Thursday, November 29, 2018

Website down, maybe permanently

Welp, so the website died.

And this is still a hobby project.

I looked into hosting, but shit's expensive yo. I will definitely continue to work on this project here, but for now, the website may be gone until I can either find cheaper hosting or have the funds to actually afford two hundred fucking dollars for site hosting.

If you have any idea or any help, hit me up at the email:

The "Tarkov" Update

Alright ladies and gents, buckle up becasue this one's gonna be a long post.

So, I've recently started playing a game "Escape from Tarkov" and usually when I mention a game in this blog it means that some serious shit is changing.

Thankfully, that isn't entirely the case this time. But I do want to start by saying that this update was heavily influenced by the game. As such I will be actually annotating some of the changelogs that I have.

My annotations will be in red.

And yes, I know, three updates in a month. It's like old times.

Core Rulebook
6.19 to 6.20
Reduced gunsmithing's success to remove ER from 4 per to 3 per
Changed all small kits to move from a -2 to a +0
This was done because after a lot of consideration, it's kinda bullshit that a small kit, at best, still gives you a negative. 
Increased Tactical Flashlight to 4 WP
Added three versions of tactical flashlights, one with a brighter light, one with a laser and light, and one with a light and strobe to possibly blind someone for a round.
This one was a tarkov influence. I also wanted some kind of way to truly make the MK23 from MGS. Basically you buy a flashlight and you can select one of three "Types" and that's your flashlight. Simple

Added shotgun tube extension upgrade
Basically what this allows is for someone to take a tube fed shotgun, and give it more rounds. This is an extremely common upgrade for shotguns, so common that even one of my personal shotguns has one. However, see below to the limitations to this.

Made a MAJOR change to how shotguns function due to previous addition: Straight barrel shotguns are now considered the long barreled versions(Think a 26-28 inch standard barrel) by default, and the combat cut sawn off upgrade actually chops them down to "Riot length"(18-20 inches). This was due to the fact that there was some ambiguity on how long shotgun barrels were, HOWEVER all shotguns that "Should" have the combat cut upgrade will receive it without any detriment to their range.
Notated that cutting a shotgun barrel doesn't remove the function from the shotgun barrel.
Also another necissary notation. So if you upgrade your shotgun from..say straight barrel to a rifled barrel, you don't lose the fact that it's a rifled barrel just cause you cut it down. It's an addition, not a replacement.
Reduce the Breaching choke's penalty from 15' to 10'
Added improved cylinder to have a -2 when using any ammo that isn't buck or birdshot
Added 9mm and .380 to the 410 conversion barrel(For the Judge/govenor)
A Taurus Judge shooting 9mm is just..hilarious to me.
Added .40, .22 WMR, 17 HMR and .380 to the 12 gauge conversion barrel
Disallowed certain firearms, due to their design, from taking the shotgun magazine upgrade
So, here's where things get freaky. Some shotguns, such as the Mossberg 500/Maverick 88 series have shotgun tubes that, instead of having an open cap, actually screw into the tube, completely disallowing them to actually upgrade the capacity. This was actually the reason I didn't include this change earlier becuase I couldn't figure out a good way to do this. Now I did, so here we are. This is also necissary for some over under shotguns that technically fit all of the requirements for said shotgun magazine upgrade but they're break action and it doesn't make sense.
Changed the inch level of combat cut(now 15-20 inch) and coach gun(now 6-14 inch) lengths
Changed some capacities of some shotguns cause they were incorrect
Added the FN SLP Competition
Cut down liberator reload time to 12
If you had less than 14 CP you couldn't reload it.
Added Mossberg 590M, the magazine pump action shotgun
Added more calibers to the remington falling block rifle
Added Tanfoglio Witness firearms in multiple calibers and sizes
The only .38 Super gun that isn't a 1911.
Moved .338 Lapua Magnum from 9th category to 10th category for gunsmithing
Oversight from a previous change.
Changed .38 Super damage to 3d4+3/-3
This was pointed out to me by the co-author's brother, about velocities of the 10mm. Before this change, the damages of 10mm and .38 super were the same, with .38 super having the slightly better average. it's a small change cauise they are relatively close, but 10mm is better.
Changed some Double barrel shotguns so instead of having an internal mag of 2(That's not technically how they work), they have an internal magazine of 1 per barrel, and clarified that those that are technically "Semi auto" (two shot) can't use the new shotgun mod(How do you attach a tube magazine to a double barrel break action?)
So with this, basically the way it works is that you have two single barrels, not a magazine of two. This way you can better load them independently and it makes a little more sense this way.
Added Armsport 2700, a 10 gauge over under
Player Request.
Added "Beveled magazine well" upgrade for handguns and Machine pistols
GURPS had it. I like it. Now we have it too.
Added a metric conversion for metric players.
Sure. Why not?

