Friday, April 9, 2021

LTS Fixes


Basically I updated every book cause it had either some formatting, spelling, or chart errors.

No rule changes whatsoever.


Monday, April 5, 2021

New Space rules!

 Expletive Deleted wrote these rules and they're shaping up to be pretty good!

Still on LTS, though, but these may replace the default rules in Ops and Tactics

Saturday, April 3, 2021

These things took me entirely too long.

Alright! Here we go! I know it's been a bit of a long time but I'm here, finally, with a lot of changes and shifting and other fun things for you.

First things first I want to address the shifting of books

1. Armory is back. A lot of the extra gun stuff was moved to armory to make the core rulebook more palatable.

2. The Supply drops have, as expected, been merged into the primary books(Armory and Core), as they were getting numerous and they were mostly equipment. 

3. The format was changed from a two page document to a 1 page document, as I'm pretty sure printing this game is well off the table.

With that, here are the changelogs

Core rulebook

6.41 to 6.42
Merged Cartrige holder and shotshell holder to "Ammunition Holder"
Complete Reformat of the book for easier reading and referencing
Moved a LOT of the guns from the core rulebook to the Armory, as well as some of the more focused rulesets like AR-15 building and gunsmithing.
Consolidated all of the SALT books into Core and Armory
Revised Two Weapon melee and ranged fighting so that if you have both it eliminates the AoO from ranged attacks in melee range while doing a two weapon fighting attack only, but only for normal AoOs, and not for no-miss shots
Reworded Danger sense to say "Roll twice take best result"
Clarified Improvised Proficiency to note that you need to be proficient with the weapon you're improvising
Moved all of the black powder weapons from Modern magika to Core
Reclarified Occupational skills and the bonuses to match with taking occupational skills first, not last
Noted that weapons are primarily closed bolt and removed them from the gun list.
Noted that AoOs come after the action that triggered them, unless otherwise noted
Added the karambit
Changed Grapple(Thanks Consript Gary!)
Changed Civilian MREs to 3 for 1 WP
Made Perception an Auto focused skill
Added Molle Dump pouch
Made some changes to suppressors. Instead of them decreasing the check, they increase the TN cost, and made other formatting correction
Added "Improvised kit" as a way to do things without a real kit.
Emergency services "Tech use" skill focus changed to drive
Changed "Straight barrel" to "Smootheboore barrel"
Changed "Short barrel rifle" to "Shortened Rifle Barrel"
Increased Black Market cost
Changed sling steady to remove it's functionality with a bipod.
Reduced the attack bonus for supermatch grade ammo to +4
Notated that the vertical grippod's +1 bonus only works when the bipod isn't deployed
Notated that all laser sights can not be used in conjunction with any other sight bonuses
Notated that the bipod can't recieve bonuses from slings or grips when the bipod is deployed
Changed Favored caliber to "Projectile Specialization" and "Ballistic specialization"
Notated that Personal Firearms Proficency grants proficency at using firearms but not for actually having the feat 
Changed painkillers to give 3 doses per purchase
Changed painkillers to give 6 doses when crafted 
Changed temp HP so that when it wears off you lose the amount of HP you gained
Changed painkillers so that when you take one while under it's effects it resets
Removed "Attacking through concealment" as it's redundant
Added decimal point to rope
Changed Contractor's field bag so that it can now hold medium objects
Changed crash rescue suit so that it protects against all areas
Added The fact that Charisma now can positively or negatively affect Wealth Point Rolls
Shifted Locks so that they can now fail open(unlimited tries) or fail closed(Broken after failure of a certain level/types)
Perception is now an auto-focused skill
Added Insulated gloves to the small eletronics kit
Added water purification tablets
Added a Mess kit
Added Nasopharyngeal airway and lube to standard first aid kit
Add Wire(200') to the small demolitions kit
Made an upgrade for armor that removes all the Molle at once from an armor, to allow LBE to be worn instead.
Notated that fall damage is bludgoning damage
Increased Unemployed skills to 2
Removed notion that offhand weapons only do half POW damage
Changed the wording in single action upgrade
Changed Club martial arts so that no penalty is taken when performing non-lethal attacks
Reduced Stun gun duration to 1d3 rounds
Reduced the taser duration to 1d4 rounds
Changed surplus to 30% ER
Changed Match grade to have a -5 Damage bonus

