Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New update and some issues!

Alright, while working on Kandai, I've realized I've held onto these books for too long so I'm releasing them.

Below are the changelogs for the books.

Modern Magika

6.01 to 6.02
Added Graphite Reloads for pencils

Advanced Arms 

Fixed Errors
Changed the MB5's sight to Advanced Combat Sight
Changed the range on all MA5s Except the civcilian model and the Kurz model
Changed spacesuits so that if they take too much damage, they lose the ablityt to protect one in space
Added Vaporizer
Added Countermeasures
Changed the cost, ammo cost, and power usage of gauss rifles

Changed how armor receives hardness for spaceships and put a limiter on it

Core Rulebook

6.03 to 6.04
Added the FN M249S, a semi auto machine gun
Changed the prices around on the saiga 12 and 20 shotguns
Changed the Maverick 88 shotgun's price
Changed how clothing, heat, and cold work, for Kandai
Added the Howda Pistol
Added the Ithaca Auto & Burgular SHotgun
Minor Error Fixes
Added the Magnum Research BFR
Changed all Notions of the "Folding knife" to the pocket knife, and subsequeqnty removed it's folding ability
Added "Mounted quiver" to Crossbow and bow upgrades
Gave bows and crossbows the ablity to take frame upgrades, and modifed many upgrades to work for bows and crossbows
Added Big Horn armoy model 89 Carbine

Added "Embedding Rules" for bleeding(Bows and thrown weapons catch a break now!)

Updated to be in more line with the rules in Core Rulebook.

Everything that's not listed wasn't changed.

Furthermore! I'm going to have to move from dropbox as they reported in March that they're discontinuing their "Public folder" so If anyone has any sudgestions on what to do instead, please email me at opsandtactics@gmail.com

Books are uploaded, as usual!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kandai Teaser

I felt I should give you all a little teaser on Kandai. Below is how plants are classified.

3 Planet Construction

  Kandai has a host of planet types, sizes, and biomes. Below are the explanations on what the various planet statistics mean.

3.1 Size

The size of a planet is the first thing listed. It determines the ammount of space available for development, expansion, and agriculture.

Extremely Tiny

Extremely tiny planets have a diameter between 75 to 125 miles. Anything smaller than this is usually considered an asteroid, because it is too small to house any sort of atmosphere.

Very Tiny

Very tiny planets have a diameter between 126 and 250 miles.


Tiny planets have a diameter between 251 and 500 miles.

Very Small

Very small planets have a diameter between 501 and 1,000 miles.


Small planets have a diameter between 1,001 and 2,000 miles. Many Moons orbiting larger planets are this size.


Medium plantes have a diameter between 2,001 and 3,000 miles.


Large planets have a diameter between 3,001 and 4,000 miles.

Very Large

Very large planets have a diameter between 4,001 and 5,001 Miles

Extremely Large

Extremely large planets have a diameter between 5,001 and 6,000 miles.


Huge planets have a diameter between 6,001 and 7,000 miles


Gigantic planets have a diameter between 7,001 and 8,000 miles.


Colossal planets have a diameter between 8,001 and 10,000 miles.


Enormous planets have a diameter between 10,001 and 15,000 miles.


Vast planets have a diameter over 15,000 miles.

3.2 Atmosphere

The atmosphere is the layer of gasses that surounds the planet, held together by gravity. The atmosphere can determine if a planet is habital or not.


A Vaccum atmosphere is the lack of an atosphere. No life that requires any sort of breathable gasses can live in this atmosphere without some sort of respirator. Due to the lack of atmosphere, the planet is also bombarded with cosmic rays, making a spacesuit a necessity.

Vaccum atmospheres can be built in, and there are colonies that are built on vaccum planets, but these colonies are completely independant of the planet's atmosphere.


