Friday, January 31, 2020


Good Evening!

I'd like to present to you all SALT 3! This one is a bit different since I wanted to do some things for Shotshow, but there really didn't reach out to me all that much that I felt intresting or was of noteworthy that couldn't already be made in the game.

There are some intresting additions, and they are in.

I also promised the homebrewers that I'd take and look through a bunch of things they made and add them to the game if I found them suitable, so SALT 3 contains two new calibers, .280 Brit, and 6.5 Creedmore, as well as guns for both of them. Both of these calibers, and the guns were made by a homebrewerer called BlackGhost, and he's been credited as of such.

Blackghost was the originator of the second iteration of the Text sheet, and he's made a third, and a third and a half, and a Rich Text Format, as well. All of these are in the zip file.

So, I aslo had to make some quick changes in release for this salt. Below are the changelogs to AA and Core. MM didn't get changed.

Core Rulebook
No change to Number, but ghost edits below.

(Ghost edit) Changed the AWP magazines to 5:1/10:2 due to the Salt 3 upgrade and magpul
(Ghost edit) allowed a user to create stripper clips for any caliber. at a worse cost than the premades

(Ghost Edit) Changed the FAQ on how armor works

Advanced Arms
6.16 to 6.17

Added in Expletive's suit patch and armor upgrade

As always, go download it!

Also, I removed the text based character sheet and incorporated it into the giant zip file.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

New post! Modern magika update!

Magika update!

6.23 to 6.24
Added Magical material armor plates.

That's all.

Yes, seriously.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Book Push for the new year!

This one is just a few "quick" fixes.

Also added a new thing.

SALT 3 is in the works but I'm waiting for SHOTSHOW to finish/start so I can add a bunch of things from it.

All books were updated, including FIG 1 and 2, so grab em all!

Salt 3 will also contain a hand-selected(Read: things I decided was good) from homebrewers (We have homebrewers, it's fucking insane to me) to make them "official". Expect it sometime in febuary. Still slowly churning away with the Survival horror Module as well!

Things are in the works! Changelog below!


6.32 to 6.33
Changed 5.45x39mm to 4d4+2
Added S&W 3913
Removed 4546TSW(Does not exist)
Added 3906TSW
Added 1046
Added Ruger Wrangler
Added the "Fixed folding stock" which is a bit of a compromise to a true folding stock and a fixed stock
Added Notion of a fixed folding stock to the following feats:
Close Combat Shotgunner
Point Blank Shot
Compact SMG gunner
Changed the following Firearms from folding stock to fixed folding stock
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 SMG
UMP 45
UMP 40
PP-19 Bizon
PP-19 Bizon 2
AK 102
AK 104
FN FAL 50.63
IMI Uzi Carbine
Stoner 63A Carbine
Scar-H CQB
FNC Carbine
Galil MAR(All calibers)
Sig SG 551
Sig SG 552 COmmando
AR 18
Daewoo K2
Scar 17S
Scar 16S
Sig SG 550
Sig SG 556
Imbel IA2 (All calibers)
Scar-H LB
Scar-H TPR
Scar-L LB
Negev NG-7
Galil ARM
Galil SAR
Changed the Sig MPX from integral stock to folding stock
Added more bookmarks to make navigation slightly easier for ammo and gunsmithing
Added Gypsum(Drywall) per inch of thickness/hardness

Added M16A2(Viewer Request, thaks 1337!)

Modern Magika

6.22 to 6.23
Added Spell Pencils, which give more cast at the cost of SP.

Added a new cantrip to concussive

AA was not changed.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Craft made me update the FIGs.

Craft had me push an update to the FIGs due to something going on with defense scores, so they hvae been updated and the file has been updated with the most recent releases for FIGs.

Per craft:

" Boogieman was updated to be able to heal bleed damage at an accelerated rate because they cannot die from bleed but it would take way too long for them to come back while healing from bleed damage. Shadow crawler warrior breed were updated after some testing with them. Natural armor improvement due to creature advancement (i.e. leveling up) was increased to make it provide actual increases to a creature's Defense score. "

Also, I pushed a non-critical update to the core rulebook, fixing some more spelling errors and typos.

So, grab em!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy new Year! I had to fix something.

Happy new year!

I had to make the following change in Core rulebook, as someone pointed out these issues

(Ghost Edit) Changed saboted slugs for light shotshells to 10 per 1 WP
(Ghost Edit) Changed Wax Slugs so that they double range increment penalty

Number didn't change cause this isn't a big enough change, but, books are updated.