Also! I still am working on SQUATS 2.0, but it's going slow. I want to make squats a one and done. It should be possible since there's just total, but I want to take my time. It'll be done, eventually!

The updates are posted(By time of reading this, in both the zip file here, so go get it!

As always, feel free to email me using the blogger contact, or the email at!

And happy playing!

Edit: I just noticed the website is down. I think I'll have to swap hosting(After a long many years). So working on that ASAP!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fixing some issues with the Core rulebook

So! I had to fix some issues with the core rulebook that were kinda glaring and I forgot.

It's too big for a ghost edit, so I decided to increment.

This only affects core rulebook.

6.18 to 6.19
Changed HEDP to Slashing/Concussive
Changed Slow ROF so that it can't burst fire but can double tap
Corrected errors
Clarified Dead shot's wording
Changed Power attack to 2 damage per 1 BAB
Changed adrenaline rush to once per hour
Added PSA AR 15 uppers in 9mm, .40, 45, and 10mm glock mags
Added Olympic arms 30 carbine upper
Added Alexander ARms .17 HMR upper
Double bowman feat no longer requires +2 CP to use, and grants +2 damage dice

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I had to repair some errors that were made.

But, they have been updated! Go and grab them!

Friday, November 16, 2018

New release!

What's up fellow Oats Players!

New Release is out, so check the changelogs!

Also, i'm going to be updating Spiderbot soon, so look out for that.

Core Rulebook
6.17 to 6.18
You can only buy licensed or restricted licensing at chargen, unless a GM says otherwise
Notated that you can buy guns with M&P if you take the upgrades that reduce their license level
Reduced "Duplicate" firearms(Firearms with the exact same stat lines except for calibers) into a single blurb
Changed the .22 LR NAA to 6 WP and the .22 Mag to 8 WP
Eliminated the .22 Short NAA and included .22 short into the .22 LR NAA
Gave the Stoeger double defense combat cut
Added the "Rossi Shotgun pistol"(Thanks Canada)
Added the Winchester 1894 in .30-30(There are too many of these guns)
Added a "Chunky salsa"/Massive Damages rule(Please don't roll tank damage dice on a creature)
Added the MTs255-12 and 20 in Tactical flavors.
Flipped AKM and AK-47 Weights
Corrected some ROFs for the MP5 Series of SMGs
Added 20 Round 5.56 AK magazines
Changed the Scar Grenade launcher to work on ANY scar pattern rifle
Added Ruger Preciscion Rifle in 300 win and 338
Allowed Rapiers to slash attack
Reduce the damage of a spear's bludgoning attack
Attached bayonet to a rifle gives +1 Damage dice
Changed how Staves work. Instead of being the non-pointy spears, they instead are double weapons
Removed Jagged sword
Linked Some exotic weapons to pre-existing melee weapons
Raised Hallbeard damage to 2d8
Changed heavy Weapons feats
Kamas now get a minor disarm bonus
Flails ignore shield bonuses
Added the .380 ACP Hi point carbine.
Added Henry Lever action 410 shotgun
Added hearing Protection: While Ops and Tactics doesn't model against going deaf due to gunfire(Thankfully), they are useful in avoiding flashbangs and the like. Also gotta complete that operator look.
Changed the weights Forced entry unit and special response vest
Clarified the Critical strike/automatic hit mess. All natural rolls between 16-18 are automatic hits, and critical threats are only successful if you hit the person, if your crit range is better than 16-18
Changed stumble reaction so that it doesn't end the turn of the person stumbled

Advanced Arms

Changed Spinal lancing to give a negative to CHP when installed
Added "Hornetbots" to the beebot/spiderbot dynamic. This is 100% a cosmetic addition. Hornet bots do the exact same thing as beebots
Changed some of the caseless firearms's ranges to be correct with their upgrades
Changed MTarmor to MTunit

Modern Magika

6.15 to 6.16
Added new artifacts
Removed War Scythe
Added a cantrip for abjuration that halves all necromancy life damage
Added necromancy life damage to the list of possible barriers for abjuration
Doubled The Repeat, Maximize, and guide spell cost for necromancy
Changed the metered slurry potion from 3 rounds to 6 rounds
SHifted around Healing and Bolstering Hex incantations