Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long fucking time

First off, I want to say that Yes, I still am working on Modern Magika.

I would also like to say that this is a much harder book to write than the core rulebook. Tons harder.

That being said, I'd love to give those that still read this blog a little taste

Modern Magika's Magical system

Modern Magika, much like most things in Ops and Tactics, uses a modular spell system, where instead of receiving a particular spell that does a set, particular event, the mage would build a spell from pieces and parameters  using a selected ammount of spell points. Anything can be modifed in this spell, as long as the spell can accept/use the modifications. Below is a excerpt from my notes, that gives you a general direction  but not a full finished outcome, of how I"m planning on doing spells. I'm showing off evocation because it's one of the most option-friendly spellschools out there as of current. Again, this is only an excerpt

Evocation focues on tapping into the raw energies of the world and funneling them into a useful force

Evocation, because of it's nature, is by far the most common spells a Mage would learn, as they are one of the two offensive schools that exist. All Evocation spells are touch spells, unless points are spent to turn them from touch spells to other types of spells.

Encompases cold attacks, allows for cold traps, and cold enchantments
Cantrip: 1 SP - Chill drinks and freeze 16 oz of water into ice, make a single snowball, or keep 32 oz. of food cold for 4 hours.
Base Cost: 2 SP - 1d3 Cold touch attack
Increase Dice Value- 1 SP + 1 SP per Increase(From 1d3 to 1d4, to 1d6, ect.)
Increase Dice Number- 3 SP + 1 SP Per Increase( From 1d3 to 2d3, to 3d3, ect.)
Area Attack: 3 SP - Changes the spell from a touch attack to an area attck that has a burst Radius of 5 ft., and a target range of 10 feet from the user
Increase Burst Radius: 2 SP + 1 SP per 5 ft range Increase
Increase Range : 1 SP + 1 SP per 5 ft range increase
Increase Spell Time: 2 SP + 1 per round - Allows the Area Attack to continue to stay for additional rounds
Line Area Attack: 1 SP - Allows the spell to be cast as a line instead of a burst, the line equal to twice the length of the radius
Ray Attack: 2 SP - Changes the spell from a touch attack to a Ranged touch attack with a range of 15 ft.
Increase Range: 1 SP + 1 SP per 5 ft range Increase
Burst Attack: 2 SP - Changes the spell from a touch atack to a Cone burst attack with a range of 10 ft.
Increase Range: 2 SP + 1 SP per 5 ft range Increase

OH! And before I forget. Major change. I'm changing all excerpts of Combat points from multiples of 5 to multiples of 1, since there's no good reason to even leave them as multiples of 5. Expect the revised books very soon.