A thin atmosphere is an atmosphere with a faint, but detectable and consistent atmosphere, with 16% Oxygen or less. The atmosphere is enough to stop the cosmic rays, negating the need for s spacesuit, but a condenser-diluter or a respirator is required to breathe comfortably. The most common gas in a thin atmosphere is nitrogen and carbon dioxide


A standard atmosphere is an atmosphere with at least 17% oxygen but no more than 30%, that does not have any gasses that are harmful or counter to life. All creatures, and races breathe oxygen. No equipment is required to breathe or survive on a standard atmosphere planet.


A dense atmosphere is an atmosphere with over 30% oxygen. The abundance of oxygen, while survivable, can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for someone who is only on the planet for a short period of time. Condenser-diluters are recommended for those not used to the dense atmosphere.


A tainted atmosphere is an atmosphere that have gas mixtures that are poisonous to breathe in, but otherwise do not harm. They Require respirators in order to survive on.


A corrosive atmosphere is an atmosphere with a corrosive makeup, eating through all non-hardened materials such as cloth and flesh. Corrosive atmospheres damage all creatures 3d6 Acid damage every minute they spend in the atmosphere without protective equipment. Any equipment that protects a creature against plasma damage will protect the creature from a corrosive atmosphere

3.3 Hydrosphere

The Hydrosphere of a planet is the amount of water on that planet. As most creatures require water, it can determine what kind of flora and fauna exist on the planet. Hydrosphere, coupled with the temperature of the planet, can determine the amount of ice that is on the planet.


A Desert Planet is a planet that is void of of an surface water, and most underground water. Desert planets still may have ice at the caps, but it is rare.


A Dry planet is a planet that has anywhere from 5% up to 25% of it's surface area covered by water. It can have a singular large ocean, or the water can be spread out over multiple oasis, but a majority of the planet is without water.


A balanced planet is a planet that has between 25% and 50% of it's surface area covered by water. Balanced planets usually have an ocean or two, as well as a healthy supply of lakes, rivers, ponds, and seas.


A Wet planet is a planet that has anywhere from 50% to 90% of it's surface area covered by water. Wet planets will have at least two major oceans, as well as quite a few islands.


A water planet has more than 90% of it's surface area covered by water. Most of the planet will be ocean, with small islands dotting the planet's surface.

3.4 Vegetation

The Vegetation of a planet is the amount of plant life that currently exist on the planet. The plant life, however propulus, will have evolved and become used to the Planet's hydrospehere and atmosphere.


A planet with bare vegetation may have small plots of grass, lichens, fungi, and mosses, and not much else. Trees and other fruiting planets will be unheard of.


A planet with light vegetation may have small ferns, flowering plants, in addition to mosses, grasses, and lichens. Fruit bearing plants will be rare, but existant.


A Planet with moderate vegetation will have a healthy amount of plants of all types. Fruit bearing plants will be common.


A planet with heavy vegetation will have most of the world covered in thick vegetation, with a vast array of different types of plants. Fruit bearing plants will be extremely common.

3.5 Temperature

The Temperature of the planet is not so much the true temperature of all spots on the planet, but rather the average temperature of the planet. As a general rule, the temperature at the poles will be one degree colder, and the temperature at the equator will be one degree warmer.

Extremely Cold

Extreme cold temperature is any temperature below -90C/-130F. These temperatures are unsurviveable for long periods of time without a spacesuit, or a biology that is suited for the cold.

Very Cold

Very cold temperature is any temperature between -89C/-128F and -35C/-31F.Very Cold Weather clothing is highly recommended, with protective equipment such as jackets, coats, and parkas to help ward off the cold.


Cold temperature is any temperature between -34C/-29F and 10C/50F. Cold Weather clothing is recommended, but mild clothing with a coat or parka will suffice.


Mild temperature is any temperature between 11C/51F and 27C/80F. Mild temperature clothing is the standard set of clothing, including pants, some shorts, dresses, skirts and the like.


Hot temperature is any temperature between 28C/81F and 35C/95F. Hot temperature clothing is recommended, as well as drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated.

Very Hot

Very Hot temperature is any temperature between 36C/96F and 44C/111F. Every hot temperature clothing is very light, and has to breathe to not hold heat at all against the body. Fluids are necessary to avoid heat stroke.

