot to change this so that this is the case. The defender is the one that's supposed to get the break, not the attacker.

Changed Armor plates to give them more armor and more durability

This got changed because the steel and ceramic plates were entirely too weak. Titanium's right where it's supposed to be.

Increased pipe bomb damage by one die

More boom!

Changed all the Skill Feats from +2 to +4

This one came from a discussion with the current group I'm in, where these feats were straight up not worth it. They're definitely worth it now.

Changed Clockwork Action from 35 to 17 WP
Changed Precision Upgrade from 55 to 25 WP

These things were entirely too expensive to be worth anything, so I droped the cost down to make them more viable.

Why buy the upgrade at 55, when you can buy 2-3 good handguns instead?

Ops and Tactics Armory

Minor Error Fixes

Minor Changes to the Gunsmithing rules

Nothing special, doesn't really change much here.

Ops and Tactics: Modern Magika

Added Zen Mind Feat

This feat allows you to increase your total ML. It is a definite must and I can't belive I forgot to put it in.

Increased Spell focus from +1 to +3

Spell Focus was entirely too weak to be taken(C'mon, a +1 for a feat for MAGIC?!), so it got upped!

Now it's time for new stuff, and the supply drops!

Okay! First off I completely changed psionics so it's more modular and building and not just "Hurr I use saber" where you just stack points and can't do anything until you hit that level. It's much more useable on it's own. At least I think so.

Supply Drop 8 puts in a bunch of drugs, narcotics, and fun and funky things that you can have fun with. This one was written by Boots mostly, not me. I just helped with the rules, and I accredit it to him.

Supply Drop 9 is Incanters, casters who use language to do crazy awesome thigns with shadows, like summon little shadowpuppets and things like that

One more thing. Also credited to Boots is the new text file character sheet that is VERY useful for online games and even non-online games(As it uses less ink than a regular character sheet). It was his idea, and all credit goes to him. I just cleaned it up.

As always, feel free to read, and be sure to send your sudgestions to the email! at

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finish the Supply Drops and a beginning a rewrite

So I finally finished a collaboration with Boots, and both supply drops are finished, but I'm going to hold off on doing them until I correct something I did before and I didn't like it after further review.

I'm going to rewrite Supply Drop 7(That's the psionics book for those who don't know them by heart), so that it's more modular and feels more like actual psions, rather than an excuse to play jedi with their psiblades. 

I'm also updating armory(Formatting issues), Modern magika(Feat changes), and Core(Feat changes) at the same time, so look for them all to get a big update soon!

Then I may get started on SD 10, which will contain some futuristic/theoretical things like plasma rifles, power armor, and things of that nature.

That's a big may, though.

That's all for now!