Modern Magika

6.31 to 6.23
Reduced the cost of distort from 5 sp to 1 sp, decreased the increase distortion from 2sp + 1 Sp to 1 sp + 1 SP and increased the cost of make invisible from 2sp +1sp to 2sp + 2 SP
Changed The lifespan and adulthood of elves
Necromancy Changes:
Changed the Metamagic feat cost of Necromancy to 1.25% from "Double" the cost
Changed Bestow Weakness base effect from 5 sp to 3 Sp
changed Bestow Vunerablity base effect from 5 sp to 3 Sp
Changed Bestow Fatiuge base effect from 3 sp to 2 Sp
Changed Increase to Exaust addon effect from 6 Sp to 4 SP
Changed the increase time for fatiuge base effect to 1 SP + 1 SP per round from 3SP +1 SP per round
Changed the increase time for vunerablity base effect to 1 SP + 1 SP per round from 2SP + 1 SP
Changed the increase time for weakness base effect to 1 SP + 1 SP per round from 2SP + 1 SP
Changed Bestow curse so that it grants a -4 to any 1 skill check from -2
Changed Life Drain's SP cost to 5 SP From 7 SP
Added Non-lethal damage to Vunerablity
Transmutation Changes:
Changed Destablize terrain base cost to 2 SP from 5 SP
Changed shift terrain base cost to 4 Sp From 7 SP
Changed grease terrain base cost to 2 SP from 4 SP
Changed glue terrain base cost to 2 SP from 6 SP
changed spike terrain base cost to 4 SP From 7 SP
changed cloud terrain base cost to 3 SP From 6 SP
Changed the notation for ingots so that they can be shaped however a character wishes, so as long as it is a single shape that fits in the size category it is.
Added Non-lethal to the potion selection
Removed nearly all of the cost reduction feats for magic and put the Magical Apprentice/Journeyman/Master feats in their place
Added Combine spell(Thanks CG)
Added Toggle spell(Thanks CG!)
Removed nearly all of the cost reduction feats for psionics and put the Psionic Squire/Knight/Champion feats in their place
Removed nearly all of the cost reduction feats for incantations and put the Recieter, speaker and orator feats in their place
Notated that using enchanted items is "manipulating an object"
Removed the "Damage" part from abjuration on doubling effects and dice damage
Added Canyon orcs, a incantation race!
Changed suspend water to have a 25' range
Changed gas manipulation to have a 25' range
changed solid manipulation to have a 25' range
Added 3 new feats for Psionics

Advanced Arms

6.20 to 6.21
Formatting and Spelling changes
Changed the Cost of Caseless magazines to the following values:
12 round .28 caseless to 1 WP for 10 mags
18 round .28 caseless to 1 WP for 5 mags
35 round .28 caseless to 1 WP for 3 mags
40 round .40 caseless to 1 WP for 10 mags
60 round .40 Caseless to 1 WP for 8 mags
120 round .40 caseless to 1 WP for 4 mags
5 round .20 HV caseless to 1 WP for 6 mags
Added The new feat "Coolant Specialization"
Gave the standard space suit a +4 Defense bonus
Reduced the standard space suit's armor penalty to a -5
changed standard spacesuit's weight to 45 lbs
Changed th Standard Space suit to allow for all medium and smaller weapons and all tiny and larger, with a an armor penalty
Changed the marine spacesuit to actaully allow a single mounted gun and explained how it works. Also fleshed out the rules for mounting.
Added the M15 Series handguns
Added the MX Series handguns
Added the M41A series caseless rifles
Added the M42A series caseless rifles
Added the M39 Series caseless SMG
Added the M56 Smartgun
Added the M43A caseless LMG
Added the vacuum Bubble
Added the M240 Incenrator Unit
Added Nutrient paste
Added EMP emitter
Notated that Infared is stopped by fire damage or plasma damage DR
Increased high cap M7 Series mags to 55 rounds
Added Courier Trade Goods

Recreated Armory
Changed the Cobray Stand alone launcher to "large" size
Changed "Straight barrel" to "Smoothebore barrel"
Changed Short barrel rifle to Shortened rifle barrel
Moved HK11E to GPMG
Moved FN MK 48 to GPMG
Added S&W Shield Plus
Added Ruger 9 Max
Changed the GPMG's category to 8th-9th category
Changed the LMG's category to 1st-7th category
Moved 9x23 steyr to 4th category
Removed the Tec-9m

As I said before, going LTS so I can work on some other projects for a change, so if there are errors please let me know and i'll take care of them!

ALSO! One of the players/long time contrubituters is writing and unfucking the shitty Space combat rules, and I'm going to collaborate with him to probably make those rules the standard rules, after we come out of LTS.

It's up and ready for download, so enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Books are done.

 Doing a final reading before release.

Is this a joke? You'll have to sit to find out.