Extremely Hot

Extremely Hot Temperature is any temperature above 45C/113F. These temperatures are unsurviveable for long periods of time without a spacesuit, or a biology that is suited for the heat.

3.5.1 Seasons

A planet rarely has a single temperature year round. Seasons account for what kind of weather the planet will be at that current season. When visiting a planet, it's important to notate what season the planet is. Seasons are notated by what quarter of orbit this season takes up around it's sun.

3.6 Population

Population is the amount of sentient beings that reside on the planet in a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Due to the fluid nature of the universe, these notations are only for officially recognized residents of the planet. A planet could very well have more people living on it than listed, but chose not to report their residency for a multitude of issues.


An empty planet is completely devoid of all sentient life. There is not a single creature on this planet that has sentience or sapience that lives here on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.


A barren planet has anywhere from 1 to 10 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.

Very Low

A planet with a very low population has between 11 to 1,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.


A planet with a low population has between 1,000 and 10,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.


A planet with a moderate population has between 10,000 and 1,000,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.


A planet with a high population has between 1,000,000 and 1,000,000,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.

Very High

A planet with a very high population has between 1,000,000,000 and 10,000,000,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.

Extremely High

A planet with a very high population has between 10,000,000,000 and 50,000,000,000 people living on it in a permanent or semi-permanent status.

3.7 Laws

Laws determine what is legal to do, import, export, or carry while on the planet. There are three major types of laws that are metered; Civil, Criminal and Trade

\begin{tcolorbox}[title=A Note on Laws]

The amount of laws a single territory or country can have can number in the thousands. This guide more focuses on what a traveler(PC) to a planet would most likely be worried about, and be bothered with. This is meant to be a guide, not an exhaustive list. The law ratings for objects in Ops and Tactics are generally enforced in Kandai, unless otherwise noted.Licenses are also handled differently in Kandai. Acquiring a license is usually for a particular planet, a region of space controlled by an organization or with some kind of agreement(E.G.: Confederation Space), or a particular territory. As a general rule, a license given by a reputable source in one area will generally be accepted in another.


3.7.1 Civil

Civil laws include the structure of the government, who is allowed in government and how it's run, any codified caste-like systems, such as slavery, citizen by birth or by action, and how civil matters are handled. This also includes any local ordinances that may affect travelers, or residents.

3.7.2 Criminal

Criminal laws include all acts that are considered criminal. Unless otherwise noted, the following laws are always considered criminal acts:

• Murder and Manslaughter

• Assault and/or Battery

• Theft, Larceny, Robbery, and Burglary

• Kidnapping, Bondage, Involuntary Servitude or Slavery

• Destruction of Property

Criminal law can also cover possession of weapons, narcotics, and other items, but this is usually deferred to trade laws.

3.7.3 Trade

Trade laws include what objects can be imported and exported, as well as any penalties for breaking said laws. Trade laws can vary greatly between planets, and even between territories. Trade laws also cover possession and use of certain objects for trade. Unless noted otherwise in this book, the listed restriction for the items are in effect.

Now it's just a taste and It hasn't been fully completed yet, but we're slowly working on it!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A little update

I am done, I'm still just cleaning up errors and such

Apparently I forgot to actually add in .357 magnum, so I'm adding that back to Core

Also I added beebots in Advanced Arms.


ADvanced arms
6.01 to 6.02
Added Beebots, which are basically cute flying spiderbots. Rejoice!

6.02 to 6.03
Added the missing .357 magnum
Clairifed coover vs concealment

Thursday, October 13, 2016

6.02 Update

Was roling a chracter for a game
Noticed some minor errors in the Core rulebook, so I updated it

Both the blog and the website have been updated

For those who already downloaded:

This is merely a cosmetic update, the rules are 100% exactly the same.

Download if you want to!

Changelog is below

6.01 to 6.02
Changed the Springfield EMP's so that they ahve the correct mag count
Fixed minor formatting errors for tables in the PDWs
Changed the Link Colors from "Hot Pink" to "Blue"

Craft forgot something.

