Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Field Identifacation manual has been updated!

Craft has bestowed upon me the new Field Identification Manual, so I'm giving it to you!

It's in the downloads, and on the website, and it looks great!


Ghost edits!

I made a ghost edits due to a fan! Thanks fan!

I basically removed the recoil penalty addition for synthetic stocks, since not getting a bonus is penalty enough.

It's posted, so go and grab it!

Sunday, October 7, 2018


I've updated the books with the latest update!

Below are the changelogs!


6.16 to 6.17
Fixed color issue
More Formatting issues corrected
Lowered XP to the following levels
Party (Total Enemy BV)d2×25xp
Removed actions and personal XP
Changed Pistol gri and Folded folding stocks from -3 atk penaly doubling the range increment penalty
Changed Stripper clip guide to also use magazine fed rifles, instead of just self loading rifles
Added the ablity to "Unload" ammo from a magazine
Change cutlass to medium size
Changed the Axe Feats to instead of giving better critical, instead do more damage.
Changed the critial threats of the fencing swords and parrying dagger
Changed the Fencing sword feats minorly
Removed "Damage" from mastercraft description
Removed the Tavor STAR(It's a Tavor with a bipod)
Changed Sig SSG 556 to Sig SG550 Sniper. Name change only
Gave the SCAR L HB the extended barrel upgrade
Gave the SCAR H HB the extended barrel upgrade
Moved the MK-18 Mod 1 Mjolinr to AMR rifles\
Added the notion that SBR upgrade can turn DMRs into Battle Rifles
Changed Vehicle colisions from smallest to largest
Added Rifled Chokes
Increased Removeable choke barrel cost to 12 WP
Added Trauma Plates, a ballistic only light option
Allowed handguns with an auto featuree to be used for some Machine pistol feats

Modern magika

6.14 to 6.15
Gave ingots rudimentary weights.
Changed the cost of some of the potions

Ghost edit: Fixed some errors with pricing

Go get it, and play! Have fun!