FID Had a small error in the book. It got updated. Go down load it!

Also blame craft.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finally. I'm done with this damn game.

Alright. I'm serious this time.

I'm taking the lyx files, zipping them up, storing them away, and I am not going to open them any more, unless it is a serious emergency fix, OR I am updating them for print, making them prettier and all that

As for now, I present to you Ops and Tactics, 6th Edition. The last edition. And hopefully, the last version I'm going to be working on

So now, I can work on my campaign setting, Kandai. Watch this space for updates on that!

Changelog below!

Modern Magika

6th Edition
Changed Dragonbreed so that each selected effect gives a specific effect that it does
Removed the tail attack for dragonbreed
Gave Bayou orc Brawl for free
Gave Plains orcs Combat marial arts for free
Made Desert Elves taller
Gave Hill Dwarves More CP when using extra effort
Gave Cave Dwarves a +5 to all Poisons and Diseases
Doubled Cave Dwarves Carrying Capacity

Changed Nullsteel so that it is 1.5 instead of 4

Advanced Arms
RC1 to 6th Edition
Consolidated Personal lasarm and Plasarm feats into personal plasmas prificnecy
Consolidated all of the different fire types for plasmas and lasers into a single feat.
Changed Chargeshot so that it's 1+1 heat instead of 1+2
Changed Sundrop to Moonbeam, for legal reasons
Added Shields and Grav Propulsion for Vehicles, in AA

Changed the cargo holds for a lot of the Space ships

Core Rulebook
RC1 to 6th Edition
Added Adjustable Iron sights
Changed armor so that the Defense only applies to areas that one attacks
Lowered the Cost of Potshot to 4 CP
Removed the penalties when cutting down a shotgun
Fixed Margins for the Stealth 1
Fixed PSP-25 so it has a magazine now
Fixed margins for Expensive modern backup handguns
Changed the Ww2 Anti-m Rifles so that they get a fixed stock as base
Changed the GP-30 so that it can attach to any rifle that takes AK magazines, including the AK101
Changed The location of Equipment and Combat
Changed Bleed damage so it now affects EHP damage, and for people not wearing armor
Changed Poisons so that a success is a half, and adde dmultiple secondary effects(Wear a gas mask)
Changed the stylings of Ammuntion so it's now based on what type, instead of what crafting caliber
Swapped the cost and weight for crossbows
Changed the cargo holds for a lot of the Space ships
Changed the Ruger Redhawk to the RugerBlackhawk
Added a few Ruger Redhawks
Changed Two wepaon fighting so that the combat point cost is increased by 1.5, roudned up
Changed all mentions of "Mexican Carry", to "Wasitband Carry"
Added the notion that you can enlarge or shrink the size of the grip for a weapon using custom grip
Added Failure Drill master(the Old Mozambiquedrill master), since it was apparently removed
Added some 16 and 20 gauge shotguns

Changed The Combat Point cost for Trip, and disarm


Also, I incuded the Simplified Quick Action Tactics system, which is basically "Ops and Tactics Lite" for people who felt there was too much bloat in the core system.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Holy shit 2 months with no update!

I'm not dead! I promise! I've just been very busy.

But good news! I'm nearing the (actual) completion of all of the Ops and Tactics books!

We're on our final round of edits, with some changes. I didn't want to do like I've been doing for the last...6 years? And just release and fix and release and fix and release and fix because that's getting old and I'll be perfectly honest.

I'm tired of this project. I want it to be finished, becasue I want to get started working on the campaign setting: Kandai

(Which uses Ops and Tactics, so rejoice!)

I've also cobbled together and finished the "rules lite" version of Ops and Tactics, dubbed the Simplified Quick Action Tactics System.

It's basically ops and tactics that has a bunch of stuff cut down that make it easier to learn the combat system, but it is incompatible with anything else Ops and Tactics Related

More good news! I'm actually looking at seriously putting toegher a kickstarter since the books are nearing their completion. I'll do a final sweep with my editors/contributors, and we'll make a release, a real one.

OH! And a major contributor, Craft, finished and completed the Field Identification Guide, with some edits by our anonymous editor.

So yes, look for good things around november? Yes. November.

Until then, feel free to hit me up on an email at opsandtactics@gmail.com!

And always, thanks for playing and reading!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Holy shit it's fucking august with no update

Alright, so I've been holding off on posting anything new becasue I've been working with the team to make sure everything is still good, and that the books look good and all the errors are fixed and such.

Yes, I'm still writing

What am I writing?

The goddamn Monster Manual, with a hearty helping(Read: He did most of the work) from Craft and Colt, playtesters and monstermakers.

It's going to be called Field Identification Manual, and I'ts going to contain a bunch of ready made stuff for you to take and use.

Because apparently the quickest way to kill an RPG is to not have a monster Manual.

SO yeah.

I'm also writing a campaign setting but that's long from now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Added a thing

I made a minor update to Modern Magika

I added Shadow Subsitute to Invoking, so you can teleport away from danger, after taking damage!

and I had necromancers talk to the dead, for 3 days. It's a cantrip.

If you want that, download it, if you don't,it's cool too! It's minor!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Website's fixed

Fixed the website uploaded the books.

Have at ye!

I thought I was done with this.

Greetings, readers!

My playtesters found a bunch of errors and conviced me to add a few things to some books, so I did.

Most of it is spelling errors and such, in Core rulebook, as well as some clarification of objects. Nothing big

Modern magika, on the other hand, had a lot of new things updated to it. I'll blow through them.

1. Conjuration now includes a teleportation spell, that makes portals! So you can make portals and hop through them. It's pretty cool

Invocation now has a new school, called Hex, that allows you to heal yourself, or bestow some bad stuff on some enemies, or heal your friends. It's also pretty cool.

A bunch of errors were also found in Advanced Arms, and Iv'e corrected them.

All three books got updated, as well as the Character sheet. So go download it!

EDIT: The website is fucked. I can't log into it. I'm trying to fix it. Download from the blog only!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Website went down and I had to fix some shit.

Website went down again, probably due to too much bandwith

The books are here as always

There was also some trouble with the troublesome modern magika, so I had to fix it.

Thankfully, using LATEX it takes no time to fix and reupload stuff, so I've fixed and reuploaded it.

Download away!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


So there were a bunch of errors in all of the books, mostly with tables and alignments

So I uploaded them

The anonymous donor also updated the Procedural weapons, so Procedural weapons is here as well!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Final Ops and Tactics post!

This, will be the last major update of the rules.

This update is probably the most important, as I was given full LaTeX copies of Ops and Tactics, which I have used to make BEAUTIFUL FUCKING BOOKS!

There's also full bookmarks, and a fucking table of contents! So you can print this version if you want!

Where are the supply drops?

The supply drops, got blended into the books, thanks to said anonymous donation of that latex copies. The variant rules are in the back of the book.

Where is armory?

In core, surprisingly enough. He was able to blend that into Core rulebook and make the book shorter too!

Things that got changed!

1.20 to Final
Blended into core, via anonymous Donor's latex files

Modern Magika
Switched from odts to Latex files, thanks to an anonymous Donation of code.
Changed how Etherweapons work so that they're now loadable with spells instead of having to spend more points to load it. It now gives 10/15/20 spells now, based on the size.
Changed the races! Adding a bunch more races, splitting up the few, and making more that are a bit more diverse.


5e to Final
Switched from odts to Latex files, thanks to an anonymous Donation of code.
Changed Spears to give them 2 damage dice over 1
Change Pistol mag weight to 8 oz.
Changed Prizefighter to grant an additional +3 to the Core HP
Changed a lot of the ARmor's values and protections
Chagned Armor Mastery to Reduce the CP reduction by half, rounded up.
Changed Open bolts and closed bolts so closed bolt is the default and open bolts have the penaltys
Changed the Armors DR and AP totals
Left in ANon's Side by side barrels and such
Anon Blended in Armory and Core. Left in.
Added Suppressed Barrel
Added Six12
added more Unicas
Added the MPX
Added the CZ EVO

Advanced Arms

1.13 to Final
Updated Code from the Donated Anon's latex file
Changed Spaceships from 1-15 to 1-40 range
Added MRMs.
Adjusted Weapon Range for Spaceships
Added Spaceships to the latex file
Made Modifications to Kandari and

I'm going to leave the last books from 5e up as an archive, so that anyone who prefers them, can still use them.


Shoutouts to Craft and the other editors for helping with making sure this release actually looks pretty damn good.

The Playtester team!

Boots, Spindly, Gara, Druin, CG, and all those others who contributed as well!

Kickstarter soon!

Books are up, go download em!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


So, An Anon has given me some latex files that have completely reformatted the entire books.

He did a damn good job, and I am springboarding from his work to make the books look FUCKING AMAZING.

This will be the real final update for Ops and Tactics, before I start working on the Field Identification manual, with my team.

SO look for it some time tommorow!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Action items for changes!

So, I've been set back somewhat due to a NEED for a bunch of other things necessary for Ops and Tactics.

    1. This is really, really, really necissary. There needs to be a way on how to create monsters for games that don't involve shooting at other dudes with guns. I'm also going to include a lot of various dudes with weapons for people to make and go.
    2. There will be a specail race in this book that doesn't use weapons, and evolve/grow in a completely different manner. Think "The Zerg/'Nids"
  2. Armor and Weapons
    1. They need balancing.
  3. Race Reconfiguration.
    1. I split up all of the races, and I've made them far more spread out as far as benefits.
    2. Someone requested Kobolds. So I made Kobolds. Email me if it's a problem
There's some more stuff, but it's late. I'll post it when it's done.

The program is on hold while I work on these issues

    Monday, May 16, 2016

    Shift of focus

    So I'm still working on the spiderbot stand alone program, but I'm not going to be able to do it all in one chunk. What I'm going to have to do, is work on it, then incrementally upgrade it, like I've been doing with the books.

    So that's on hold for a little while, while I complete a thing I want to do with the books

    So I want to completely redo the Races in Ops and Tactics, and I'm going to be far less fluffy than I was before with them.

    The rules shouldn't change, but I can't be sure what will happen when I reformat, add the new races, and do some re-balancing.


    That's all the updates I have for now.

    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Website is down

    Website's down.

    Will get it up as soon as possible, but I may have to change hosting.

    Will keep you posted here!

    Also, feel free to download the books here!

    Thursday, April 7, 2016


    Alright, so I did lie about quitting.

    After a 6 month playtest, I found a very big thing that was wrong with ops and Tactics that I did indeed have to fix.

    There was no reason to stick with the smaller calibers. There was simply no payoff to not going with the biggest caliber one could handle.

    In the real world, there are a bunch of tradeoffs, but the primary one is recoil.

    And seeing how I already had recoil rules, I just tweaked them a little bit, and made them standard.

    I also included some of the other variant rules, like firearms actions(They're core now, play with them!) that will increase or decrease the attack bonus or Combat point cost.

    So because of this, nearly every book got updated, which means yes, you will have to download all the books again,


    In other news! I am currently working on a secret project that will make Playing OaTs on the computer even easier: Spiderbot. I'm writing a program that will assist in a lot of the doing, creating, and character stuff, in Ops and Tactics. It's still in it's infancy, but the program works somewhat and I'm adding more to it. Don't expect it anytime soon, but expect it.

    It's slated to be a windows program.

    I'll also try to include all of the fun things that spiderbot, the ruby bot, has as well.


    Wednesday, March 9, 2016

    I had to fix something

    I know I said I was done, and I am, but my playtester noticed something with the recoil variant rule, that was confusing, so I clarifed it in the GM compendium!

    I also added bonuses for the type of the caliber you're using, so no longer will 8d2 do the same kind of recoil as 8d8!

    So yeah. That changed.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    Switching to Unity

    Fuck Game Maker, and fuck it's bullshit language.

    So we're switching to unity.

    Also picked a art style: pixel!

    I will be transferring the art to the books as well, becasue it's easy.

    We're also looking for a pixel artist. Inquire at opsandtactics@gmail.com

    Saturday, February 27, 2016


    Here it is! The final tweaks and releases for Ops and Tactics!

    The changelogs are below

    Modern Magika

    Changed all of the "No armor for Psion" feats to light or no armor.
    Added Armor Points to all Conjuration Spells so that you're no longer unlimited armor
    Added Elemental Damage to Strike Cant

    Gave a way to make telekinetic damage lethal

    Core Rulebook

    5e 1.05 to 1.06
    Changed the Charismatic's Tallents so that they fit more in the modern universe, and that they're a tiny bit more balanced
    Changed The defnition of a few statuses to more aling with the real world
    Changed the Fast's Evsaion from No damage to 1/4th Damage
    Spelling, oversight, and forgotten-to-include rule changes.

    Changed Shooting in the head to immediately cause Core Damage(I thought I already did this!)


    Corrective edits
    Gae the M16 and the M4 series of rifles Bayonet lugs
    Included the information to reload various cartriges

    Advanced Arms

    1.11 to 1.12
    Corrective edits.
    Probably some other stuff I forgot to record down in my changelog.

    Other books

    SD 1, and 6, as well as SP 3 and 2 got changed to include the reloading information for the various calibers.

    GM Compendium got updated as well, for some minor things.

    So go download it!

    Monday, February 22, 2016

    The Next Step

    Good eveing/morning/Afternoon.

    I just wanted to say that I'm quite thankful for all of the support, suggestions, and criticisms that have been put forth with Ops and Tactics.

    I want to mention some honorable Mentions before I go on with my announcement

    Boots: You have been indispensable in writing these books. I thank you for all your contribuiton

    Druin: Magic would not be useable without your mathematical input.

    Spindly: Your stylistic choising has been a very good, and necissary framework for a lot of the rules, and I thank you

    /tg/: I wouldn't have finished this project without all of the input, and trolling that was given to me.

    /k/: Guns. That is all.

    Every Playtester: I can not thank you enough for putting up with my bullshit, and I'm glad for all the good times, the bad times, and the suggestions.

    I'm quite happy to announce that I am ending the development of Ops and Tactics, right after the latest upgrade.

    I know I've said that I'm finished a lot of times, but I mean it this time. Now this doesn't mean I won't do some necessary fixes, or tweak some rules, or fix some spelling, or even add some new guns as they are released.

    But this does mean that the rules, the core ruleset, and everything encompassing it, is finished.

    This means I won't be making any more major changes, any major upgrades, or any major rule-changes to the system. 5th edition is the final edition.

    I'm also pleased to announce that today, I am going to start work on the Ops and Tactics Computer RPG video game.

    Details are sketchy, and I'm working with some of my core people, so it absolutely positively won't suck.

    As I said before, the Ruleset and the Rulebook PDF for Ops and Tactics will always be free for use, and modification and all that shit(Just don't sell it ). That won't change.

    If there's any specific questions you want to ask me, feel free to email me using the blogger contact, or emailing me directly at opsandtactics@gmail.com

    I have one more update, and then I'm going to leave well enough alone, and I thank you for joining me in this long ass journey to fix the sins of the forefather.

    Saturday, January 23, 2016

    Little Minor update

    Not going to have a long post.

    I changed how ammunition acquiring works, and I added a few guns to SD1 and SD6.

    But you really should download everything! Most books got minor edits.


    To the man that requested Mechs: Check your email.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2016

    A question to the users!

    Alright, So I'm currently in the process of unfucking a lot of things I either ignored, didn't care about, or put off until "later"

    What I want to know from the users of this game, is what do you want? what would you like to see? What do you think is broken and could use a second look at?

    Feel free to send me an email through the blog, or email me directly at opsandtactics@gmail.com

    I await your complaints, and suggestions!

    Oh and to the guy who mentioned .41 Magnum: You've convinced me. I'm gonna put it in the next version of Armory